How to redeem Qantas Points for Jetstar flights

Redeeming points for Jetstar’s 787 StarClass (Business Class) - a quick review | Point Hacks

Jetstar has really come onto the travel scene in our region over the past decade or so, now carrying almost one out of every 10 passengers travelling in and out of Australia, not to mention its domestic operations.

One unique use of Qantas Points is redeeming seats on Jetstar flights, given no other easily accessible points currency can do so.

In this guide, we outline the routes, aircraft and cabins Jetstar operates; step-by-step instructions on how to make a booking; sweet spots in the award chart; and links to Jetstar guides and reviews. Continue reading…

Backpacking on points: Martina’s Latin America case study

Read how Martina used points to go backpacking in Latin America | Point Hacks

Can points really get you and your backpack around the world? Yes, they can – and it’s not even hard.

I’m going to use myself as an example to show you just how easy and worthwhile this is. I’m a backpacker. I live on cheap street food, I couch surf, and I stay in vibrant but very cheap hostels. I’m currently in Latin America, and I spent next to nothing on flights to get here, thanks to frequent flyer points. Continue reading…