Virgin Australia “The Business” A330 Business Class Review – VA804 Sydney – Melbourne

With a need to be in Melbourne late last year for work, and spend a full day in the city I was hunting for an early morning flight.

With a 6.30am departure VA804 wouldn’t have been my preference, and neither would have redeeming nearly 14,000 Velocity Points for an hour or so flight in Business.

However… this flight was on Virgin Australia’s new A330 Business Class, and I figured it was only right that I should check it out and take some photos so I can express my opinion.

Research and Booking

I paid 13,800 Velocity Points, one way, plus around $20 in taxes and fees.

The key to finding an A330 with the new Business Class cabin is to look out for the “The Business” label in the Virgin Australia booking engine.

Since I travelled on this flight I think Virgin has reduced the number of A330s that are not operating on Coast-to-Coast routes which is where they are normally found, and these may now be rare.

But at the time I booked, these were almost a daily occurence, with one flight a day between Sydney and Melbourne at the least.

This cabin will also come on Virgin Australia’s new 777 refit taking place later this year, so what you see here will be a decent reflection on what you’ll find on their long-haul routes too.

Virgin Australia’s new A330 Business Class Seat & Cabin

I had selected a seat right at the back of the cabin to make it easier to take photos without too much attention being drawn to me! So I ended up in seat 5K, in the right rear corner.

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class VA804

The in-flight entertainment welcomed me, along with a pillow and menu on the seat for this flight.

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class VA804  1

The seat is fabric upholstered with a leather headrest in a dark charcoal/navy, white and silver colour scheme.

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class VA804  2

The seat has a few different presets. Here’s a relaxed setting after take off:

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class VA804  3

Here’s a reclined setting, without being fully flat:

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class VA804  4

There is a large footwell with a footrest underneath, with a ton of room to move around.

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class VA804 (5)

Here’s the top of the seat, and then the rest of the seat, in full lay flat mode:

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class VA804  6

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class VA804  7

Here are the seat controls, which is a digital touchscreen near your armrest.

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class VA804  8

The seat affords at least a couple of windows of armchair viewing of the world around you, which is one of my favourite benefits of the reverse herringbone configuration where the window seats are angled toward the windows (unlike Qantas new Business Class where the seats still face full forwards).

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class VA804  9

The seat is configured a number of different storage options. Next to your shoulder is a large cabinet large enough for headphones, tablet, or specs.

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class VA804  10

The IFE controller is hidden under an flap again near your armrest. I found the IFE system one of the best I’ve used – very modern and responsive.

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class VA804 (11)

There’s another cubby with headphone jack and USB input and charger port.

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class VA804  12

And finally, on the aisle side of the seat is an armrest which moves up and down as you need. It took me a good few minutes to find the headphones that are stored inside in their own case.

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class VA804  13

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class VA804  14

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class VA804  15

Breakfast on VA804 Business Class

We were served a fairly standard Business Class breakfast on this flight, with an option of a hot meal or Bircher Muesli and fruit. I went for the latter, and it was very good, and served with a warm croissant and good coffee.

Virgin Australia A330 Business Class VA804 Breakfast

Summing up – VA804 new Virgin Australia A330 Business Class

Once again, this wasn’t a long enough flight for me to try out the seat fully, but my first impressions were really, really positive, and I wouldn’t hesitate to book this service on a long haul flight to Los Angeles or Abu Dhabi once it’s rolled out on their 777 fleet.

The value of using 13,900 Velocity Points for a seat this large, with good food and excellent service, was definitely there. I probably wouldn’t spent this for their regular 737 Business Class service on the same route, but if I saw an opportunity to take “The Business” on an A330 again, I’d be really tempted to take it.

Have you flown Virgin’s new Business Class yet? What’s your take?

Virgin Australia “The Business” A330 Business Class Review – VA804 Sydney – Melbourne was last modified: December 4th, 2017 by Keith

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  1. Justin

    Thanks for publishing this review Keith. I was tossing up whether to redeem 10k points to upgrade on the same flight this Monday and pulled the trigger on it after reading. Looking forward to some needed kip on that seat before hitting Melbs. 🙂

  2. Tim

    I recently flew The Business from Sydney to Perth and it is hands down the most comfortable flight I’ve ever been on. The food was phenomenal and tasty, the seat was ridiculously comfortable especially when lying flat and overall it made me never want to fly economy again.

  3. Gday

    I flew this seat Perth Sydney in mid January on a redeye. Service and food were excellent.
    HOWEVER I found the seat to be inferior to the older one in the 777 going on to LAX. Major issue for me was that in the lie flat mode with the new seat whenever I rolled over my feet caught in the wedge which is too narrow and low and you wake up. The seat is very comfortable sitting up but I found it lumpy and bumpy compared to the existing seating in the 777 when in lay flat. If they do away with the mattress’ in the 777 with the new seat I will be looking for an alternative carrier. Because I travel as a tourist the various nooks and crannies are less important to me to stash things in. As it stands today my vote would be Singapore Airlines seat #1 (I love the width), Velocity 777 (old style with mattress) #2, Qantas #3 ( find it too firm), new Virgin seat without mattress #4
    Cheers Warren

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