NAB Rewards is a flexible credit card points program, which includes the NAB Rewards, NAB Rewards Platinum, NAB Rewards Signature and NAB Rewards Business Signature Visa cards. Launched at the start of 2017, NAB Rewards offers points transfers to Velocity, Asia Miles, KrisFlyer, Flybuys and Air New Zealand Airpoints, as well as a range of other unique redemption options.

In this guide, we’ll get into the details of the program and how to get great value out of those points, such as transferring to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer to use on Star Alliance members and other partner airlines.

Why should I choose NAB Rewards?

As a flexible points program, NAB Rewards allows you to earn points into NAB Rewards balance, and these points can then be transferred to NAB Rewards’ frequent flyer program partners, redeemed for gift vouchers or other merchandise and experiences offered by the program.

Flexible programs like NAB Rewards are a good choice for anyone looking to get the most value from a rewards program, as they allow you to earn points into a central wallet now and choose how you redeem them later.

Singapore Airlines A350 Business Class - BNE-SIN seat
Transfer NAB Rewards points to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer for Business Class flights to Asia and beyond.

Where can I transfer NAB Rewards Points to?

There are five direct transfer partners from NAB Rewards, including Velocity Frequent Flyer, KrisFlyer, Asia Miles, Flybuys and Airpoints.

NAB Rewards Points do not transfer to the respective frequent flyer program partners on a 1:1 ratio except for Flybuys — instead, you’ll need to factor in the following transfer ratios to calculate how many points can be transferred to each program:

  • 1 NAB Rewards Point = 0.5 Velocity Points, with a minimum transfer of 3,000 NAB Rewards Points = 1,500 Velocity Points
  • 1 NAB Rewards Point = 0.33 Asia Miles/KrisFlyer miles, with a minimum transfer of 3,000 NAB Rewards Points = 1,000 Asia Miles/KrisFlyer miles
  • 1 NAB Rewards Point = 1 Flybuys, with a minimum transfer of 3,000 NAB Rewards Points = 3,000 Flybuys
  • 3,000 NAB Rewards Point = 15 Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars

Planning a big flight redemption post-COVID? Brush up your knowledge on the best uses of 80,000 Velocity Points, 100,000 Asia Miles or 100,000 KrisFlyer miles.

What other rewards can I get with NAB cards?

Outside of NAB Rewards’ frequent flyer program partners, the program also offers redemptions for gift cards, a range of products, charity donations, a 10% discount on AFL travel and a range of exclusive AFL redemptions thanks to NAB’s commercial relationship with the AFL.


NAB Rewards has partnered with Webjet to offer immediate redemption of your NAB Rewards Points for any travel booking offered from Webjet. Once you’ve logged in to the NAB Rewards as a cardholder, you then click out to Webjet and you’ll be shown how many points you can redeem and the value of those points in Webjet credit.

NAB Rewards - Webjet

In this example, we have 83,639 NAB Rewards on offer, equating to $418.19 in Webjet credit. This offers a redemption value of 0.5c per NAB Rewards point.

Gift cards

Gift cards are available for Myer, JB Hi-Fi, Myer, BP, Coles, Coles Express, Bunnings and many more. The current redemption rate for a $100 gift card is 19,230 points, offering a value of 0.52c per NAB Rewards point.

NAB Rewards GIft Cards


AFL redemption options through NAB Rewards include signed jerseys, lithographs and other merchandise, for the die-hard fans.

NAB Rewards AFL


A range of technology, lifestyle, and other product category redemption options are available through the NAB Rewards website too. Given prices of these products change frequently, we won’t run a comparison of the value on offer here but these are usually not the best value use of your points.

NAB Rewards Products

The NAB Rewards card range

NAB Rewards offers four cards:

We’ve got the details of the three consumer cards below, along with the latest sign-up offers and a link to our dedicated card guide.

Card Details

CardNAB Rewards Signature Card
Loyalty ProgramNAB Rewards
Points earned from spend1.25 Rewards Points per $1 on everyday spend
2.50 Rewards Points per $1 in major department stores and hardware stores
3.75 Rewards Points per $1 on overseas spend
Points capuncapped
Earns points at ATONo
Insurance included6 complimentary insurances including international travel (PDS)
Overseas transaction fee3% of the converted amount
Annual fee$295 p.a. ongoing

Card Details

CardNAB Rewards Platinum Visa
Loyalty programNAB Rewards
Points earned from spend1 Rewards Point per $1 on everyday spend
2 Rewards Points per $1 spend in major department and hardware stores
3 Rewards Points per $1 on overseas spend
Points CapNo points cap
Included insurances6 complimentary insurances including international travel (PDS)
Overseas transaction fee3% of the converted amount
Annual fee$195 p.a. ongoing
CardNAB Rewards Classic
Loyalty programNAB Rewards
Points earned from spend0.75 NAB Rewards point per $1 on everyday spend
1.5 NAB Rewards points per $1 spend in major department and hardware stores
2.25 NAB Rewards points per $1 spend overseas
Points CapNo points cap
Included insurancesComplimentary Purchase Protection Insurance (PDS)
Overseas transaction fees3% of the converted amount
Annual fee$95

What are the other features of NAB Rewards?

Points Booster

NAB Rewards boasts a handy Points Booster program which offers a permanent boost on the number of points you could earn at selected retailers.

  • Double points: On purchases made at Kmart, David Jones, Big W, Target, Myer, Bunnings and Mitre 10
  • Triple points: All purchases made at and on overseas purchases, including in-store or online where the processing bank is outside of Australia

Summing up: is NAB Rewards for you?

NAB Rewards is an appealing program overall for a number of reasons, including having a decent list of airline transfer partners, and other reward options such as Webjet, AFL, gift cards and more. It’s also great to have double and triple point bonuses on certain transactions.

However, the biggest downside of the program is the lower points earning rates on standard transactions, compared to other bank rewards programs. For example, the top-tier NAB Rewards Signature card only earns 1.25 NAB Rewards Points per A$1, which is equal to 0.625 Velocity Points or 0.416 Asia Miles or KrisFlyer miles or 1.25 Flybuys Points per dollar.

There may be other similar options out there that offer a higher day-to-day earn rate, but do also take into account annual fees and other benefits (or lack thereof) with those cards too.

A guide to the NAB Rewards program was last modified: February 22nd, 2022 by Daniel Sciberras