Get a huge 50% off selected International Classic Flight Rewards with Qantas

A guide to Qantas Economy Class redemption discount promotions

GUIDE: Using Points
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POSTED: December 2, 2017
UPDATED: December 2, 2017
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If you are planning or considering travel in Economy Class on Qantas or Jetstar over the next year, this is a great opportunity to save some of your points.

The sale runs until 5 December and is valid for travel from 14 January to 31 October 2018, depending on the route.

Eligible flights

Travel is on select international Qantas and Jetstar routes:

  • 14 January and 31 October 2018 on Qantas (QF) between Australia and: Hong Kong, Japan (Tokyo Haneda, Tokyo Narita or Osaka Kansai), China (Shanghai or Beijing), USA (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas/Fort Worth, New York or Honolulu) or South Africa (Johannesburg)
  • 14 January and 30 September 2018 on Jetstar (JQ) between Australia and: Japan (Tokyo Narita or Osaka Kansai), USA (Honolulu), Singapore, Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) or Thailand (Bangkok or Phuket)
  • 18 January to 28 February 2018 on Qantas (QF) between Australia and London (Heathrow)
  • 14 April to 31 October 2018 on Qantas (QF) between Melbourne and Singapore


  • Travel not permitted on partner airlines
  • You cannot mix Qantas and Jetstar flights. That’s because the required points for Jetstar redemptions are already 20% less than redemptions on Qantas flights
  • The discount does not extend to the ordinary surcharges and taxes that apply to Classic Flight Reward redemptions
  • The discount does not apply if you choose the ‘Points Plus Pay’ option
  • As usual, you will not earn any points on these award flights

Annoyingly, when you go to book a Classic Flight Reward, the total points cost will just show you the final discounted amount and will not show you what the price would have been without the discount. If you are unsure whether or not the discount has been applied, you can check the ordinary points cost of your flight here.

Offer history

  • December 2017 (current offer): 50% off (international only)
  • August 2017: 25% off
  • May 2017: 25% off
  • August 2016: 20% off

Summing up

Whilst the best value for redeeming your points is usually found in Business and First Class, there are cases where redeeming your points for Economy Class tickets can make good sense.

Note, though, that these promotions do not take into account the generally significant taxes and fees that Qantas tends to charge on award flights, so that reduces the value of this redemption opportunity.

Of course, it’s 100% up to you how you use your points.

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