St.George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA all share the same rewards program. The program is called Amplify Rewards, and it is a flexible points program offering the ability to transfer your Amplify Points to a number of frequent flyer programs, excluding Qantas Frequent Flyer. However, you can also choose to link your account to Qantas Frequent Flyer and earn solely Qantas Points.

This guide covers the Amplify Rewards card range, the best partners to transfer your points to, and how to maximise your frequent flyer balances.

The Amplify Rewards Cards Range

There are three cards across the Amplify Rewards range. The Amplify Signature Visa offers the highest points earning on spend. The Card includes a host of travel perks, such as lounge access. The Amplify Rewards Platinum Visa is a lower-fee card with a commensurate lower earning rate than the Signature Card. Finally, there is the Amplify Rewards Visa. This is an entry-level card with a low annual fee.

Effective Frequent Flyer Program Point Earn Rates

Frequent Flyer ProgramEffective earn rate
Qantas Points*0.75 point / $
Velocity Points0.75 point / $
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles0.5 mile / $
* Qantas Points are only earned if selected upon receiving the card

Effective Frequent Flyer Program Point Earn Rates

Frequent Flyer ProgramEffective earn rate
Velocity Points0.5 point / $
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles0.33 mile / $

The Amplify Rewards Visa offers the same earn rate on spend as the Amplify Rewards Platinum but comes with no extra benefits. The benefits foregone include complimentary insurance, which is in line with most other low-fee cards in the market.

Amplify Rewards vs. Qantas

When you first get your card, you’ll need to choose whether you want it to accrue points in the Amplify Rewards Program or instead earn Qantas Points directly. If you choose the latter, your Qantas Points will be automatically swept into your Qantas Frequent Flyer account on a monthly basis.

Amplify Rewards

The benefit of Amplify Rewards is that the Reward Points you earn within the program can then be manually transferred to other frequent flyer programs at your chosen time. This gives you added flexibility and choice on how to use your Points.

The transfer rate to Amplify Rewards’ frequent flyer partners is as follows:

Velocity Frequent Flyer is a great program to redeem your points if you fly domestically or on international short-haul services. These include destinations such as Bali, Fiji and Queenstown. Velocity also has many world-leading international airlines that partner with the program should you be looking to travel further afield.

KrisFlyer is an excellent program for redemptions in premium Singapore Airlines flight cabins. For example, you can use miles to redeem in the very aspirational Singapore Airlines Suites Class. And of course, you can use your miles for Business Class as well.

Singapore Airlines Suites - Airbus A380 First Class

You should allow at least three business days for your Amplify Points to be converted to frequent flyer points.

Qantas Frequent Flyer

If you prefer to earn Qantas Points, then you can select the Qantas variant of the card when you apply. This may be a good option if you fly predominantly on Qantas, Jetstar, oneworld or Qantas Frequent Flyer partner airlines, such as Emirates.

The number of Qantas Points that you earn is dependent on whether you take up the Amplify Signature or Amplify Platinum cards.

Emirates A380 First Class
Qantas is one of the few frequent flyer partners of Emirates

Choosing Amplify Rewards or Qantas for the sign-up bonus

Did you know that you can choose one program for the sign-on bonus, and then later switch to the other program once the bonus points have been credited? Given this, it begs the question, ‘Which program should I get my bonus points credited to?’

If you are keen to earn some Qantas Points, but also gain the choice of a flexible points program, then a hybrid strategy might be in order. Select Qantas for the sign-up bonus, then move to Amplify Rewards at a later time for the flexibility to choose between Velocity and KrisFlyer. Of course, you will not be able to earn Qantas Points if you select Amp0lify Rewards.

You can make the switch online using this form (St.George version). A very important note for switching the other way around:

If you are switching from Amplify Rewards to Qantas, points earned under Amplify Rewards must be redeemed within 90 days of the program switch being processed or they will be forfeited.

However, switching from Qantas Points to Amplify Rewards won’t affect your previous balance:

Other redemption opportunities

You can also use your Amplify Rewards points on redemptions for purchases such as technology, baby products and appliances, as well as card fees, donations, gift cards and for travel through the Amplify portal but we would strongly suggest using your points for higher-value redemptions, i.e. transferring to frequent flyer partners.

Amplify Rewards online portal screenshot

Summing up

Unlike American Express Membership Rewards, which offers the widest range of transfer partners, Amplify Rewards matches the other major bank points programs like Westpac Altitude Rewards, ANZ Rewards and NAB Rewards in offering just a handful of airlines to transfer to. This makes it definitely worth considering if you have spend that you are planning to make, or have to make, on a Visa or Mastercard.

Compared to those other programs, Amplify offers favourable transfer rates, plus the option to switch between earning Amplify Rewards or Qantas Points. Just be aware of your Amplify Rewards Points expiring if you make the switch.

Finally, if this works for your points collecting strategy, taking your sign-up bonus in the form of Qantas Points and then switching to Amplify Rewards for ongoing points earn may also help to maximise your frequent flyer balances.

The Ultimate Guide to Amplify Rewards was last modified: October 19th, 2023 by Daniel Sciberras