Many global hotel programs sell points, and Radisson Rewards is no exception. The idea is simple: buy points when there’s a promotion running, and use those points towards a future hotel stay. When the numbers line up, the price paid for those points could be less than what that same experience would usually cost when booking with cash.

As always though, we don’t recommend buying points speculatively. That’s especially true with Radisson, because the program has recently made significant changes to the way points are spent. Redemptions are now based on dynamic pricing, rather than fixed figures of an award chart. Here’s what’s on the table right now at Radisson.

What’s the current offer for buying Radisson Rewards points?

At the time of writing, Radisson Rewards isn’t currently running a promotion to incentivise members to buy points.

With that in mind, buying points right now would come at the regular purchase price. The usual limit on buying points would also apply. Accordingly, members can buy up to 250,000 Radisson Rewards points for US$1,750 (AU$2,484). This puts the cost per point at 0.7 US cents.

Points can be purchased via this page of the Radisson website.

Radisson Rewards buying points offer history

In recent years, Radisson Rewards has regularly run promotions to make buying points much more attractive. By offering bonus points on these transactions, the price paid per point has been reduced by up to half, as below.

DateCost per point (US cents)Offer
October 20220.47 cents50% bonus
May 20220.35 cents100% bonus
March 20220.35 cents100% bonus
November 20210.35 cents100% bonus
October 20210.35 cents100% bonus
September 20210.35 cents100% bonus

We’re yet to see Radisson offer a new buying points promotion after the program underwent significant changes in late 2022. Unfortunately, those changes significantly devalued the chain’s points, but the cost to buy them hasn’t been adjusted to reflect their lower value.

This means it’s very unlikely that buying Radission Rewards points would be advantageous, compared with simply booking and paying for a hotel stay using dollars.

Are there any restrictions on buying Radisson Rewards points?

The one positive change from Radisson’s recent overhaul is a significant increase to the program’s annual ‘buying points’ cap.

Under the old rules, could only buy 80,000 Radisson Rewards points per year. Now, the limit is a sizeable 250,000 points per calendar year.

To buy points, a member’s account must be in ‘good standing’. Points are also sold in increments of 1,000. If you’re chasing a very specific number of points, you’d need to round up to the next 1,000 when buying points to ensure you’d have enough.

Members can reach that annual limit by buying one stash of 250,000 points, or by making several smaller transactions. Where offered during promotional periods, bonus points don’t count towards that cap. If Radisson were to offer a 100% bonus today, this means you could buy 250,000 points and earn another 250,000 bonus points on top. That’s 500,000 points bought in a single year, without falling afoul of the limit.

Summing up

Buying Radisson Rewards points at a discount was previously a very lucrative way to stay in nice hotels at more affordable prices. But for now, the program is yet to run a new ‘buying points’ offer under its new redemption structure.

To make matters worse, Radisson’s new dynamic points redemptions also make those points previously purchased now worth significantly less. This is why we always suggest only buying points when you have a specific redemption in mind. And in fact, only when you’re ready to book – and you’ve checked that you can actually make that booking.

All eyes are now on Radisson. Its next promotion will greatly determine whether buying points will be of any value in the future. Or whether Radisson Rewards points simply become a universal ‘do not buy’.

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Feature image courtesy of Radisson Blu Resort Maldives, with adaptations by Point Hacks.

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The latest promotions for buying Radisson Rewards points was last modified: February 21st, 2023 by Chris Chamberlin