Buying points in the World of Hyatt program can provide a great path to saving money on luxe hotel stays. When the stars align, the cost of purchasing and using points to book a room can be less than you’d pay for the same night at the same hotel. By being savvy, significant savings can be had.

Better yet, World of Hyatt uses award charts. This way, you’ll know how many points are needed for a stay – or at least, the most a single night would cost. Those award charts have ‘peak’, ‘standard’ and ‘off-peak’ rates. If you’ve budgeted to stay during a peak time but later travel during the off-season, your points can stretch even further.

Here’s a quick rundown on the latest ‘buying points’ deals with World of Hyatt.

What’s the current offer for buying World of Hyatt points?

At the time of writing (Feburary 2023), World of Hyatt isn’t offering points with a bonus or at a discount.

Accordingly, buying points from the chain currently comes at the usual asking price. That’s 2.4 US cents per point, with a minimum purchase of 2,000 points. Above that, points are sold in increments of 1,000 points.

You can buy World of Hyatt points via this page of the Hyatt website.

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World of Hyatt buying points offer history

World of Hyatt regularly runs promotions to make buying points better value. This typically sees Hyatt alternating between selling points at a discount and offering bonus points when purchasing at full price. Here are those recent offers.

DateCost per point (US cents)Offer
December 20221.8 cents25% discount
October 20221.92 cents25% bonus
August 20221.68 cents30% discount
June 20221.85 cents30% bonus
April 20221.68 cents30% discount
January 20221.85 cents30% bonus

The program is yet to offer bonus points or discounted points in 2023.

Are there any restrictions on buying World of Hyatt points?

All World of Hyatt members in good standing can purchase points.

Hyatt sells a minimum of 2,000 points per transaction, up to a maximum of 55,000 points per year. On the higher end, points could be purchased in one transaction to hit that annual minimum, or could be split over several separate payments throughout the year.

Bonus points offered during promotional periods don’t count towards that annual limit.

Summing up

Given Hyatt uses award charts rather than dynamic pricing, the prospect of buying points to save on travel is stronger with Hyatt than with some other brands. Particularly as Hyatt’s points are already reasonably priced, adding a bonus or discount into the mix improves your chances of making the ‘buying points’ dance worthwhile.

Still, it’s always best to make sure you can spend your points in the way you’d hoped before diving in and buying a large chunk. This is why we always advise against buying points speculatively. There’d be nothing worse than stocking up on points, only to find that you could have simply paid for the same room at a lower cash price.

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Feature image courtesy of Park Hyatt New York.

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