Last year Qantas launched their Red Planet insights business as part of their drive to monetise their frequent flyer program data even further.

Red Planet is designed to use Qantas’ customer data to better target Qantas’ own digital advertising and generate high-level consumer trends and insights to share with other advertisers too.

Red Planet started to run surveys and reward points a year ago, but it was all very low key, with minimal promotion. It looks like they are beginning to crank up with a general 150 Qantas Point offer available to anyone.

What’s new with Red Planet’s points for surveys initiative

Red Planet have launched “The Portal” at – this is now a more fully functional hub for Red Planet survey responders to check which surveys they have access to to earn points with.

There’s an initial launch survey which seems to be available to everyone which asks a bit more about your personal household and consumption habits – it took me about 5 minutes to respond to, and yields 150 Qantas Points. You’ll also be entered into a draw to win 250,000 Qantas Points.

What’s been frustrating about Red Planet in the past is they have often run competition-based survey rewards only. These suck as the chance of winning is so low – it’s much more preferable to me to get a fixed small reward than a chance at winning a large one.

I don’t know if this is changing with the launch of The Portal, but if they keep going down the competition only route, then there will be little reward for 99.9% of participants to engage. It doesn’t make sense for either Red Planet, or the responder.

My understanding is that survey rewards programs work for people who have spare time, and are willing to spend it earning some incremental rewards. e-rewards, for example, have been doing this for yonks. In my opinion, I hope more fixed reward surveys will come through from Red Planet for those who want to spend their time doing this.

As consumers, it’s worth remembering that the collection of this data will yield commercial value for Red Planet, and we choose how we want to spend out time – so make sure that the exchange of points for your time stacks up for you before you engage.

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