Velocity Frequent Flyer and Optus have launched a new partnership that gives members the opportunity to earn Velocity Points when they take up a new eligible mobile phone or data plan, or upgrade their current plan.

This partnership is currently the only link-up between a frequent flyer program and telco in the Australian market.

Introductory offer to earn Velocity Points on Optus plans

You can get paid between 2,000 and 40,000 bonus points when you take out or upgrade to an eligible Optus plan by 9 December 2019.

Optus-Velocity eligible plans
You can earn a chunk of Velocity Points when taking out a 12- or 24-month plan with Optus

Based on our valuation of Velocity Points at 1.8c each, the maximum 40,000-point bonus is worth $720.

Eligible mobile phone and data plans

You can pick up Velocity Points on:

  • 24-month handset plans
  • 12-month SIM-only plans
  • 12- and 24-month tablet and watch plans
  • month-to-month data SIM plans

This offer is available to those who are:

  • signing up as a new Optus customer; or
  • signing up for a new contract term as an existing Optus customer

As you can expect, the more expensive the plan, the more points you’ll earn. For example, you’ll pick up 40,000 points when taking out a 24-month contract with 200 GB monthly data for an iPhone 11 Pro for $156/month.

At the lower end, you can earn 2,000 points when you take out a 24-month plan with 1 GB monthly data for the Samsung Galaxy Watch for $29/month.

What can you do with 40,000 Velocity Points?

That bonus (plus the required taxes and fees) can get you a one-way Business Class flight between the East and West Coast.

Virgin Australia A330 | Point Hacks
Use this bonus to fly in Virgin Australia’s excellent Airbus A330 Business Class

Here’s some other ideas on how to best use 40,000 Velocity Points.

How to take advantage of this offer

  1. Go to the dedicated Optus-Velocity website (points are not earned on plans taken out in-store or over the phone)
  2. Read the terms and conditions at the bottom of that page carefully
  3. Choose one of the plans listed as eligible for Velocity Points earn
  4. Keep your Optus plan for at least 30 days
  5. Wait up to six weeks for the points to land in your Velocity account
  6. Understand that cancellation fees will apply if you break your contract

Key offer terms and conditions

This introductory offer is only available to Velocity Members who (i) sign-up, as a new Optus customer, to Optus My Plan Plus 24 month handset Plan (under “Mobile Phones”), Optus My Plan Plus 12 month SIM only plan (under “SIM Only”), Optus Connected Device Plan over 12 or 24 months (under “Watches”), Optus Data Plan with a device over 12 or 24 months (under “Tablets”) or Optus Data month to month plan (under “Data SIMs”) listed on (‘Eligible Optus Services’), or (ii) sign-up to a new contract term, as an existing Optus customer, to Optus My Plan Plus 24 month handset Plan (under “Mobile Phones”) or Optus My Plan Plus 12 month SIM Only plan (under “SIM Only”) listed on“Eligible Optus Recontract Services”). Only available online at Offer ends 9 December 2019. The Velocity Points on Eligible Optus Services and Eligible Optus Recontract Services are listed on This offer is not available with other offers, unless specified.

Ongoing offer to earn Velocity Points on Optus plans

From 9 December 2019, members can get paid up to 20,000 points on mobile plans, SIM only, watches, tables and data SIMs, with options available for both new and existing Optus customers. Effectively, the points earn halves after the introductory period.

Note that you cannot earn Velocity Points on broadband, NBN or business plans.

Telstra sign
You used to be able to earn flybuys points with Telstra

Previous partnerships to earn frequent flyer points on mobile phone plans in Australia

Velocity Frequent Flyer

You could previously earn Velocity Points with Virgin Mobile, but that company was folded into Optus.

Qantas Frequent Flyer

Up until June 2019, you could earn Qantas Points with Vodafone.

Optus was also a Qantas partner from 2011 until 2015.


Both Telstra and Optus have previously offered flybuys points for sign-ups to their plans.

Summing up

It’s a shame that we don’t have more opportunities in Australia to earn points on what is an (almost) essential expense in today’s digital world.

Having said that, having at least one avenue to earn Velocity Points when signing up for a new Optus mobile phone or data plan is welcome.

Let’s hope that the other telcos and Qantas and/or flybuys revive similar partnerships that they’ve had the past.

You can sign up to an Optus plan and earn Velocity Points here.

Supplementary image courtesy Telstra.

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