Velocity Frequent Flyer Points Boosters are a handy stop-gap measure for when you’re just shy of your next reward. Right now, you can buy more Velocity Points with a flat 35% discount.

Buying Velocity Points might make sense when topping up your balance for specific reward seat bookings on Virgin Australia, or a partner like Singapore Airlines or United. We also have a dedicated guide on how to buy Velocity Points if you’re new to this idea.

35% discount: what you need to know

Offer expires: 15 May 2024

Velocity Frequent Flyer is offering 35% off purchased Points Boosters until 9 May 2024. While it’s not the highest offer we’ve seen (that’s 40%), it’s worth considering if there’s a redemption you can book right now and you just need a small top-up. The offer is tiered:

  • Buy 1-25,000 points: 10% discount
  • Buy 26,000-70,000 points: 15% discount
  • Buy 80,000-110,000 points: 25% discount
  • Buy 120,000+ points: 35% discount

Here are the key caveats:

  • Each purchase must be a minimum of 1,000 points and a maximum of 250,000 points.
  • A maximum of 250,000 points purchased per calendar year applies.
  • The price per point varies. As you buy larger amounts, the cost per point decreases. Plus, the bonuses are tiered based on how much you buy. So keep this in mind!
  • You can buy points as often as you like as long as you stay under the overall cap.

The value per point gets better as you buy bigger amounts. Say you purchased 1,000 points with a 30% discount: each point would cost you 2.5c. However, if you buy a maximum of 250,000 points with a 35% discount, that drops the per-point price to 1.5c each. (For reference, the lowest it gets is 1.4c with a 40% off offer).

We currently value Velocity Points at 1.90 cents each. When you redeem your points, try to get more than that value.

Maximising a 40% off promotion for a huge discount

We generally recommend only buying points as a top-up, rather than getting the whole balance. But when there’s a 40% off offer, there can be cases where buying the whole amount needed for a reward can be handy.

For example, Sydney to Perth in Business Class usually costs:

  • $1,209 one-way as a cash fare, or
  • 35,500 points + $30.75 one-way as a reward seat

For a return journey, you’d need 71,000 points + $61.50. And you can buy 70,000 points for $1,146 with a 30% discount (we’ll assume you already have the remaining 1,000 points).

So you can secure that $2,418 return ticket for just $1,208 by buying points and redeeming reward seats. Note that reward seats don’t earn points and don’t count as ‘eligible sectors’ for Velocity status. But you’ve saved over $1,200, so that’s a fair trade-off.

It even works for international flights. Say you want to fly from Sydney to London in Singapore Airlines Business Class. Currently, you can find reward seats for 139,000 points + $473 one-way.

Singapore Airlines search with Velocity
Here’s the corresponding Singapore Airlines reward seat.

You can buy 140,000 Velocity Points for $1,966, after a 40% discount. That’s enough to book the one-way reward for a total of $2,439 including taxes. It’s even cheaper if you buy a maximum of 250,000 points for $3,510, after taking 40% off. You’ll need to bridge the remaining 28,000 points through other means to have enough for a return flight, but overall, there’s some good value here.

Just make sure that you have reward seat availability to book before buying points.

Note: Velocity Points expire after 24 months of inactivity.

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Offer history

Sometimes Velocity offers a bonus and sometimes a discount. The 100% bonus deal back in October 2020 is the best we’ve seen to date. The latest 40% discount offer is better than usual.

MonthBonus (%)Discount (%)Lowest price per pointNotes
May 2024351.60tiered
March 2024301.51not tiered
December 2023401.40lowest price, tiered
July 2023401.40lowest price, tiered
November 2022401.40lowest price, tiered
April 2022301.64Also had 30% off VA reward seats

Summing up

Hot tip: ensure there is reward seat availability for the redemption you’re eyeing before you purchase the extra points needed! Then, it’s easy to buy the Velocity Points Booster and redeem it straight away.

In general, we don’t advise buying points speculatively in any program. But if you have your eye on that Singapore Airlines trip to Europe or that United flight to Los Angeles, Velocity Points Boosters could help you get there.

For other ways to earn Velocity Points, check out this guide.

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