Qantas Points Club, a rewards program aimed at Qantas Frequent Flyer members with a penchant for earning points on the ground, launched in early 2020. Up for grabs are various perks including Qantas Club memberships, and even the ability to earn Status Credits on Qantas reward seat bookings.

It’s now an indispensable tool for frequent flyers looking to maximise their perks within the Qantas ecosystem – such as with Qantas Hotels and Qantas Wine, as well as anyone looking for a helping hand with earning more Status Credits.

And unlike Fight Club, we’re able to talk about all the inner workings of Qantas Points Club. Here is everything you need to know.

What is Qantas Points Club?

The Qantas Points Club program is aimed directly at frequent buyers rather than frequent flyers. It’s separate from the base Qantas Frequent Flyer program status levels. Instead, it’s designed to complement the existing Status Credit levels offered to members who frequently fly.

Credit card terminal
Frequent buyers are set to be rewarded as Points Club members.

Given that two-thirds of all Qantas Points are earned from on-the-ground transactions, there are many members out there who can take advantage of this program, which has two tiers levels:

  • Points Club
  • Points Club Plus

There are qualification requirements to access either level, and each will offer various rewards to eligible members, with the top-tier Points Club Plus offering the most perks.

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How to qualify for Points Club

Not all Qantas Frequent Flyer members are automatically eligible for the Points Club program. Both tiers of the program require a minimum number of Qantas Points to have been earned from ‘on-the-ground’ transactions during your membership year to qualify.

The qualification requirements are as follows:

Points ClubPoints Club Plus

Once you reach the minimum qualification levels, however, all members ranging from Bronze to Platinum One will be eligible for the respective Points Club tier. You will be notified via email once you have qualified for each level.

Nearly all on-the-ground transactions will be available, including those earned from sign-up bonuses with credit cards, which is one of the most lucrative ways to earn Qantas Points quickly. Also, up to 20,000 points earned from flying will counts towards Points Club.

There is a limit placed on the number of points that can be earned from a single transaction, currently set at 125,000 points. Therefore any points earned in excess of this amount in one single transaction will not contribute to your Points Club qualification.

However, if a promotion offered 20,000 Qantas Points per month over six months, which would total 120,000 Qantas Points, then all 120,000 Qantas Points would count towards eligibility as every single transaction is less than 125,000 Qantas Points. Here are some strategies for getting into the Qantas Points Club program.

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Benefits of Qantas Points Club

The main benefits arising from the Points Club program include flight and travel benefits, such as lounge access, along with offers and discounts available exclusively to members.

Qantas Sydney International Business Lounge
Step inside Qantas’ main lounge for passengers departing Sydney International, accessible to Points Club members.

A more detailed summary of benefits for both tiers is shown below:

Points ClubPoints Club Plus
2 lounge invitations Complimentary Qantas Club membership
Status Credits on Qantas Classic Reward Flight Status Credits on Qantas Classic Reward flights
Member-only flights offersMember-only flight offers
Member-only program partner offersMember-only program partner offers
Qantas Hotels: 25% more points (excluding Airbnb & Packages)Qantas Hotels: 50% more points (excluding Airbnb & Packages)
Qantas Wine: Triple points + free deliveryQantas Wine: Triple points + free delivery + 10% off (excluding Penfolds)
Qantas Rewards Store: 5% offQantas Rewards Store: 10% off
1 car upgrade with Avis1 car upgrade with Avis
$50 Qantas Hotels voucher$100 Qantas Hotels voucher
$50 Qantas Wine birthday voucher2x $50 Qantas Wine birthday voucher
100 Status Credit rollover

Both tiers also have access to ‘exclusive flight offers’ such as Double Status Credit promotions. There’s also a mid-tier milestone reward at 250,000 Qantas Points: members who reach this will pocket a bonus of 2,500 points.

Qantas Wine | Point Hacks
Earn points with every drop with Qantas Wine.

The ability to roll over Status Credits will be a welcome benefit for those chasing or attempting to retain status, with Points Club Plus members able to roll over up to 100 Status Credits to their next Membership Year. But this can’t be used to attain or retain Platinum One status. If less than 100 SCs are earned, then only that amount is rolled over.

Summing up

The Points Club program is a great initiative that is popular amongst Qantas Frequent Flyer members, especially given the large number of people that earn points from the ground. The benefits are numerous and also quite generous.

The addition of a $50 or $100 Qantas Hotels voucher is great news as well since those are a cash-equivalent discount with no minimum purchase when booking at the Qantas Hotels website.

Frequently asked questions

Do bonus credit card points count towards qualification for the Points Club program?

Yes, but remember that they are subject to the maximum single transaction limit of 125,000 Qantas Points.

Do points transferred from another reward loyalty scheme (eg an indirect earn credit card) count towards qualification for the Points Club program?

Yes, points transferred from other reward loyalty schemes such as bank rewards or American Express Membership Rewards count towards qualification, but note that the 125,000 per transaction cap applies.

How does Status Credit roll work?

A maximum of 100 Status Credits will roll over to a Points Club members’ next Membership Year, Status Credits that are rolled over will contribute to attaining or retaining a member’s tier status, except for attaining or retaining Platinum One status.

Will I receive a physical Qantas Club card if I gain membership through the Points Club?

You will not receive a physical Qantas Club card should you gain access to Qantas Club membership through the Points Club, instead, using a digital Qantas Club membership card that can be found on the Qantas website or through the Qantas app.

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