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Velocity Global Wallet changes: increased overseas earn rate, decreased domestic earn rate, and a mixed bag with fees

Velocity Global Wallet Visa is Velocity’s prepaid travel card that allows holders to load multiple currencies onto the card and make purchases at any worldwide location that accepts Visa. Your purchases will be transacted in the local currency subject to you having that currency loaded onto your card.

While Velocity Global Wallet’s direct competitor is Qantas Cash, given both these cards allow the earning of frequent flyer points on purchases, the card also goes head-to-head with other non-points-earning travel cards in the market, including the NAB Traveller Card.

Unlike Qantas Cash, Velocity Global Wallet does not come standard with your Velocity card, and you will need to opt in to have a Velocity Global Wallet version of the Velocity membership card sent out to you.

Changes effective 1 September 2017

Velocity have announced changes to the Velocity Global Wallet, which are effective immediately for new cardholders, while some changes will only take effect in October for existing cardholders or those with cards activated prior to 1 September. See the table below for a summary of the changes:

 ExistingNewPositive or negative change?Effective date
for cards activated prior to 1 September
International earn rate1 point per $12 points per $1Positive1 September
Domestic earn rate1 point per $21 point per $3Negative1 October
Domestic ATM feeFree$1.95Negative1 October
International ATM fee (some ATM operators may charge additional fees)Varies depending on country$1.95Positive1 September
Inactivity fee (only charged after 12 months of inactivity)$1/month$1.95/monthNegative1 October
Load fee using BPAYFree0.5% load fee to AUD wallet but $0 load fee for BPAY to foreign currency wallet as your preferred load walletNegative1 October
Foreign exchange fee3%2.25%Positive1 September
Aggregate funding limit (12 month rolling load limit)$75,000$100,000Positive1 September

In addition to the changes above, transactions at the ATO and other national or local Australian tax authorities will no longer earn points, again effective immediately for new cardholders and starting 1 October for existing cardholders:

“ATM withdrawals, quasi cash transactions, payments made to the Australian Taxation Office or other national or local Australian tax authorities, fees and charges, account adjustments, reversed transactions, gambling transactions and business transactions.”

Source: Velocity Global Wallet Product Update

All information in this guide are now updated to reflect the changes.

Features of Velocity Global Wallet

Card Details

CardVelocity Global Wallet
Card typePrepaid debit card
Loyalty ProgramVelocity Frequent Flyer
Points earned from spend1 point per $3 on domestic spend
2 points per $1 on overseas spend
Load feeNo load fee via bank transfer or BPAY to foreign currency wallet

0.5% load fee for BPAY to AUD wallet
International ATM withdrawal fee$1.95
Currency conversion fee 2.25%
Annual fee$0 p.a.

As a result of the changes, the overseas earn rate is now increased to 2 Velocity points per $1 AUD spent overseas and decreased to 0.33 Velocity points per $1 AUD spent in Australia.

The card allows you to load 11 currencies, which are:

  • Australian Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
  • British Proud
  • Euro
  • Hong Kong Dollar
  • Japanese Yen
  • New Zealand Dollar
  • Singapore Dollar
  • South African Rand
  • Thai Baht
  • US Dollar

These currencies can be converted on the go, meaning that you can lock in your exchange rates using your computer or via the app at any time. Loading funds onto the card can be done through a bank transfer or by using BPAY. The card remains separate to your bank account, however, so if you do lose your card, nobody would be able to access any of your bank information.

Velocity Global Wallet now charges a flat ATM fee of $1.95 for withdrawals made in Australia and overseas.

An annoying feature of the card, however, is a $1.95 inactivity fee charged monthly after 12 months of inactivity.

Summing up

Velocity Global Wallet is definitely a competitive card in the prepaid travel market, and one of only two cards that allow for frequent flyer earn per spend on the card.

For those looking to accrue Velocity points, then this is a decent card for you, given that the earn rate is similar to many Visa credit cards in the market.

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  1. Dwayne

    Forget trying to use the Velocity Global Wallet card on the weekends as if you load any funds on Friday, Sat or Sun it wont become available until Monday afternoon. I use my card mostly on weekends thus never earning points as I don’t have money loaded.. as it takes 3 days to load onto the card.. The worst thing about this card with the exception of fees.. Are there any cards that load quicker?

  2. Troy Burton

    I have used velocity Global Wallet for business travel before – and for short travel, the preload is convenient, and I have not had an issue with the card being expensive. I hadn’t really looked too hard at the exchange rate, until I recently loaded a larger amount for longer travel ($5000). The atrocious exchange rate cost me a couple of hundred dollars at least – it is on par or below hotel and airport cash exchange rates, which is really unacceptable in my view. Left me feeling like I had been scammed, to be honest

  3. Ken

    Email received from Velocity last night. From 1 October 2017, the earn rates will change for both domestic and international spend.

    Domestic – 1 point per $3 dollars spent
    International – 2 points per $1 dollar spent

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