If you’re looking to fly on Virgin Australia anytime soon, today’s the day to book with a Halloween deal. The airline is adding 600,000 Economy reward seats and discounting domestic Tier 1 reward seats by 15%.

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Halloween sale: 15% off Economy reward seats

Booking period: 10:01am AEST 31 Oct 2023 to 10:01am AEST 7 Nov 2022.

Starting from 10:01am AEST (11:01am AEDT and 8:01am AWST), you can book selected Virgin Australia economy reward seat with Velocity Points for 15% off.

This includes VA-operated domestic flights for travel by 30 June 2024. Under the sale, Tier 1 reward seats will start from 5,200 pts + fees and taxes, one-way. (That pricing is a Tier 1 seat from Sydney to Melbourne, for example).

Tier 1 (usual)Tier 1 (15% discount)
1-600 miles (1)6,200 pts5,200 pts
601-1,200 miles (2)9,400 pts7,900 pts
1,201-2,400 miles (3)14,100 pts11,900 pts
2,401-3,600 miles (4)17,600 pts14,900 pts
3,601-4,800 miles (5)21,000 pts17,800 pts

Not sure what we’re on about with the different tiers? Below is the current Velocity reward seat table for Virgin Australia domestic flights, including the lower Tier 1 pricing that applies to off-peak flights.

One-way miles / ZoneEconomyBusiness
Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
1 – 600 miles (1)6,200 pts7,800 pts9,900 pts15,500pts
601 – 1,200 miles (2)9,400 pts11,800 pts14,900 pts23,500 pts
1,201 – 2,400 miles (3)14,100 pts17,800 pts21,900 pts35,500 pts
2,401 – 3,600 miles (4)17,600 pts22,300 pts27,500 pts49,500 pts
3,601 – 4,800 miles (5)21,000 pts27,800 pts33,900 pts59,500 pts

Tier 2 and 3 domestic reward seats + international reward seats are part of the broader release of 600,000 extra reward seats but are not part of the 15% discount. It’s still a great deal for anyone wanting to travel on Virgin Australia with family and friends, though.

Start your journey on the Virgin Australia website.

An example of Tier 1 reward seats before the 15% discount is applied.
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