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50,000 bonus Velocity Points and free domestic Virgin Australia flight with the Amex Velocity Platinum

American Express are offering 50,000 bonus Velocity Points for new cardholders of the American Express Velocity Platinum card. The card has a $375 annual fee, with the benefits helping to offset this in both the first and subsequent years, including a free domestic Virgin flight, and two Virgin Australia lounge passes for use in domestic Virgin lounges.

American Express also added another ongoing benefit to the Velocity Platinum card earlier this year, offering 100 Velocity Status Credits as a target for spending $50,000 in 12 months (your account membership year)—this applies to both existing and new cardholders and is a neat way of bumping up your Status Credits balance if you are on the hunt for Silver, Gold or Platinum Velocity status.

Note that American Express is adjusting both earn rates and points transfer rates for most cards effective 15 April 2019. Here is our take on the changes and further information from American Express.

50,000 bonus Velocity Points and free domestic Virgin Australia flight with the Amex Velocity Platinum was last modified: March 16th, 2019 by Keith

How you could use the bonus points from this card

All redemption figures shown are examples only and exclude accompanying taxes and fees. Points redemption price data is provided by a third-party, so inaccuracies may be present. Please check with the airline directly for a complete and accurate total redemption cost.

This is still one of the highest Velocity Points-earning cards in the market and is handy for ongoing use for Virgin Australia frequent flyers and Velocity Points hunters.

The Velocity Platinum is a card to consider holding for the frequent Virgin flyer, especially for those who travel in Economy and can make good use of the included lounge passes and free flight.

Travel between Sydney/Melbourne and Perth in Virgin Australia’s A330 Business Class for 35,500 Velocity Points, one of our favourite ways to use Velocity Points

Digging into the benefits of the Velocity Platinum American Express

The Velocity Platinum American Express is a card to apply for if you usually fly with Virgin Australia and can take advantage of the bonus points from Virgin Australia spend and accompanying lounge passes.

Card Details

CardAmerican Express Velocity Platinum
Loyalty programVelocity Frequent Flyer
Points earned from spend1.25 Velocity points earned per $1 on all eligible spend except for government bodies
1 Additional Velocity point per $1 spent on selected Virgin Australia purchases
0.5 Velocity points per $1 on Government spend

Until 14 April 2019, earn an additional 0.25 point per $1 on purchases except government bodies in Australia
Points capNone
Earns points at ATOYes (reduced earn rate of 0.5 point/$)
Travel benefitsEach year: 2x Virgin Australia lounge passes, 2x American Express Sydney/Melbourne lounge visits, free Virgin Australia domestic flight
Included insurancesDomestic and international travel insurance, travel inconvenience insurance, refund and purchase protection (PDS)
Overseas transaction fee3% of the converted amount
Minimum income requirement$65,000
Annual fee$375

Earning Velocity points from spend

When using your card in Australia, you’ll receive 2.25 Velocity Points per dollar spent with Virgin Australia, and 1.25 Velocity Points per dollar on all other expenses except for utilities and the ATO.

Your Velocity Points will be swept over to your Velocity account on a monthly basis, and additional card members are free of charge.

Free Virgin Australia domestic Economy flight

With the Velocity Platinum card, you can also redeem a free domestic return flight with Virgin Australia to selected cities each cardholder year.

The city pair list that this flight can be redeemed for is wider than that offered with the Qantas American Express Ultimate card.

It differs depending on your departure airport (Sydney in the map below), however, in a nutshell, it is to/from most cities within a couple of hours’ flight time of the departure airport. Read the full guide below for more information.

Amex Velocity Platinum Map

Image courtesy American Express

In all likelihood, the free domestic flight will cover the cost of the annual fee of the card alone—or close to, at least. In 2015, American Express removed the option to redeem the free flight from Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide to Perth but not the other way around, which reduces the value somewhat for those who frequent Western Australia.

Virgin Australia and American Express Lounge passes

The Velocity Platinum card comes with two free single-entry passes to Virgin Australia domestic lounges each year. You can use these passes prior to travelling on a Virgin Australia domestic flight (not a Virgin Australia international flight or any flight with another carrier).

Virgin Lounge Melbourne Interior-w

Virgin Australia Melbourne Lounge

If you don’t have Velocity status, this is nice little perk which will see you enjoy their excellent domestic lounges—save this up for a leisure trip, in my opinion.

On top of those, you’ll also receive two access passes to an American Express Lounge at Sydney or Melbourne’s International Terminal, plus two children travelling with you. You can also buy additional access at $55 per visit.

American Express Sydney Lounge 2

Notably, this benefit is only available to the top-tier American Express cards at most banks, so this is quite a perk for a card with a lower annual fee.

Other benefits

There is also a range of insurances, with domestic and international travel insurance, travel inconvenience insurance available for travel purchased on the card, as well as refund and purchase protection.

The full PDS outlining the details of all the benefits included with the Velocity Platinum card can be found here.

This guide references some of the benefits of insurance policies provided with this card.

You should read the PDS and obtain independent professional advice before obtaining this product.

American Express Apple Pay & Android Pay support

American Express cards support both Apple Pay & Android Pay, meaning you can use this card on your smartphone for easier payments. Find out more in our guides for each of the compatible services.

50,000 bonus Velocity Points and free domestic Virgin Australia flight with the Amex Velocity Platinum was last modified: March 16th, 2019 by Keith

Eligibility criteria for bonus points for existing American Express Card Members

American Express are quite specific about whether existing Card Members will be eligible for bonus points if they apply for a card, are approved, and meet the minimum spend criteria.

If you hold a bank-issued American Express – such as from Westpac, Commonwealth Bank or NAB – that won’t affect whether you’re eligible for bonus points with an American Express branded card offer. There’s more in our guide to this here.

However American Express don’t allow existing cardholders, even for different types of American Express cards (e.g. Charge, Credit or Business) to be eligible for bonus points offers for cards in a different family.

50,000 bonus Velocity Points and free domestic Virgin Australia flight with the Amex Velocity Platinum was last modified: March 16th, 2019 by Keith

Summing up

The Velocity Platinum American Express is aimed at those really looking to maximise their Velocity earn from spend.

The additional lounge access, insurance and other perks are nice to have but are secondary in importance compared to the high Velocity Points earn potential.

50,000 bonus Velocity Points and free domestic Virgin Australia flight with the Amex Velocity Platinum was last modified: March 16th, 2019 by Keith

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  1. Ben

    Hi there. My wife has had this Velocity Platinum Amex card for a few months now. We’ve noticed on her statement that the points seem to ‘Auto deposit’ into her Velocity account. Is there a way to turn this off so that we can manually control when to transfer the points across?

  2. Kevin

    I’ve got a friends referral, but when I click through to the landing page it says 75k Velocity points if I apply by Nov 14 – does this offer not apply to referrals?

  3. mcdollars

    To be fair, I think this card might be slightly better than the ANZ Travel Adventure card, as the points AMEX offer here are significantly more than those from ANZ (40k). However, the low acceptability of AMEX card comparing with the VISA ones still devalues this card a lot. Not even mentioning that people can use ANZ bonus points mall to boost up the points.

    That being said, considering there is no spending cap for the fixed points earning rate, this card may be worthy for some Velocity fans.

  4. Dee

    Hi Keith

    A question I hope you can answer for me, I currently hold the Amex Explorer – which I believe is one of the best cards out there! I really want to get this card in my wallet too but am aware I wont be eligible for the 90k points which is a shame. Do you know if I do apply for this card and get approved, I would be eligible for everything else the card provides? eg the free flight, lounge passes etc? thanks!

  5. Dr E

    Velocity and most other FF programs are becoming a scam.
    More and more people are signing up to credit cards, with a crazy number of frequent flyer points in circulation.
    At the same time, the ability to use those points is being constantly degraded to the point it is hardly worth the effort anymore

  6. amacdo732

    Hi Keith,
    I expect to hit the threshold to receive the bonus velocity points thereafter and would love to get your thoughts on potentially using the bonus points with KrisFlyer, any tips – hacks in this regards?

    I enjoy Singapore Air and would love to somehow get in the business class.


  7. Andrew

    Still new to the who FF thing so i have a question please.
    If i apply for the card, meet the minimum spend to get the 75k points and cancel the card before the 1yr anniversary do i have to pay the $375 annual fee?

    Thanks in advance

  8. stan

    Question with the 100 status credits. If my wife applies for a card and she has her points and status credits pooled to my account do the 100 bonus status credits get swept to my account or do they stay in my wife’s account.

  9. Jack

    At 75k points I’d pass. I’ve seen this card advertised at 100k through referral, and ironically it might be a poor choice if you’re chasing status in some circumstances.

    If you want to hit the $50k = 100SC reward, that’s a lot of spend you can’t direct to more appropriate cards like the Platinum Edge.

    If your flight patterns keep you on the edge of retaining status, then you might prefer the Explorer’s $400 travel credit, since you can earn SCs on that flight. The domestic flight reward does not earn SCs.

    If most of your status credits come from travel you do not buy yourself, then you don’t make so much of the 2.5ppd earn at Virgin Australia, and the Explorer earns an effective 1.5ppd everywhere, MR points are transferable, and if you hold out for a transfer bonus it earns more than the Velocity-branded card! How crazy is that?

    IMHO this card was great when it had 3ppd at restaurants/VA, 2ppd on foreign transactions (which offset the 3% fee at least, though your foreign spend should go on a 0% fee card) and 1ppd elsewhere (which you’d hardly use). It’s fallen a long way since then.

    • DoctorZ

      Thanks for the info Jack.

      I’ll stay with my new VISA card at the moment. Don’t know why they kept reducing the bonus points in their offer. I really wanted to get the explorer card last month, but with the 75k “offer” I passed and went for a VISA card.

  10. Lim

    Hi Keith,
    My husband canceled his Amex card in Feb 2017 (19 months ago). Now he is the SECONDARY cardholder to my Amex card.

    If he apply for this Amex Velocity will he be eligible for the bonus signup points?

    Thank you.

  11. Mizone

    I need to get a credit card again after having to give up my Velocity Escape card for a home loan. Ive had to wait 18months to be eligible for the bonus points. And I’ve seen it go from 100k to 50k to 100k back to 50k. Frustrating having to wait this long.

    I want 100k. When does it start again? And can I multiply this with someones referral and get even more points?

  12. drsmithy

    Just discovered the 100 SC w/$50k spend thing.

    You say this applies to existing card holders – do we need to do anything to have this “activated”, or will it happen automatically ?

      • drsmithy

        Hope so. Should find out in a couple of months.

        This is a great perk I reckon. I was actually intending to close the card at the end of my member year this year (was going to last year as well, but forgot, and once the annual fee was charged I figured I may as well keep it another 12 months), but now I might actually keep it.

  13. Traveller87

    Logged into my Amex account and under the ‘refer a friend’ it’s states you receive 30k and they receive 60k. I was on the phone to Amex at the same time and asked the operator about this and he told me that the friend who signs up and qualifies would get the 60K plus what ever is also being offered on the website 50k so total 110k. Surely that isn’t correct?

  14. Traveller87

    Is it likely that the sign up bonus will go back up to 100k from 50k? And if so from the Amex site (so referral bonus can also be used?). Thanks for your help.

  15. Rob

    Hi all,

    I’ve met my $1500 spend criteria for the bonus points. I know the terms say the points will arrive within 8-10 weeks of the minimum spend being met, however I’m keen to hear if anyone has had recent experience where they have been credited their bonus points earlier?

    Many thanks

  16. sageybadegey

    I applied for this, got the card, but before activating it, I chickened out and cancelled the card. The reason for me cancelling the card is that I won’t be able to maximise the benefits of this card for I won’t be able to use the free domestic flight since I’m from Darwin and no free flights are coming and going to Darwin NT.

    The question is, will it hurt my credit rating if I received the card, didn’t activate it, then cancel it after about a week?

  17. Neal

    Hi Keith/Matt,

    For the 100k sign up bonus points and the 18 month exclusion period of previous cardholder, is it 18 months from card cancellation date or 18 months from contract cancellation date with Amex? Contract cancellation being card cancellation + 60 days i.e when you cancel a card, they state that your credit contract will terminate in another 60 days after card cancellation.

    Thank you.

    • Great question. As far as I know it’s from date of cancellation but if you are on the cusp like this it may be worth giving Amex a call to double check your eligibility date, as it would be annoying to apply thinking you were eligible and then be knocked back.

  18. JD

    Hi there, I’ve just applied for this one and been approved (yay). How long will the 100k points take to credit to my account, if I spend $1500 quite soon in the first month this Jan?

    Looking to book a reward seat to Europe this year with this and other points I’ve accumulated, hence trying to figure out timings for when I’d be able to make this booking. Thanks in advance.

    • I agree the timing is important to get right! From the terms and conditions on the application page:

      100,000 bonus Velocity Points will be awarded to the eligible Card Member’s account 8-10 weeks after the spend criteria has been met

  19. Jimmy

    Hey Keith,

    Does the exclusive 100k point offer work in conjunction with the referral bonus? I tried signing up from a referral link but reverts to the normal offer.

  20. gordonaus1

    Where do i go to find referrals from other pointhacks users who are looking to earn some bonus referral points?

    Does the person how is referred by someone get any bonus over and above the 100,000k sign on bonus points?

  21. Tony

    Hey guys,

    If the application for the card is in my defacto partner’s name, can I have it linked up to MY velocity membership number to earn the 100k points?? If not is there a way around this?


  22. Anth


    If I apply for the card on the 27th and am already conditionally approved, will I make it in time before the 31/07 cutoff date to be eligible for the bonus points? The application said it may take up to 5-10 business days to process my application.


  23. DR

    does the Amex velocity platinum automatically get me velocity platinum status and will I be able to access international lounges as well?

  24. Mitch


    I was wondering whether anyone knows if the 2 Virgin passes can be used together, as a couple in 1 visit that is?


    • Yep, that is permitted.

      Under Section 13 d) of the Lounge Terms and Conditions:

      “You cannot transfer Single Entries to other people (for example, to other Velocity Members) but you can use your Single Entries to enable other people who are travelling with you to gain access to the lounge.”

      So basically you have to be with your travelling companion to let them in using one of your passes. To avoid doubt, two people must use two passes, as a single pass does not include guesting privileges.

  25. Jo

    Based on AMEX’s website, the new earn rate will be applied to existing cardholders after October 2017.


    From 3 October 2017, you will earn:
    * 2.5 Velocity Points per $1 spent on purchases with Virgin Australia.
    * 1.5 Velocity Points per $1 spent everywhere else, excluding the providers below.
    * 0.5 Velocity Points per $1 spent at government bodies in Australia, such as Australia Post and the Australian Tax Office.

  26. danmuli

    my wife is an additional card holder on my account… if she applies for this card do you think it would get knocked back on this basis, or allowed as she fits the criteria otherwise and has never had a direct Amex account?

    • Keith Author

      Holding a supplementary card alone won’t make someone ineligible for the bonus – and you can link your existing card as a supplementary cardholder to your application as you go to help with identification (or not, if you prefer).

  27. SIMON


    I couldn’t quiet understand the points earning rate. I previously held a american express velocity platinum card with the earn rate of 3 points per $1 at cafe/restaurants and 1 point per $1 on general spend. Will this earn rate be revised as per the new rates shown in the article ??

    • Keith Author

      Amex have said they have no set date or plans for changing existing cardholders to the new earn rate regime. I’ll make that clearer. I am guessing they will move existing cardholders at some point though.

      • danmuli

        I was just about to ask this question… good to get the increase to 1.5 points… but shame to lose the restaurant bonus, clocked some good points there. But I guess it will roughly even out over time…

    • Keith Author

      Not to our knowledge – this is for the Virgin Australia lounges, right? They are digital passes so would ‘expire’ in your account, but then should be replaced by new passes for your next cardholder year assuming you renew and pay your annual fee…

  28. neilio444

    Seems like amex have upped the waiting period from 12 months since account closure to 18 months for customers chasing sign up bonuses. Bugger!

  29. frequentflyer

    Do you have any insights on either actual or quoted discount on non-flex business class fares? I’m just interested in ball park figures – is it 5-10% or 40-50%

    • Keith Author

      I don’t have any specific examples, but I understand it’s on the lower end. Give Amex Travel a call, they will probably do a quote for you if you say you are considering the card.

    • danmuli

      currently 2 points per dollar for current customers, but might be changing with the new structure outlined above.

    • Keith Author

      It’s a bit uncertain, to be honest. The current take is to try to book and test your luck, especially if you’re an older cardholder. Amex Travel have been saying it’s possible, Amex HQ are saying it’s not on the offer pages.

  30. Marie

    Thanks for your response Keith. Hopefully the same doesn’t apply to existing cardholders, I will phone them tomorrow.
    Love the info on this site btw, it’s very helpful. Cheers

  31. Marie


    Have you received a response from Virgin regarding what they are planning to do for cardholders who obtained the card (more than a year ago for myself) and got it specifically for the Perth-Sydney route which I use each year to fly my mum to Sydney.


    • Keith Author

      My focus so far has been on what’s happening for applicants under the current promotion rather than existing cardholders. As an existing cardholder you should talk directly to Amex and see if the benefit has been dropped for you as well (I’m not sure if it has), and if so, voice your displeasure. I will report back though if I find out what they are doing, if anything, for new applicants so you’re aware.

  32. Keith Author

    Hi Salem – I’ve been in touch with Amex about the PER-SYD flights and have been told that map you’ve linked is not valid now, with PER-SYD and PER-ADL not included any more. They are working out how to deal with customers who applied for the card on that basis, I’ll report back when I hear more.

  33. Keith Author

    Hey Phil – I’ve been told by Amex with certainty that PER-SYD is not on offer with the card any more. Frustrating. They are figuring out what they will do for customers who applied on this basis. I will reply back when I hear more.

  34. Stephen Dacey

    I have an existing AMEX Platinum card. I rang AMEX wanting to convert from that card to this Velocity AMEX card, to get the 100,000 Velocity points but they wouldnt do it, not even with threat of cancellation of the existing card. If I do cancel my existing card, I cannot re-apply to get bonus points offers for 12 months!! Might just cancel my card anyway. There are still some other good deals out there, with 0% balance transfers!.

  35. Zander

    Hi Keith,

    Great site!

    Regarding the offer – how long does it take before the 100,000 points expire from the time you qualify for the points?

    Also the free domestic flight every year – does it work on a calendar year basis or a 12 month rolling cycle i.e. You will only qualify for another free domestic flight 12 months after redeeming the first flight?

    • Keith Author

      The Velocity points are subject to the Velocity points expiry terms, which is 36 months of inactivity – as long as you have activity you keep your points.
      Free flight – it’s on cardholder year, not calendar year. You can book your flight anytime during your cardholder year and you’ll get another on your account when you roll over and pay your next annual fee. If you don’t use it, you can’t keep it.

      • Zander

        Well that’s great news. I make sure to make use of the free domestic flight.

        Thanks for the quick response!

    • Keith Author

      Not much, except chat to Amex directly before/during your application and see if they are willing to waive that requirement for some reason with your circumstances – i.e. submit previous payslips / tax returns etc.

  36. Cooperellie

    Hi Keith, I just rang the AMEX customer service number (1300366105) and they confirmed that they do NOT fly Syd – Cairns anymore.
    The one place I wanted to go!! Oh well.



    • Keith Author

      Thanks for the update – as I said, I have put a question into my contacts at Amex on this and the Perth-Sydney flight changes and should hear back pretty quickly. The Sydney – Cairns option IS explicitly listed in that PDF which is linked to from the offer page, so I would be surprised if it has been removed.
      Both the flight maps I’m aware of also list Sydney – Cairns:
      This one and this one.. I think you have strong legs to stand on in pushing for Sydney Cairns given the documentation to support this, and wouldn’t trust that response without further clarification.

  37. Cooperellie

    Hi Keith,

    Can you confirm whether the Sydney – Cairns return flight is still an option. The flight is not showing up on the AMEX map from Sydney any more, yet I notice that you are still showing this flight in your map above.
    Thanks for your help.



  38. Simon

    Hello Keith

    Long time lurker, I have been following your site for last 2 years now, came back last year (July) from 3 points tickets to Europe on Qantas with a zero balance on return and back up to 150k now.

    My question is this. GIven I am self employed and my wife is a stay at home home mum I have to be careful with my applications.

    Should I diversify and grab this card to have the velocity account? I already often buy my fuel from BP swipe velocity and pay with NAB 1.5 points per dollar AMEX so I am graduallly building a velocity balance already.

    The return flight Sydney to Perth is great value in itself so would cover card cost.

    • Keith Author

      I find Velocity to be useful for redemptions on Virgin Australia for their primary use – they are a little cheaper than Qantas and award seats are generally more widely available. But Virgin’s network is not as wide as Qantas, so hard to say if Velocity will be of use to you specifically.

      The return flight from Sydney won’t get you to Perth unfortunately. Possibly the other way around (PER – SYD) but a bit of confusion around that at the minute which I Will try and clear up when I confirm with Amex next week.

      Either way, this is a huge sign up bonus – the biggest ever on a Velocity card, so it’s appealing to a lot of people.

    • Keith Author

      Hi Jean – I got a formal response from Amex and Perth -> Sydney is now no longer offered with the card. I’ve been told that map you’ve linked is not valid now and that they are still working out how to deal with customers who applied for the card on that basis.

  39. Sean

    Amex has just changed the rule on existing Amex card holders:

    “Receive 100,000 bonus Velocity Points when you apply by 30 September 2015, are approved and spend $1,000 on your new Card within the first 3 months. Card Members who currently hold or who have previously held any other Card product offered by American Express Australia Limited in the preceding 12 month period are ineligible for this offer.”

    Existing card holders are applying for this promo like hotcakes and receiving their VA points. Go nuts, everyone!

  40. Nadia

    Thanks for the Information Keith

    Just confirming with Perth it would be a return flight to Sydney or one way twice as I noticed Sydney does not do Perth.


  41. kwai

    Is it me or I don’t see how 100,000 points is redeemable for 1 way from SYD – LAX in business. I have tried booking using the virgin australia site. Any other dates I see $3700 approx equivalent to 550k+ points. Am I doing anything wrong searching??

    • Keith Author

      You need to be looking in the column that says ‘premium reward’ or ‘business reward’ which are the cheaper level seats. If it says ‘sold out’ then there’s no availability at the lower level for your dates. The high price is using points+pay which essentially swaps the points for cash at a much worse rate.

  42. Lisa

    If I am new to Amex and applied for this Platinum card through a referral, does that mean I will get both the welcome bonus of 100,000 points and the 110,000 points through referral?

    • Keith Author

      Hey Lisa – no, you only get one or the other – 100k or 110k if you use a referral. If you then refer someone else to apply, they would get 110k and you would pick up the referral bonus – 20k points from memory.

  43. Sean

    I have Amex Plat Edge and would love to have this card with the domestic return tickets and 2 passes to the lounge more than make up for the annual fee.

    With the rule about existing card owners not qualify for the points, it’s a sad moment!

  44. Jane

    How long do you have to own the Amex card for to get and keep the 110,000 Velocity points? Could you cancel after only 1 year?

    • Keith Author

      You’ll get the points as soon as you meet the eligibility criteria. You’re free to cancel any time after that but you’ll lose the benefits of the card at that point.

  45. David

    Has anyone had any issues with the Amex referral links? I used a link to apply for an Amex platinum velocity card to score the extra 10k points. I was approved and given a reference number. Two weeks passed and had not received a card only to be told by them on the phone today that they had no record of my name, application or reference number in their system. Very odd.

  46. Damon

    Hey Keith

    Awesome website.. I am pretty new to the whole FF thing, I am currently using an ANZ Rewards card for my business which, from what I can tell, is pretty lousy compared to Qantas and Velocity programs.. With this card it appears that as long as you pay your CC bills before the big interest kicks in, and avoid using it where merchants charge large fees, you are pretty much guaranteed to come out ahead each year? I would use the flight for Perth – Karratha each year which is around $700 return usually.. it just seems to good to be true! Am I missing any disadvantages to going with such a card? Thanks!

  47. Paul

    Hi Keith,

    I have an AMEX issued by the company I work for (business corporate card) in my name.

    If I sign up for this offer, is there a risk that I won’t get the bonus points?



  48. David

    QQ: Do you still earn the bonus points if you have an AMEX that was issued by a bank such as NAB, ANZ etc? Thanks!

  49. Keith Author

    According to Amex’ terms, you wouldn’t get the bonus. Reports are mixed in that sometimes people do, but it’s not worth the risk in my opinion.

  50. Keith Author

    There’s a 200,000 point referral limit. So you can refer up to 10 people for this card, once you have your account all set up, and yes, that would be an extra 200,000 points if you find 10 others who want to take up the offer through your referral.

  51. Henry

    It says it is only for new card holders. if im a secondary holder on a family members card would this not be available to me?

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