BEGINNER’S GUIDE | Jetstar Hotels offers a convenient way to book accommodation while locking in a flight (or just on its own). But unless you have a Jetstar Hotels voucher that you’re trying to use up, we suggest booking through its ‘sister site’, Qantas Hotels, instead.

It should cost exactly the same but also come with plenty of Qantas Points on the side – potentially enough for a new reward flight booking! Using the right hotel booking website is a simple way to maximise your points haul.

Identical nights at Hilton Melbourne Little Queen Street, identical offers on Qantas and Jetstar Hotels.

This guide is targeted at beginners in the world of frequent flyer programs and points.

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When should I use Jetstar Hotels?

We recommend using Jetstar Hotels if you have a promotional voucher to redeem. Jetstar sometimes issues $25 vouchers for booking a flight during a particular period and $50 vouchers for joining or renewing Club Jetstar. You might also receive birthday promotions or goodwill hotel credit.

Whatever the reason, these vouchers are almost as good as cash when booking a hotel, except they won’t be refunded should you cancel the booking. If you have one, it makes sense to use it, as you’ll usually enjoy some real savings.

Sometimes, it can make sense to book a hotel and flight package through Jetstar Holidays, particularly when there is a sale (for example, the screenshot below includes one person’s return flight completely free).

Jetstar’s ‘Fly a Friend for Free’ sale is compelling, especially as it also includes 20 kg luggage and seat selection.

When should I use Qantas Hotels instead?

In most other cases, you should make Qantas Hotels your destination instead. You’ll find that both Qantas and Jetstar Hotels essentially use the same backend, just with different skins.

Hotels and offers you find on one platform should be identical on the other. But the kicker is that you’ll earn 3 Qantas Points per dollar at Qantas Hotels, plus more if you’re a Points Club member and/or a Qantas Business Rewards member. That will go a long way towards your next reward flight booking!

You’ll want to try to book during a ‘triple points’ offer so you can earn 9 Qantas Points per dollar instead.

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Should you book with Qantas Hotels or Jetstar Hotels? was last modified: July 8th, 2024 by Brandon Loo