World of Hyatt points is one of our favourite hotel loyalty points to purchase as their award chart provides terrific value and is easy to understand. You could then use those points to book nights at amazing properties around the world.

In this guide, we’ll explore the pros and cons of buying World of Hyatt points, as well as showing you the process to do so. Be sure to also check out the related World of Hyatt Buy Points Promotions page for the latest deals.

What are the benefits of buying World of Hyatt points?

The redemption opportunities in Australia using purchased World of Hyatt points are limited unless the nightly rates are otherwise exceptionally high.

Aspirational hotels overseas are usually a better option, such as the Hyatt Sha Tin in Hong Kong, which will become a valuable redemption once international borders open up.

Grand Hyatt Melbourne | Point Hacks
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Here’s a process that you could follow:

  1. Research the paid rate and cost in World of Hyatt points for the date and hotel you are interested on the Hyatt website
  2. Factor in whether the pricing is for a Peak, Standard or Off-peak date
  3. Compare the cost of purchasing the points needed versus booking the paid rate, and see if there’s substantial value to be had
  4. If so, buy the necessary points and make the booking

The cost in World of Hyatt Points for points or Points + Cash stays can be found on the Hyatt website. You can also look up the categories of various Hyatt hotels globally.

Different room types

One useful benefit of World of Hyatt over other hotel loyalty programs is that they actively market a few different room types available for redemptions, so if you have specific room requirements, you can sometimes take advantage of points too.

Many other hotel programs only allow redemptions, or publish prices, for the base room type. Note that the Park Hyatt Sydney allows points redemptions for base rooms only.

Points + Cash

There are also points plus pay redemption options available to use points on as well. These usually require a co-payment of ~A$120 for the Australian properties if available. It’ll also cost you fewer points (usually around 65-75% of the full amount).

The cash co-payment is calculated based on half of the published rate for that night. Keep an eye out for these deals and see if the maths works out.

Redeem points for FIND Experiences

Like other major hotel chains, Hyatt has added the option of redeeming your points for activities such as yoga, guided hikes, and cooking classes. You can find more information on the program on the Hyatt website.

From a value point-of-view, it is best to just pay in cash and earn 10 Base Points per eligible US$1 spent. Remember, you can also book experiences with Airbnb.

The Park Hyatt Sydney is one of the city’s best properties.
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When will World of Hyatt introduce peak and off-peak pricing?

In early December 2019, World of Hyatt announced that it would introduce peak and off-peak pricing (like Marriott Bonvoy has done) from March 2020. However, these changes have now been pushed back to 2021 because of the travel disruptions this year.

For future reference, here is the summary of the changes:

  • The ‘Standard’ price is the same as what is now charged (one price per property regardless of the date of stay
  • Off-peak pricing will be lower. Peak pricing will be – you guessed it – higher.
Hotel CategoryOff-PeakStandardPeak
  • If you have an existing award booking that drops to Off-peak in March, you’ll get an automatic one-time refund of the point difference; you won’t be charged more if your booking goes up to Peak
  • Points + Cash will continue to be available on both Off-peak and Peak point redemptions
  • Hotel award categories aren’t changing—there are still eight
  • An online calendar with Peak and Off-peak dates will be released ‘soon’

You can find more information on the changes on the World of Hyatt website.

Should I buy World of Hyatt points or pay the cash rate?

Here is an example of a recent trip our writer Daniel Kinnoch took to Ho Chi Minh City for three nights. He stayed at the beautiful Park Hyatt Saigon, which is the #2 ranked hotel in the city by TripAdvisor reviews.

Park Hyatt Saigon regular room
Park Hyatt Saigon

This is a Category 4 property, costing 15,000 points per night. For three nights, the 45,000 points would have cost him US$832 if he bought points during a promotion at 1.85 US cents each.

However, he got a cash rate of $749, which was cheaper than taking the points route. Plus, given he paid with cash, he earned 3,745 points which are worth ~A$56 (at 1.5 cents each). So, the effective cost of the stay was $693 (compared to using $832 to buy points).

When buying points, our advice is always:

  1. Only buy when you have a specific redemption in mind
  2. Make sure to check against cash rates
  3. Factor in the points you’ll earn when paying in cash

Summing up

We have taken advantage of promotions in the past to buy Hyatt World of Hyatt points when there has been a specific use in mind, and it makes financial sense to do.

These aren’t points to buy and hold without a specific use in mind but buying points to redeem outright could be useful if the numbers stack up.

It might be worth taking two minutes to link your World of Hyatt and American Airlines AAdvantage accounts. You’ll be able to double-dip by earning both Hyatt points and AAdvantage miles on American Airlines flights.

Supplementary image courtesy Hyatt. This article was originally written by Daniel Kinnoch.

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