The ANZ First card comes with a low annual fee and two complimentary shopping insurance products, but keep in mind this card doesn’t earn any frequent flyer or rewards points. It’s marketed by ANZ as a ‘simple everyday credit card with a low ongoing annual fee’, so don’t expect too many perks.

Promotion: ANZ First card balance transfer offer

ANZ First Card BT offer

If you’ve already built up some non-ANZ credit card debt and are struggling to pay it off with interest, then consider a balance transfer promotion. It’s especially helpful if you have debts with multiple providers, as you can consolidate those debts onto one card account.

This means ANZ will pay off your debt on the other card account(s) and transfer the amount to this new ANZ First card, as long as you request this at the time of application. There is a one-off Balance Transfer Fee of 2% of the amount you’re transferring.

You’ll then have up to 18 months to pay off this balance with a 0% p.a. interest rate, which is really handy for avoiding more interest charges, if you’re disciplined enough. You will be charged the $30 annual fee each year though, as that is not being waived.

The 0% p.a. promotional rate converts back to the usual 20.24% p.a. balance transfer rate after the 18 months is over.

Important: While you have an outstanding balance transfer, interest-free periods on purchases do not apply. This means that you may have to start paying interest on new purchases straight away if you have an existing balance transfer.

For this reason, it’s best not to use the ANZ First card for any additional purchases while you are paying off a Balance Transfer, as you may accrue new debt.

Card Details

CardANZ First Visa credit card 
Loyalty programN/A
Points earned from spendN/A
International transaction fee3%
Minimum IncomeUnspecified
Annual fee$30 per year

Effective Frequent Flyer Program Point Earn Rates

This is not a rewards credit card, so no points are earned on transactions. However, it comes with Visa Entertainment perks and offers including discounts at retailers.

Complimentary shopping insurance included

The main feature of the ANZ First card is the limited shopping insurance which is included and protects your purchases for up to 90 days as well as offer extended warranty. You can read all the fine print here. Travel insurance isn’t included as part of this card.

Shopping insurance

Although you won’t earn points when buying things on your ANZ Platinum card, you do get some protection.

With purchase protection, if your new item is lost, stolen or permanently damaged within 90 days of purchase, then ANZ will fully reimburse you the cost provided you reported the loss to the appropriate authorities and fulfilled other set criteria in the PDS.

In addition, the extended warranty scheme gives you up to one extra year of warranty cover on your new products, if they break down after the usual manufacturer’s warranty period has expired.

Summing up

The ANZ First credit card is best for those who don’t spend too much each month and want a simple credit card with a low annual fee. It does come with two shopping insurance products to help protect any purchases you make from damage and theft, as well as providing extended warranty on new goods.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions and exclusions apply. Click here to find out more.

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