Etihad Guest Miles

Etihad Guest is the loyalty program of Etihad Airways, useful for those who fly on the airline to major destinations around the world via Abu Dhabi or simply travelling on its partner airlines like Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand.

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Although it’s not commonly heard of in Australia, Etihad Guest miles can be earned through credit cards, flying and bonus points promotions. You can use them for ticket redemptions in any class, including Etihad’s luxurious First Class Apartments.

This guide is ground zero for those who are just starting off. Read on for how to join the program, earn as many miles as you can, and use them for maximum value.

In this guide you will learn:

How do I join the Etihad Guest program?

Signing up to Etihad Guest is free. You can sign up using this link, but check out this guide to earn 500 bonus miles with your first flight.

  1. Go to the Etihad Guest enrolment page
  2. Enter your personal details
  3. Accept the Privacy Policy and T&Cs. 
Etihad Guest Miles

How do I earn Etihad Guest points?

The two quickest ways to earn Etihad Guest miles are by:

You would need to pick a credit card that allows transfers to Etihad Guest, such as those with the American Express Membership Rewards program.

American Express supplementary Card Member bonus offers
American Express Membership Rewards points can be converted into Etihad Guest miles

There are a number of other ways to earn bonus Etihad Guest miles, including by:

You may consider crediting your Virgin Australia flights to Etihad Guest instead of Velocity Frequent Flyer—this guide will help you decide whether to do so.

Pooling your Etihad Guest miles with family members is a great way to build up your balance more quickly.

If you are short on miles for a redemption, you can:

How do I redeem Etihad Guest points?

Redeeming your Etihad Guest miles for travel on Virgin Australia is often a low-fuel-surcharge option for domestic flights within Australia, but note that it is not straightforward, requiring a phone call and a 14-day booking lead time.

A sweet spot is Sydney to Queenstown in Virgin Australia 737 Business Class for only 13,800 miles + taxes. There are a few other similar sweet spots on the award table, such as Brisbane to Port Vila (Vanuatu) for the same price in Business Class.

Virgin 737 Domestic | Point Hacks

When comparing Etihad Guest and Velocity side-by-side, Etihad Guest redemptions are cheaper than Velocity redemptions on almost all Virgin Australia flights. Using Etihad Guest miles for Business Class on Brussels Airlines within Europe and between Europe and North America is also great value.

Etihad’s flagship Business Class on A380 and 787 aircraft is world-class and Australia enjoys many options for points redemptions.

Etihad A380 | Point Hacks

The luxurious First Apartment on the A380 flies to Abu Dhabi from Sydney and onward to destinations like London, Paris and New York.

It’s one of the world’s best First Class products, with a vast amount of space and an onboard shower. It’s a great way to burn your points, if you have enough. In either case, you’ll want to aim for a cheaper GuestSeat rather than an OpenSeat when making a redemption.

Etihad A380 First Class Apartment | Point Hacks

The ultra-exclusive The Residence product is possible to book, but it requires a lot of miles and is a nice redemption to dream about.

Note that Etihad Guest miles expire after 18 months of inactivity. This is what happens to them if you pass away. If you are looking for more inspiration for what to do with your Etihad Guest miles, check out our best uses of points series.

Lost as to how to start your search for an award seat? Check out this post.

How do I earn Etihad Guest elite status?

Etihad has four status levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. You can see a quick comparison of the tiers here.

Etihad Status

Etihad Guest Bronze

This is the base level membership and the bare minimum requirement to be able to earn and redeem Etihad Guest miles for flights and other products.

Etihad Guest Silver

Earn with 25,000 Tier Miles or 20 Tier Segments within a 12-month rolling period. Maintain with 20,000 Tier Miles or 15 Tier Segments in subsequent years.

Silver grants you priority check-in and lounge access for yourself at selected airports including Abu Dhabi. There is also a higher baggage allowance and greater priority with waitlisting.

Etihad Guest Gold

Earn with 50,000 Tier Miles or 40 Tier Segments within a 12-month rolling period. Maintain with 40,000 Tier Miles or 30 Tier Segments in subsequent years.

Gold is the tier to aim for where possible, as it gives network-wide priority check-in and lounge access with one guest, including with partner airlines. You’ll also now get chauffeur services on redemption Business Class and First Class bookings, and the ability to get major discounts on Economy extra legroom seats.

Etihad Guest Platinum

Earn with 125,000 Tier Miles or 60 Tier Segments within a 12-month rolling period. Maintain with 100,000 Tier Miles or 48 Tier Segments in subsequent years.

As the highest elite tier, earning Platinum for the first time gives you a free Etihad Guest Gold membership to give out at your discretion. Other benefits include First Class lounge access at Abu Dhabi and free extra-legroom Economy seats.

How do I contact Etihad Guest

To get in touch with Etihad Guest about a membership enquiry or flight redemption, try:

While the Call Centre might be the quickest way to resolve your issue, try the social media channels if the line is busy.

Summing up

Etihad Guest offers great-value redemptions on both Etihad Airways and Virgin Australia.

Given that Etihad Guest miles can be easily earned in Australia by using one of these credit cards, any budding frequent flyer enthusiast should consider joining the program and working towards building a balance, particularly if you have an Etihad flight reward in mind.

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