Searching for reward seats is one of the most significant pain points with using points and miles. AwardLogic is a website that helps make the process a little easier. It can display reward seat availability on some airlines and even show you which programs you should use to get the best value.

Although AwardLogic is a US-centric site, it does now support Australian frequent flyer programs and banks, which is handy. Here’s how AwardLogic could work for you, including benefits and limitations.

AwardLogic is a Point Hacks commercial partner.

What is AwardLogic and how do I use it?

AwardLogic is a website that can search for reward seat availability and advise you on different ways to book those seats. It’s easier to use than other sites such as AwardNexus and ExpertFlyer, but its functionality is also different.

After making an account, you can run a flight search with a variety of parameters. For example, you can search one-way, return, or multi-city. You can also choose the number of passengers and which cabin class reward you’re after.

The results work fairly well, especially for simpler searches. For example, this query of Melbourne-Sydney in Business Class throws up four available reward seats on a given day, which matches with what’s available with both Qantas and Virgin Australia.

AwardLogic Australian search results

AwardLogic shows different ways to book

In a way, AwardLogic can be a great tool for beginners who are still trying to learn the ropes. One cool feature is the ability to see different ways to book one reward seat.

For example, Melbourne to Perth in Qantas Business Class requires 41,500 Qantas Points + taxes. But AwardLogic also flags that you can use 20,000 AAdvantage or Mileage Plan miles to book the same flight. Savvy point-hunters can potentially buy miles on sale in those two programs for cheaper redemptions.

(There are still some teething glitches, such as the American Express Membership Rewards option).

AwardLogic Qantas partners

In a similar vein, AwardLogic also shows Australian bank transfer partners. Velocity Frequent Flyer has plenty of transfer partners, and you can see most of them when searching for reward seats.

Once you click on a transfer partner, the site will advise you whether you need to convert points (for example, ANZ Rewards would require you to transfer 31,000 points into 15,500 Velocity Points).

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What about searching for international reward seats?

AwardLogic does a decent job of searching for international reward seats, especially given that reward seat availability is quite tight. Searching for Sydney-London with Velocity Points in September 2023, AwardLogic rightly identifies a Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines Business Class option.

Both show up with the correct number of points (139,000 Velocity Points), plus a reasonably accurate estimate of what taxes and carrier charges you’ll also have to pay. Click through the carousel below to see the live availability confirmed on Velocity Frequent Flyer.

What are the benefits and limitations of AwardLogic?


  • Easy-to-use graphical interface.
  • Support for Australian airlines and bank transfer partners, as well as US and UK markets.
  • Different filters on search results so you only see the airlines, flights, or transfer programs that you would normally use.
  • Search supports +2 days so you can cover more ground, faster.
  • Ability to set alerts and be notified when new reward seats are released.
  • Unlimited searches with a paid plan.


  • Mainly a US-centric website, so the Australian market option could do with some fine-tuning.
  • Shows ‘points plus pay’ seats along with actual reward seats. For now, you can get around this by using a filter to cap the number of points you’re willing to spend.
  • Doesn’t quite have the power of ExpertFlyer in terms of seeing the number of reward seats/upgrades available on a particular day.
  • No ‘free’ plan functionality, apart from a 3-day trial.

How do I sign up for AwardLogic?

AwardLogic offers two plans – a day pass for US$4.99 or a monthly subscription for US$19.99/month which also includes flight alert emails. Both plans include unlimited searches, and new customers can get the first three days for free on the monthly plan.

The monthly plan offers better value, of course. But there’s no need to hold it all-year round if you’re not travelling too often – you can just sign up for the months you need it. But you will need an active subscription if you want to take advantage of the flight alert functionality.

Interested? Sign up for AwardLogic below and give it try.

AwardLogic is a Point Hacks commercial partner. We may earn a commission if you sign up through affiliate links on this page.

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