I’d imagine that most travellers would find Emirates Economy Class to be comfortable enough for a six-hour daytime flight. In Business Class, it would be an indulgent experience. So unsurprisingly, the same journey in Emirates Boeing 777 First Class is just six hours of blissful pampering.

Following on from my Perth-Dubai flight in First Class, the trip continued with EK127 from Dubai to Vienna in Emirates Boeing 777 First Class. We locked in the whole journey back in October 2021 for 170,800 Qantas Points + AU$452 per person, although carrier charges are much higher now.

On this second part of my First Class journey between Australia and Europe, Emirates’ onboard dining took centre stage. You won’t want to read this review on an empty stomach!

Transfer, lounge and boarding

After landing in Dubai at a remote gate, all the First Class passengers are directed onto a luxurious transfer bus with only 14 seats. But that ride pales in comparison to the buggy ride we later get from the airline’s massive First Class lounge in Concourse B to our gate in Concourse C.

Not all First Class passengers are treated to buggy rides – it’s normally reserved for those transiting in Dubai between First Class flights, particularly with tight connections or if the gate is far from the lounge. I wouldn’t be surprised if Emirates iO (invitation-only) members are also on the list.

There are three Emirates First Class lounges in Dubai, and we were directed to the second-biggest one in Courcouse B. In a few short hours, we managed to fit in a complimentary massage treatment and a giant plate of fresh sashimi for breakfast (to be fair, we only asked for a small serving).

It’s just as well that the buggy whisks us away to our gate in Concourse C, or else we’d be rolling there.

Time to board – our First Class journey continues from Dubai to Vienna.

Emirates 777 First Class seating and pre-flight

The cabin

I’ve already covered Emirates’ original Boeing 777 First Class cabin in the previous review. Since the seats are mostly identical, I won’t go into as much depth here. But this refreshed cabin is much newer and the fancier mod-cons make a world of difference.

Emirates’ refreshed Boeing 777 cabin feels very spacious thanks to the absence of overhead lockers and the mirrors on the bulkhead.

Inside the Emirates Boeing 777 First Class suite (refreshed)

In my review of the previous flight, you would have read that the small, grainy screen was a letdown. On this flight, the screen quality couldn’t be more different. We’re treated to a mammoth 32″ HD panel that almost stretches the full width of the suite. The fresh purple orchid is a beautiful accompaniment.

The bright sunlight streaming through the window really helps to give these older-style First Class suites a radiant glow. Along the side are the electronically-controlled windows and mini-bar. In front of me, various panels unfold or slide out to reveal a fancy writing kit and Byredo skin products (which are in addition to the full Bulgari amenity kit).

In these refreshed suites, the in-seat tablet controller is also given a modern makeover. Now you can browse entertainment and view the moving map without disrupting the content you have playing on the main screen. The tablet even detaches so you can control the suite’s functions wirelessly.

Emirates Boeing 777 First Class tablet
The detachable tablet makes it easy to choose entertainment and configure the seat.

For another sign of Emirates’ attention to detail, look at the floor during the flight. There are fibre optic cables that illuminate when the starry ceiling is lit, giving the impression of stars both above and below.

Fibre-optic carpeting in Emirates First Class.

Pre-flight rituals

Emirates’ First Class pre-flight ritual starts again with Arabic dates and coffee. I particularly love the hints of rose water in the Arabic coffee, which also wards off the general travel fatigue this morning.

We both skip the Champagne for now and I ask for a glass of sparkling water before take-off, instead. Don’t worry – the Dom Pérignon does make a comeback later!

Later on, the flight crew hand out another set of moisturising pyjamas and a Bulgari amenity kit. The amenity kit is packed full of high-end goodies including 30mL samples of their Le Gemme Tygar cologne and Le Gemme Reali Rubinia perfume (both worth around AU$120 at retail prices).

Emirates First Class food and beverage

Two long lunches in the sky

Emirates First Class dining is fully in demand. We can order whatever we like from the menu, in any order, and at any time (up to 90 minutes before landing). I decide to hold off on dining for a few hours and enjoy a multi-course long lunch towards the end of the flight.

The menus come bound in an elegant leather folio. After browsing through, I place my order with the cabin crew in advance so the items can be reserved for later. Here’s the main food menu below:

Thoughtfully, the cabin crew offers some amuse-bouche with my post-takeoff drink – a bracing espresso martini. My partner opts for a virgin mojito, which she remarks is refreshing while not being too sweet. We’re both very impressed with the bar service onboard Emirates First Class.

My partner’s lunch

As we’re both sitting separately, she decides to have lunch a bit earlier. Rather than a traditional three-course, she’s set on having a few of the appetisers followed by dessert. Of course, this request isn’t any trouble at all in Emirates First Class.

Kicking off lunch is the chicken and lemongrass consommé – a rich broth of chicken with rice vermicelli and vegetable julienne. I try a bit and it’s hard to describe the taste, but it is deeply nourishing.

Next is the traditional Arabic mezze with dishes such as hummus, muhammara, tabouleh, stuffed vine leaves, pumpkin kibbeh and lamb kibbeh. It’s a sensational (and very filling) appetiser that highlights the best of the local cuisine. I’d be keen to order it myself.

The avocado and mango salad comes out looking like a Michelin-starred dish. Seriously, I was expecting a standard spread of salad leaves with mango and avocado slices layered on top. But no, Emirates has outdone itself with this beautiful creation.

Emirates Boeing 777 First Class mango salad
Well plated: mango and avocado salad

My partner wraps up lunch with a slice of lemon tart. It’s beautifully presented garnished with berries and with a drizzle of coconut cream poured at the seat. She reassures me that this dessert is as tasty as it looks. I don’t doubt her.

Emirates Boeing 777 First Class dessert
Lemon tart with a drizzle of coconut cream.

My turn to tuck in

With two hours to go until landing, it’s my turn for a feast. Predictably, I start off with another serving of the wonderful caviar course, presented with blinis and many other accompaniments. Emirates thoughtfully includes a mother-of-pearl spoon, as metal spoons are said to affect the flavour of caviar.

I’ve always wanted to try a local Emirati dish on Emirates, and the prawn machbous doesn’t disappoint. The prawns are extra plump and tender, while the fragrant rice soaks up the rich flavours from the marinated prawns, roasted pine nuts and fried onions.

Emirates Boeing 777 First Class prawn machbous
Prawns marinated in Emirati spices with fragrant rice, pine nuts and friend onion.

Finally, I finish with the pan-fried beef tenderloin with veal rashers, thyme jus, blanched asparagus and truffled mashed potato. I’ve heard mixed reviews about beef on planes, but I’m pleased to report that this one is prepared perfectly.

The steak is cooked medium and is oh-so-tender to cut and eat. Truffled mashed potato is a luxurious accompaniment to soak up the thyme jus. Top marks to Emirates for execution. I would go for dessert, but at this point, I don’t think my waistband can expand anymore.

The entire inflight menu (including drinks) is below.


Dom Pérignon 2012 is the Champagne of choice on Dubai-Europe flights (there’s no 2003 P2 here)! Still, the 2012 is a solid vintage and we enjoy a glass or two each on this flight. You can see the wine list for upcoming flights on the Emirates website.

Emirates First Class Dom Pérignon 2012
Dom Pérignon 2012 is an Emirates staple in First Class.

Apart from the sparkling water pre-departure and the cocktails after take-off, we don’t have anything else from the beverage menu because we’ve already indulged a lot on the previous flight and in the lounge.

But if you were so inclined, there is a comprehensive cocktail list and at least 10 wines to choose from – all vintage picks from a variety of well-known wine regions such as Bordeaux.

Emirates 777 First Class service, amenities and entertainment


The Emirates cabin crew aren’t as polished as the team on the Perth-Dubai flight, but they still provide excellent personalized service in First Class. Overall, Emirates First Class showcases plenty of finer touches such as the Arabic coffee and dates, plus cold towels and chocolate pralines after the flight.

Emirates First Class cold towel and chocolates
A cold towel and fine chocolates round out the meal service.


The same moisturising pyjamas and similar Bulgari amenity kits are handed out before take-off. Check out my review of the previous flight from Perth to Dubai for more details.


I’m so glad to see that these newer Boeing 777s have a much nicer 32″ entertainment screen. It looks so oversized in person, given how close we’re sitting to the screen. The Emirates ICE system has hundreds of movies, TV shows, music tracks, podcasts and games to choose from.

I spend most of the flight working, but towards the end, I unwind a bit and catch some Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses on the big screen.

Free, unlimited Wi-Fi is offered to First Class passengers who have their Emirates Skywards membership attached to the ticket. I hop online for a bit and the speeds are better than on the previous flight.

In fact, the OnAir system reaches a peak of 29.3 Mbps in download speeds, which is on par with standard NBN home connections. Upload speeds are barely usable at 0.16 Mbps, but that’s dependent on the satellite connection.

Booking this flight with points

As I mentioned in the Perth-Dubai flight review, Emirates availability is difficult to come by now. The best availability appears to be in the month leading up to travel. If you can work out a last-minute trip, then you could be soaring in Emirates First Class very soon.

Perth to Dubai to Vienna is in a sweet spot, only needing 119,200 Qantas Points in Business or 170,800 Qantas Points + $1,758 in First Class, one-way. On its own, the Dubai-Vienna leg would require 89,800 Qantas Points + taxes, one-way.

Booking Emirates Boeing 777 First class with Qantas Points
Example Emirates First Class reward seat (ignore the Business Class pricing as one flight has no availability, so it’s pricing a mixed cabin).

Summing up

Just about every aspect of this Emirates Boeing 777 First Class flight was perfect. I couldn’t ask for anything more on a six-hour daytime flight. In particular, the dining on this flight was an absolute standout. From caviar to simpler dishes such as the Arabic mezze, every course was presented beautifully and importantly, was very flavoursome.

Sure, this flight didn’t have Emirates’ latest Boeing 777 ‘Gamechanger’ suites or the Airbus A380 with the shower (which is what we originally booked). But Emirates’ refreshed Boeing 777 First Class is still an excellent seat, especially with the 32″ entertainment screen.

Add to that the carefully-curated onboard dining and beverage list, and you have a truly five-star experience.

Emirates First Class boarding pass
Flying to Vienna in style, thanks to Emirates First Class.

Photography by Brandon Loo, who booked the flight with his own points. Point Hacks reimbursed some of the fare.

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