Hyatt Gold Passport points purchases are currently being offered with up to a 30% bonus at the highest end, at 40,000 points plus 30% or 20,000 points plus 20%. The buying points page is here, and the offer ends in the next couple of days.

The only Hyatt properties in Australia are in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and rates at these hotels while pricey, aren’t generally expensive enough to buy points outright for redemption – however there are many high end (and potentially lower category too) Hyatt hotels globally where a points purchase and redemption over a paid booking may make sense.

One Mile at a Time and View from the Wing have both posted some examples of how this can work.

I’ve actually just locked in a booking at one of the Melbourne Hyatts for the Grand Prix weekend, where buying the points was around 1/2 the rack rate of the hotel for that particularly busy weekend – and similar in cost to other, less upscale hotels I was considering.

12,000 points, for example, when purchased as 2 lots of 12,000 as 20,000 + 4,000 bonus is around $240 USD – compare that to the cash room rates below!

Melbourne Hyatt Points Pricing

Now, bear with me – the rest of this post is a bit of a link-fest as others have thankfully done all the hard work for me – just head to their sites to read up more.

Hyatt Gold Passport points are a bit unattainable for Australian travellers unfortunately. Hyatt Gold Passport also announced some program improvements recently, which are still a good thing for those who can/do book into Hyatt properties while travelling, including the ability to redeem fewer points plus some cash for room bookings, which also incidentally earn elite status stay credits. For those with Platinum or Diamond status, they are also offering a 20% discount.

All good stuff. The points purchase offer ends on the end of 15th December, US time, so get in there now if this makes sense for you.

Conversely, at the same time they also released updated property pricing for redemptions from January 14th onward, with a roughly 4% increase in pricing across the board.

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