The Qantas Club Cairns – Lounge Overview

Spend an hour or so in the Qantas Club lounge in Cairns and it’s perfectly fine, but we wouldn’t recommend arriving at the airport early for it.

Highlights include the natural light, bar and kids’ club, with improvements to be made on internet, noise and food.

This Qantas Club is only for domestic flights; Qantas and oneworld international flights are serviced by the Reef Lounge in the International Terminal (free for Priority Pass members).

Qantas Club Cairns Details

The opening hours are from 4:30am (Monday to Saturday) and 5:55am (Sunday) until the last Qantas departure.

Lounge Location

After checking in and clearing security in the Domestic Terminal, wrap around to the left twice, following the signs to the Departure Lounges on the first floor up the escalators.

Lounge Seating & Views

When I visited at its noon peak, this lounge was 70% full, which due to its open-plan nature, felt quite busy and noisy.

Aesthetically though, this lounge is beautiful with its large amounts of natural light and tarmac views:

Qantas Club Cairns | Point Hacks

Qantas Club Cairns | Point Hacks

The main area and window seating is ideal for couples and groups:

Qantas Club Cairns | Point Hacks

Qantas Club Cairns | Point Hacks

If you are wanting to get some work done, the large work table in the middle is recommended, but just remember that the power points are hidden underneath the table. Or you can use the business centre:

Qantas Club Cairns | Point Hacks

The kids’ club in the corner is a bonus:

Qantas Club Cairns | Point Hacks

Qantas Club Cairns | Point Hacks

The bathrooms are big and clean.

Food & Drink

The spread of food at lunch was pretty good, with soup, pasta, Mediterranean-style salads, make-your-own toasties, cold meats, plain cheese, crackers, fruit, biscuits and a pancake machine. Unfortunately, there were no labels on the food, which makes it hard for travellers with special dietary requirements.

Qantas Club Cairns | Point Hacks

Qantas Club Cairns | Point Hacks

Qantas Club Cairns | Point Hacks

The bar (which opens at noon) has Heineken and XXXX on tap, bottled beer, ciders, self-serve white and red wine:

Qantas Club Cairns | Point Hacks

Qantas Club Cairns | Point Hacks

Qantas Club Cairns | Point Hacks

There is a barista in between the food and bar (no picture), and a separate tea, espresso machine and biscuit area near the tarmac and business centre:

Qantas Club Cairns | Point Hacks

Qantas Club Cairns | Point Hacks


The internet speed was slow. I tried to connect to the Virgin Australia lounge (with a password from the Sydney lounge from a couple of days prior), but the signal strength was too weak.

Qantas Club Cairns | Point Hacks

Lounge and Guest Access Options

You can access this lounge:

  • By class of travel: Business and First Class passengers travelling on a Qantas or Emirates flight (+1 guest)
  • By Qantas status: Gold, Platinum and Platinum One passengers travelling on a Qantas, Jetstar, Emirates or oneworld flight (+1 guest for Gold; +2 for others)
  • By Qantas Club membership: Qantas Club members and Annual Guest Card holders travelling on a Qantas or Jetstar flight (+1 guest)
  • By Emirates status: Gold and Platinum Skywards members travelling on a Qantas or Emirates flight (+1 guest)
  • By oneworld status: Sapphire and Emerald members travelling on a oneworld flight (+1 guest); International First (+1 guest) or International Business (no guest) travelling on a Qantas flight or arriving on a oneworld flight in First or Business, respectively
  • By credit card: refer to our definitive guide to Qantas lounges for credit cards that offer access to Qantas lounges like this one
  • By day pass: from achieving Qantas Silver, or sometimes offered for purchase via email before your flight for $49—not available at the door

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Our take

For a smaller airport, this lounge does just fine in feeding you and giving you some space to relax and/or work before your flight out but compared to other lounges in Australia, it can seem on the smaller, more crowded and noisier side.

If you are travelling with children, the separate kids’ area is great, however if you are going to be doing some work, be prepared for noise and a slow internet connection.

The food and beverage service could be improved by labelling food and putting a sign up to say that the bar is not open until noon.

A perfectly acceptable, but not exceptional, lounge.

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  1. Leon

    For an European traveller it might be a culture shock. The staff is very rude, every time I need to be there the young lady behind the espresso is just obnoxious. Food is awful compared to an average European lounge. Welcome to Qantas and Australia: the most expensive airline in the world with smugh staff providing very poor service for a price of biz class ticket everywhere in the modern world. Australia is in general on the bottom of western world when it comes to technology, civilisation progress and manners and they deeply believe that they live in some sort of heaven without any reason. Cairns Qantas staff and facilities are just a warm-up.

  2. Mark Young

    Gold FF denyed entry after arriving Melb. to meet other guests from Brisbane before heading downtown to hotel in Caines. Confronted by snarly pompous door-person eager to give public lecture on new Qantas rules. Departure lounge not arrival…..really need to get a life Qantas Club staffer

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