15-35% Qantas Points transfer bonus this month: mainly for Amex Platinum Charge cardholders

A guide to Qantas Points transfer promotions from bank rewards programs

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POSTED: November 3, 2017
UPDATED: November 3, 2017
LOYALTY PROGRAMS: Qantas Frequent Flyer

Qantas Frequent Flyer is running an average 15-35% bonus on transfers from credit cards that allow transfers to Qantas Points.

Qantas run these promotions every three months or so, and this is the most common bonus they tend to offer, more generous than the last one in September but below May’s promotion.

These bonuses help to offset some of Qantas’ higher points redemption pricing compared to their competitors like Asia Miles, and would also be good for transferring over if you have one of our best uses of Qantas Points in mind, such as for Emirates First or Business Class.

Emirates First Class

Options for credit cards that transfer points from flexible points programs to Qantas Points are very few and far between, with most cards not offering this option, locking you into monthly sweeps to Qantas instead of transferring on-demand.

This guide runs through the few cards that do offer this option which is great for additional flexibility when it comes to using your points.

There is also a more widely accessible bonus for Velocity points transfers running this month.

The current bonus offer

  • 15% bonus on transfers up to 100,000 points
  • 25% bonus on transfers between 100,001 and 999,999 points
  • 35% bonus on transfers over 1,000,000 points

The offer runs until 30 November.

Bonus points may take up to 15 days to credit to your account, so keep that in mind if you have a specific redemption to book.

These transfer bonus promotions are targeted (sort of)

The transfer bonus offer is usually targeted to members who have previously made a transfer, and Qantas don’t tend to publish the deal details online (maybe due to the limited potential uptake for it.)

Physical letters or emails are usually sent to everyone who is eligible, and members that receive them are usually those who have made a transfer to Qantas Points from their credit card in the past.

Emails usually explicitly state:

We are sending you this offer as you have transferred rewards points earned on a credit or charge card to Qantas Points in the past.

If you are a member of an eligible card/bank rewards program, it might be worth making a small transfer to Qantas outside of a bonus period so you have a greater chance of being included in the next promotion. No guarantees, but it’s worth a shot.

Cards that can transfer – not sweep – points to Qantas

Firstly, some definitions – points transfers are initiated by you to the bank, made on-demand, and credit your Qantas account within a couple of days. Cards that offer this are few and far between.

Direct-sweep cards move your points earned each month over to Qantas on a regular basis. This is the case for the majority of Qantas-linked credit cards, but there are a few exceptions.

There are some older cards out there (not available to new applicants) which still offer Qantas Pointss transfers – primarily the CitiBusiness Gold Visa. If you know of others, please let me know in the comments.

Otherwise, you’re limited to just a couple of cards on the market now:

The Westpac Altitude Business cards are fairly accessible – applicants are assessed on personal income (not a business assessment) and you’ll need an ABN or ACN to apply.

With the Altitude Business Platinum, you’ll earn the equivalent of 1.5 Qantas Points per $ on the American Express, but don’t have to sweep those points to Qantas each month, instead either holding out for a transfer bonus or moving them to other programs like Velocity, KrisFlyer or Asia Miles.

The Altitude Business Gold is less lucrative at the equivalent of 1 Qantas Point per $ (same for other frequent flyer programs).

Both cards earn a low 0.5 points per $ on the accompanying Visa, but the Altitude Business Platinum offsets that a little with 1 point per $ equivalent on overseas transactions.

The American Express Platinum Charge is going to be out of reach for most people with a $1200 annual fee but can earn you a heap of points – with Qantas or otherwise – if you can put a lot of spend through it.

American Express Platinum Charge - 80,000 Membership Rewards points

With a 80,000 Membership Rewards points bonus available on sign up, the American Express Platinum Charge is a great card for those who want to earn Membership Rewards points on everyday spend with lots of additional benefits. Read the Point Hacks guide for the full rundown.

  • 80,000 Membership Rewards points signup bonus
  • $300 travel credit annually
  • Unlimited access to certain airline lounges - including Virgin Australia Domestic, Delta and American Express lounges globally
  • Access to American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts perks & discounts
  • 3 Membership Rewards points earned per $ spent at restaurants, 2 points earned per $ on travel spend, and 1 point per $ everywhere else except for utilities and the ATO
  • $1200 p.a. annual fee
  • Card Members who currently hold or who have previously held any Card product issued by American Express Australia Limited in the preceding 18 month period are ineligible for this offer. Previous and existing bank-issued American Express companion cardholders are eligible for this offer.
  • Bonus points require $1,500 minimum spend in first 3 months
  • Charge card, not credit card - balance requires payment in full each month but with no pre-set spending limit - more about this

Find out more or apply →

Point Hacks earn a maximum of $300 per applicant for this card. More about this →

Offer history

November 2017 (current offer)15% bonus up to 100,000 points
25% bonus over 100,000 points
35% bonus over 1 million points
September 2017 (current offer)15% bonus up to 100,000 points
20% bonus over 100,000 points
30% bonus over 1 million points
May-June 201725% bonus up to 1,250,000 points
40% over 1,250,000 points
March 201715% up to 350,000 points
25% over 350,000 points
30% over 1 million points
December 201630% on all transfers
November 201615% up to 350,000 points
25% over 350,000 points
30% over 1 million points
August 201610% up to 100,000 points
15% over 100,000 points
20% over 500,000 points
25% over 1 million points
June 201615% up to 100,000 points
20% over 100,000 points
25% over 500,000 points
30% over 1 million points
not known if targeted
March 201615% up to 350,000 points
20% over 350,000
not known if targeted
December 201515% up to 350,000 points
20% over 350,000 points
not known if targeted
September 201515% up to 300,000 points
20% over 300,000 points
not known if targeted
June 201515% up to 300,000 points
20% over 300,000 points
March 201515% on all transfers
August 201415% on all transfers

Should you take advantage of the transfer bonus?

Each time this comes around it seems to be on a short-term basis, and with little predictability. Either way, it’s useful for those who have points balances they can transfer to Qantas, but with the limited cards that offer it, that’s not going to be too many of us.

The deal is helpful if you have a premium card like the American Express Platinum Charge, and you know you will want to use your point balance for Qantas Frequent Flyer redemptions or upgrades.

But there are better-value redemptions available from other programs like KrisFlyer and Asia Miles if you’re willing to go looking.

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