Qatar Airways‘ own frequent flyers are part of the Privilege Club program. As a oneworld member carrier, Privilege Club miles can be used for a range of flights across Qatar Airways and partners such as American Airlines, Qantas and Cathay Pacific.

However, given that the Privilege Club program is based in Qatar, points earning opportunities for Australians are limited. But it’s still worth considering putting some effort into earning miles if you like to fly Qatar Airways, as the redemption rates are competitive and you also don’t have to pay the airline’s high fuel surcharges – win-win!

How do I join Qatar Airways Privilege Club?

Signing up to the Privilege Club loyalty program is free. You can sign up using this link.

  1. Go to the Privilege Club enrolment page
  2. Create the credentials you’ll use to login
  3. Enter your name and other personal details
  4. Click ‘Create an account’ to finalise your registration

How do I earn Qmiles?

Qmiles is Qatar Airways speak for the miles you can earn at various partners and then spend for rewards. You can earn Qmiles on all partner airline and Qatar Airways flights, as well as from over 100 other global non-flight partners. Use the Qcalculator to work out how much you could earn on your next flight.


(On the other hand, Qpoints are awarded to help you upgrade or renew your Privilege Club membership tier. We’ve got more details on that below, when we talk about Privilege Club status.)

On Qatar Airways’ own flights, members will earn between 50% to 300% of the actual mileage flown, depending on which cabin and ticket you purchase. The airline also has an ongoing promotion where you’ll earn 2,000 Qmiles with your first online flight booking and 500 Qmiles per subsequent booking.

Qatar Airways Qsuites Sleeping
Qatar Airways’ flights can earn you a lot of Qmiles and Qpoints.

For partner airlines, the earn rate will vary and it’s best to check the partner page directly. For example, you’ll earn 25%-150% of the mileage flown on Qantas, but not on domestic standalone flights.

You could also:

  • Earn 1 Qmile for every US$1 spent on stays worldwide (yes, this would work in Australia).
  • Choose Qmiles as your reward of choice when staying with hotel chains such as Marriott BonvoyWorld of Hyatt and more.
  • Hire a car and earn 500 Qmiles for standard rentals at providers such as Hertz, Budget and Avis
  • Earn Qmiles from selected international credit cards (unfortunately, American Express Australia does not offer Membership Rewards transfers to Privilege Club)

While you can buy up to 250,000 Qmiles a year, the rates are usually quite expensive. With normal pricing, you can buy 250,000 Qmiles for A$9,930, which is 3.9 cents per point. We’d recommend waiting for a promo to bring the cost down a bit – keep an eye out on the Point Hacks newsletter for any Privilege Club offers.

Every time you spend or earn a Qmile, your balance will be valid for a further 36 months. That’s a pretty generous miles expiry policy for a frequent flyer program, so you can earn with confidence. You can also re-validate your balance for a fee if your Qmiles happen to expire.

How do I use Qmiles?

Like any other frequent flyer program, Qmiles usually give you the best return when used on flights — particularly Qatar Airways’ own. Take this example from London to Perth in Qatar Airways Business Class:

  • Using Qmiles: 90,000 Qmiles + £237 one-way
  • Using Qantas Points: 139,200 Qantas Points + £455 one-way

The below table shows officially how many Qmiles you would need for Qatar Airways flights from Australia to these popular destinations, excluding airport taxes.

Qatar Airways one-way travel from Sydney*EconomyBusinessFirst
to Doha35,00070,000105,000
to Europe via Doha45,00090,000135,000
to the US via Doha60,000120,000180,000

Those who are Privilege Club Gold or Platinum members enjoy a further 5% off these reward rates. For example, Sydney to Doha in Business Class would drop from 70,000 Qmiles to 66,500 Qmiles.

Unfortunately, Qmiles aren’t great value when used for partner airline flights. The program utilises a distance-based award chart, with steep increases to the points required.

DistanceEconomyPremium EconomyBusinessFirst
1-500 miles12,500 Qmiles18,750 Qmiles25,000 Qmiles37,500 Qmiles
501-1,000 miles15,000 Qmiles22,500 Qmiles30,000 Qmiles45,000 Qmiles
1,001-1,500 miles20,000 Qmiles30,000 Qmiles40,000 Qmiles60,000 Qmiles
1,501-2,000 miles25,000 Qmiles37,500 Qmiles50,000 Qmiles75,000 Qmiles
2,001-3,500 miles35,000 Qmiles52,500 Qmiles70,000 Qmiles105,000 Qmiles
3,501-5,000 miles50,000 Qmiles75,000 Qmiles100,000 Qmiles150,000 Qmiles
5,001-6,000 miles60,000 Qmiles90,000 Qmiles120,000 Qmiles180,000 Qmiles
6,001-8,000 miles75,000 Qmiles112,500 Qmiles150,000 Qmiles225,000 Qmiles
8,001-12,000 miles85,000 Qmiles127,500 Qmiles170,000 Qmiles255,000 Qmiles
Above 12,001 miles100,000 Qmiles150,000 Qmiles200,000 Qmiles300,000 Qmiles

Take a Brisbane to Perth Qantas flight reward in Business Class: you’ll see why it’s just not worth collecting Qmiles for partner airline flights when better options such as American Airlines AAdvantage exist.

How do I earn Qatar Airways Privilege Club status?

Qatar Airways Privilege Club has four main status levels: Burgundy, Silver, Gold and Platinum. These tiers are earned with Qpoints, which are awarded on Qatar Airways and some partner airline flights. In addition to the usual qualification or retention levels, you must also have earned 20% of your Qpoints – or flown at least 4 sectors within 12 months or 8 sectors within 24 months – on Qatar Airways marketed or operated flights.

Oneworld elite benefits apply from the Silver tier and higher, although the best perks are found with Gold (oneworld Sapphire) and Platinum tiers (oneworld Emerald).

Qatar Airways Burgundy Privilege Club Burgundy

Achieve/Maintain: Just enrolment in the program

Burgundy is the base Privilege Club membership. You’ll be able to earn and use Privilege Club Qmiles on rewards, as well as start accumulating Qpoints to upgrade your status.

  • 25% mileage per family member on flights eligible to earn Qmiles

Qatar Airways Silver Card Privilege Club Silver

Achieve: 150 Qpoints within 12 months
Maintain: 135 Qpoints within 12 months or 270 Qpoints within 24 months
Oneworld equivalent: Ruby

Silver members start enjoying a surprisingly large range of perks, such as:

  • Priority standby
  • Extra 15kg or 1 piece baggage on Qatar Airways flights
  • 25% tier bonus on earning Qmiles on Qatar Airways flights
  • 50% mileage per family member on flights eligible to earn Qmiles
  • Priority check-in at Business Class counters (or dedicated counters at Hamad International Airport)
  • Priority Boarding
  • Business Class lounge access in Doha and select airports (no guests, and excludes Qatar’s Premium Lounges unless you are flying in a premium cabin)
  • 2x guest lounge passes at Hamad International Airport

Qatar Airways Gold Card Privilege Club Gold

Achieve: 300 Qpoints within 12 months
Maintain: 270 Qpoints within 12 months or 540 Qpoints within 24 months
Oneworld equivalent: Sapphire

With oneworld Sapphire status in your pocket, you now enjoy Business Class lounge access with one guest and priority airport perks globally when flying with oneworld member airlines. In addition to Silver benefits, you also get:

  • Extra 20kg or 1 piece baggage on Qatar Airways flights
  • 75% tier bonus on earning Qmiles on Qatar Airways flights
  • 100% mileage per family member on flights eligible to earn Qmiles
  • 40 Qcredits to use on flight upgrades and excess baggage
  • Business Class lounge access with one guest (excludes Qatar’s Premium Lounges unless you are flying in a premium cabin)
  • 4x guest lounge passes at Hamad International Airport
  • Al Maha meet-and-greet services at Hamad International Airport with one guest
  • 5% off online reward seat redemptions and with better availability
  • Award fee waivers
  • Access to preferred seats at the front of Economy
  • Priority baggage handling and service through contact centres

Qatar Airways Platinum Card Privilege Club Platinum

Achieve: 600 Qpoints within 12 months
Maintain: 540 Qpoints within 12 months or 1,080 Qpoints within 24 months
Oneworld equivalent: Emerald

As the top tier available, Platinum members enjoy the perks of oneworld Emerald including access to First Class lounges of partner airlines where available. There’s also:

  • Extra 25kg or 2 pieces baggage on Qatar Airways flights
  • 100% tier bonus on earning Qmiles on Qatar Airways flights
  • 60 Qcredits to use on flight upgrades and excess baggage
  • First Class lounge access with one guest (excludes Qatar’s Premium Lounges, unless you are also flying Business Class in which case you have access to the Al Safwa First lounge)
  • 5x guest lounge passes at Hamad International Airport
  • Al Maha meet-and-greet services at Hamad International Airport with two guests

How do I contact Privilege Club?

To get in touch with Qatar Airways Privilege Club about a membership enquiry or flight redemption, try:

  • Calling the UK centre at +44 330 024 0127 or the US centre at +1 312 392 3680 – there is no Australian contact number for Privilege Club, unfortunately
  • sending them a direct message on Twitter or Facebook

While the call centre might be the quickest way to resolve your issue, try the social media channels if the line is busy or you’re not able to call overseas numbers.

Summing up

Qatar Airways Privilege Club has had its ups and downs in terms of user friendliness and value, but it’s a decent program overall. Lounge access benefits start from the Silver tier, and members can use Qmiles for great-value reward flights with no fuel surcharges.

The only difficulty is that it’s quite hard to earn Qmiles and Qpoints from Australia, as there aren’t any local transfer partners and standalone Qantas domestic flights don’t earn anything. You might want to fall back on a hotel program such as Marriott Bonvoy to transfer points over, or wait for Privilege Club to release a sale on buying Qmiles.

Ultimate guide to Qatar Airways Privilege Club was last modified: May 18th, 2022 by Brandon Loo