Australian health insurance giant Bupa has launched a loyalty program to reward its long-standing members. Known as Life Rewards, the program allows members to access discounts on gift cards and dining, cashback on retail purchases, complimentary wellbeing courses and more.

Life Rewards is the first program of its kind in Australia. Other large health insurers do offer loyalty bonuses like increased benefit limits and discounts, while major competitor Medibank has its own wellbeing program. And there are plenty of ways you can maximise frequent flyer points from private health insurance or even take advantage of Bupa’s partnership with Everyday Rewards.

But if you want to learn how you can get the most out of your Bupa insurance coverage, read on for everything you need to know about the Life Rewards program.

What is Bupa Life Rewards?

Life Rewards is the member loyalty program of health insurer Bupa. The program is relatively new, having only launched in late 2022. But Bupa is the first of Australia’s major health insurance companies to offer such a program to its members that provides additional benefits, discounts and exclusive offers.

How do I join Bupa Life Rewards?

Bupa customers over the age of 15 that hold an eligible active policy are able to join Life Rewards.

To get started with the Life Rewards program, you need to register for a myBupa account. This gives you access to Bupa’s online members’ area, where you can keep track of your policies, make claims and access exclusive promotions.

Once you have a myBupa account, you’ll automatically have access to the Life Rewards program. To view all your benefits, simply login to the Life Rewards portal online or access Life Rewards via the myBupa app on iOS or Android. It’s that easy.

Note that if you cancel your eligible policy or change insurers, you’ll lose access to Bupa’s Life Rewards program.

How do I earn Life Dollars?

The Life Rewards program has its own points currency – Life Dollars. When you redeem eligible offers and rewards or make purchases via the Life Rewards platform, you’ll receive a percentage of your purchase back in Life Dollars. Getting rewarded for redeeming rewards sounds pretty good to us.

How do I use Life Dollars?

Life Dollars can be used to purchase even more rewards. You can put them towards most rewards offered on the Life Rewards platform, like electronic gift cards, dining offers and items on the eShop.

You can view your Life Dollars balance on the eWallet section of the Life Rewards platform. It’s good practice to keep an eye on your balance, or at the very least, to log in to your account. You’ll lose your Life Dollars if you don’t log into your account for 18 months, or if your eligible policy with Bupa ends.

Bupa Life Rewards membership tiers

Life Rewards has five membership tiers that are based on the continuous number of years since you’ve enrolled in an eligible policy. Each tier offers different rewards, with greater benefits the longer you’ve been with Bupa.

Level 1 – Member

This is the entry-level tier of Bupa’s loyalty program. Upon joining Life Rewards, members can access discounts on electronic gift cards and dining, as well as exclusive offers and competitions. Access is also given to Benefit Pocket, Bupa’s own Cashrewards-style platform that offers cashback when you purchase from a selection of health and wellbeing brands. Benefit Pocket also includes a range of online courses, a number of which are free for Bupa members.

Level 2 – 6-10 years

Members of this tier receive the same benefits as Level 1, but with additional tier offers and greater discounts on electronic gift cards.

Level 3 – 11-15 years

This tier includes access to Bupa’s eShop.

Level 4 – 16-24 years

The fourth tier of Bupa’s Life Rewards program gives members access to event tickets and a travel portal.

Life Member – 25+ years

Once you reach the Life Member tier of Bupa’s loyalty program, you’ll unlock exclusive experiences. Of course, you won’t know the details of these experiences until you actually achieve the tier – which is an incentive in itself.

Summing up

Bupa’s loyalty program makes it easy for customers to jump on board. All you need is an eligible policy and an online account to start earning rewards.

And insurance isn’t the only area of your daily life where you can get rewarded. Have a read of all of our loyalty program guides to discover some of the top pharmacy, coffee shop and health and beauty rewards programs you can join.


What is Bupa Life Rewards?

Life Rewards is Bupa’s loyalty program that rewards its members with discounted gift cards and dining, exclusive competitions, special offers and more.

Is Bupa’s Life Rewards program free to join?

Life Rewards is free to join if you’re over the age of 15 and hold an eligible Bupa policy.

How do I join Bupa Life Rewards?

To join Bupa’s Life Rewards program, you need a myBupa account. This gives you access to Bupa’s online members portal, where you can view and manage your policies. Once you have a myBupa account, you’ll automatically receive access to Life Rewards.

Is Bupa Life Rewards the same as Bupa Plus?

The Life Rewards program has replaced Bupa’s previous member-discount program, Bupa Plus.

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