Our latest take on the dollar value of points

Knowing your rough value of a point is an important step in your points-thinking when it comes to thinking about earning and using points systematically and rationally.

We’ve updated our values for recent and upcoming changes to frequent flyer and credit card rewards programs, including Velocity, Asia Miles and Westpac Altitude Rewards. Continue reading…

The ultimate guide to the American Express Membership Rewards program

American Express Membership Rewards is the go-to program of choice for the savvy points collector, with the most airline and hotel points transfer partners of the major credit card points programs.

It is where I focus most of my efforts in collecting my points and is the first rewards program I advise anyone who wants to spend a little time understanding the value of flexible points programs to look at. Continue reading…

Guide to the American Express Referral Program

The American Express referral program is a simple way to gain some extra bonus points from your American Express credit card account by referring friends or family for their own new account by using a personalised referral link.

The program has been expanded to allow referrers to promote other American Express cards within the same ‘family’, beyond only the card they hold.

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Up to 40,000 bonus points on offer for signing up to a David Jones American Express card

Amex are offering the choice between picking up 30,000 Qantas Points or 40,000 DJ’s Membership Rewards points with the David Jones Platinum card, and 15,000 Qantas Points or 20,000 DJ’s Membership Rewards points with the lower-tier David Jones card.

The David Jones American Express card range is a sleeper hit for savvy points collectors thanks to its ability to earn bonus Qantas Points for specific spend categories.
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Are you getting up to 10,000 bonus Amex points by shopping local?

American Express first launched their Local Champion game back in 2013, which allows users of their apps to earn an additional bonus point per $ spent at retailers where they shop the most.
The premise is pretty simple: Amex knows the physical merchants where you use your card the most and is willing to reward you with an additional bonus point per dollar spent at those merchants if you become the ‘Local Champion’ for that specific store. Continue reading…

We dive into the terms and conditions of bank rewards programs so you don’t have to

Let’s be honest. You didn’t read the terms and conditions for your rewards program or credit card in full, and if you did, you’d feel like this guy. They don’t make for easy reading.

Given the range of changes to bank rewards programs and credit cards going on this year, I’ve done the hard work for you and have analysed the terms for each of the major bank rewards programs to shed some light on how each program can be changed and what notice periods they have to give you, if any. Continue reading…

EnergyAustralia offering 10,000 Membership Rewards points and some discounts for new gas and electricity customers

EnergyAustralia have joined forces with American Express to offer 10,000 Membership Rewards points for new account-holders of their gas or electricity plans.

This offer is definitely not an easy one to assess, with every state’s different energy pricing regulations and everyone’s individual needs meaning you’ll have to compare against your current plan or other potential new suppliers to be sure the points are worth it. Continue reading…

Back to basics – what you need to understand when earning points with bank rewards programs

Almost every major bank in Australia has either its own rewards program, or a points agreement with a major airline, or both.

On one hand, for branded ‘direct-earn’ cards that link directly to the airlines, it’s fairly easy to find out what your earn rate will be, with these points going directly into your Qantas, Velocity or other airline points account.

On the other hand, most banks try to use the headline points earn rate of their cards to attract your attention, adding complexity with different transfer rates for the points you earn to their different frequent flyer program partners.

This where things get murky – you come to transfer your points out of a bank rewards program, and see that 1 bank rewards point may not equal 1 frequent flyer point. Here’s how to figure it out. Continue reading…