About Point Hacks

Point Hacks’ mission is to help as many people as possible earn the most points they can, and use them the most effectively for their travel goals.

We do this by:

  1. Showcasing the best deals to earn more points – from banks, airlines, hotels and their loyalty program partners
  2. Working with partners to develop bespoke points offers, where possible
  3. Highlighting the best ways to use your rewards points for maximum value, and to meet the reader’s travel goals
  4. Covering non-rewards products, deals and offers that help your travel budget go further.

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Keith Mason started Point Hacks in early 2011 after booking a round the world trip with his then new-born first daughter, and with long legs and really wanting to avoid travelling in Economy. He found that all the information out there on earning and using points to travel with more space and comfort was either not too relevant to Australians, or too buried deep in forums, overseas websites or private groups.

After managing to get his family around the world in Premium Economy and Business Class for less than the cost of an Economy ticket, he was hooked. There are reviews of all of his flight and hotel experiences here.

He started writing about what he’d found and condensing it into more easily-consumable chunks, in the hope that it would help him remember what I’d learned, and share it with anyone else.

Point Hacks content is now written by a core team of Editors and Contributors, all with a wide range travel and loyalty program expertise and interests.

About Point Hacks’ Content

We have a number of writers creating content for Point Hacks, sharing their experiences and expertise. If you’d like to help, you can contact us at [email protected]. Please include a quick overview of any writing or photography experience and what you’d like to write about for Point Hacks.

One thing to understand about Point Hacks content is that we constantly update and republish our guides when relevant deals or frequent flyer program changes update. This allows us to ensure out of date info is minimised, while also avoiding writing about the same product, credit card or frequent flyer program features over and over.

So you might see some guides resurface that you’ve already read – but the noteworthy changes will always be summarised first, and you can treat the rest as a refresher.

With more people involved, we can cover the interests and needs of as many of you as possible, along with guiding you to the most deals, products and loyalty program features.

Every writer should also be up for responding to your questions in the comments of each guide, so please add your thoughts and questions to the site too.

Contacting Point Hacks

You can get in touch by emailing [email protected], but I don’t have enough time to respond to everyone. If you’re looking for personal advice the Questions section is where it’s at.

Point Hacks publishes content on a range of financial products, many of which we earn commissions or payment for featuring them on the Point Hacks website.

Note that we are generally not responsible for fulfilling the offers advertised by our financial partners, and in the first instance any issues relating to fulfilment of offers or features of their products should be directed at their customer service channels.

If you have a complaint, feedback or an unresolved issue in relation to the financial products available through the Point Hacks website, we can be contacted at [email protected] where in many cases we may be able to assist you resolving the issue by working directly with our partners. Point Hacks Australia PTY LTD publishes the Point Hacks website and is a member of the FOS, member number 40886.

Thanks for reading and coming along for the journey – here’s hoping you get to travel further, better or more often thanks to your points!

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