American Express Lounge Melbourne overview

A modern and aesthetically-pleasing lounge with delicious food and a range of cards offering access

The Point Hacks Team were lucky enough to be invited for a first look at the newest location in American Express’ own lounge network, for international passengers departing from Melbourne. The lounge opened to the public on 27 March 2018.

There is a range of American Express cards on the market that will offer you access to the lounge, which is a really solid perk, so for Melbourne residents who are premium American Express cardholders (or anyone who has to travel through Melbourne Airport for international trips), this is a nice benefit.

This lounge sits adjacent to the new Plaza Premium Lounge, which is operated by the same company. In our opinion, the American Express lounge wins on design and work-friendliness but the Plaza Premium Lounge wins on more food options and natural light.

Lounge Details

The lounge is open from 6am until 11pm, seven days a week.

It can accommodate up to 65 guests at a time, which is slightly larger than its Sydney counterpart. That seems like a quite low number, so you may expect this lounge to get crowded as knowledge of its opening becomes more common. In the case of capacity constraints, guests will be directed to the adjacent Plaza Premium Lounge.

Lounge location

This lounge is located in the lounge precinct of the international Terminal 2 at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport. That means it is only accessible by passengers departing on international flights.

For those familiar with Melbourne Airport, this lounge is located opposite the Qantas International Business Lounge.

Amex Lounge Melbourne

Lounge seating

The lounge area is split into two main areas, both of which are very open.

There is a main food and drink area with a long communal table running down the middle and tables along the side:

Amex Lounge Melbourne

Amex Lounge Melbourne

with a range of seating heights and options:

Amex Lounge Melbourne

Amex Lounge Melbourne

Amex Lounge Melbourne

Amex Lounge Melbourne

and a lounging area, which is quite open with big padded seats:

Amex Lounge Melbourne

Amex Lounge Melbourne

Amex Lounge Melbourne

As to be expected from a lounge, there is room to work:

Amex Lounge Melbourne

and a selection of reading materials:

However, this lounge has missed the mark with regards to no natural light or tarmac views.

Food & Drink

The food on offer during our visit was fantastic.

Amex Lounge Melbourne

Food and beverage offerings are on the more upscale end, with a number of hot finger foods including a delicious slow-roasted beef for mini burgers:

Amex Lounge Melbourne

Amex Lounge Melbourne

To finish off, there were also macaroons, a caprese salad, cheeses and some fruits on offer:

Amex Lounge Melbourne

The alcohol selection includes premium and top-shelf spirits such as Four Pillars Gin, Seppelt wine, Canadian Club 12 Year Old and Naked Grouse Scotch.

Amex Lounge Melbourne

Amex Lounge Melbourne

Amex Lounge Melbourne

and self-service non-alcoholic drinks:

Amex Lounge Melbourne

There is also an all-day barista coffee service.

Lounge amenities

The lounge has high-speed wifi and printing facilities available.

It shares bathrooms with the Plaza Premium Lounge, with showers expected to be operational in the second half of 2018.

Amex Lounge Melbourne

Amex Lounge Melbourne

Lounge access options

Access to American Express lounges is available to those holding an eligible American Express card.

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Summing up

American Express’ investment in a standalone lounge at Tullamarine is great news for those who travel from or through Melbourne Airport.

The pros of the lounge are that it is modern and aesthetically-pleasing, has great barista coffee, tasty food options and a range of American Express cards offering access.

In an ideal world, improvements would be made to the natural light situation and the size of the lounge, however, these factors are restricted by its location.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the new lounge as you pass through for the first time!

American Express Lounge Melbourne overview was last modified: January 22nd, 2019 by Matt Moffitt


  1. madreece

    Just visited this lounge , it has all the charm of a Cole’s cafeteria. As PG44 noted above the food was limited, and well past it’s best before time. The kind lady on the door also charged us the full $55 to take in our severely disabled daughter. Never again.

  2. Brodie

    Checked out the lounge on a Sunday afternoon. The staff were super friendly and when the system glitched on my passes the friendly attendant sortes it out quickly. The basement feel of it, or lack of natural light is a challenge but it’s still nice. The juices were great and the pancake machine made my day. It’s a great option to have the lounge there and I’m glad we got the chance to check it our. Also, love the website, currently on an excellent value holiday in Hawaii thanks to many MANY point hacks

  3. PG44

    Wow – the photos of the food offering in this review look NOTHING like the actual food offering at the lounge when I visited last Thursday evening.

    The buffet had 2 x macarons, and a few stale grapes.
    A couple of patrons specifically asked if the kitchen could make up a plate of cheese and crackers, because there was literally no food out. Just juice. DEFINITELY no burgers, beef, or turkish bread.

    I hope my experience was not the norm, as I was seriously disappointed with the Amex offering. Lounges should cater for more than just those wishing to get drunk !

    • Matt Moffitt Author

      That’s disappointing! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully some other readers can chime in with their experience to see if there is a pattern. What time and day of the week were you there?

  4. Tom

    I think i read on amex t&c to access this lounge you have to book it in advance? Or can you simply turn up and show your amex explorer card?

  5. Thanh

    Hi Matt,
    Lounge access is available to primary card holder only ? Or to supplementary card holder as well ? Say I am the main card holder and my husband has support card, can we both access the lounge at the same time using those 2 passes per year?

    • Matt Moffitt Author

      There are two entries per calendar year available for use by the primary and/or supplementary cardholder, meaning that you share the benefit—it’s not doubled. If you and your husband entered at the same time, that would use your two entries in one go.

  6. Ned

    Thanks for the informative review! I’ll be flying to Abu Dhabi next week and have access to this so I’m looking forward to trying! I also have access to the Etihad Melbourne Lounge, I was wondering which one you would recommend? I’ve never been to either.

    • Matt Moffitt Author

      I haven’t visited the Etihad lounge personally but the LoungeBuddy app has very high reviews for it. If you have the Amex Platinum, then you might as well try both as you’ll have unlimited access to the Amex lounge. If you have just two entries a year with another card, though, perhaps save them for another time when you don’t have access to the Etihad (or another) lounge.

    • jbman

      The Etihad lounge is fantastic. Unfortunately they have removed the a la carte dining, however the food and drink on offer is of high quality. The space is nice with dining tables, couches and bar seating.

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