When it comes to ultra-luxe cruises, Seabourn leads the way with its intimate, yacht-like fleet of ships comprising all ocean-front suites. Its all-inclusive experiences span all corners of the globe, offering world-class dining, curated shore excursions, personalised service and more.

For members of the cruiseliner’s loyalty program, Seabourn Club, there’s even more to enjoy on-shore and at sea. In this guide, we’ll cover what you can expect from the program, as well as our tips for earning more rewards from your next cruise.

How does Seabourn Club work?

Each time you cruise with Seabourn, you’ll collect ‘Club Points’. These points are used to determine your membership level in the Seabourn Club program.

There are a number of ways to earn Seabourn Club Points:

  • Earn one Seabourn Club Point for each day sailed onboard a Seabourn cruise.
  • Earn one additional Seabourn Club Point for each day sailed in a penthouse of premium suite.
  • Earn one Seabourn Club Point for each night on an escorted Seabourn Journey (pre and post-cruise land-based excursions)
  • Earn one Seabourn Club Point for every US$500 of eligible onboard spend and pre-cruise online purchases (net of returns, and limited to one additional Seabourn Club Point for each Sailed Day)

Seabourn Club has six member levels:

  • Member – 1-19 Club Points
  • Silver Member – 20-69 Club Points
  • Gold Member – 70-139 Club Points
  • Platinum Member – 140-249 Club Points
  • Diamond Member – 250+ Club Points
  • Diamond Elite Member – 650+ Club Points

As you progress through the levels, you’ll unlock greater member benefits, which we outline below. There are also Milestone Awards up for grabs when you reach certain milestones within the program.

Seabourn Club member benefits

With six member levels, there’s lots to enjoy as a member of Seabourn Club’s loyalty program. We won’t cover all the benefits of the program (you can view the full and up-to-date list of perks on the Seabourn website), but here’s a peek at what to expect at sea.


  • Special events and receptions on board.
  • Seabourn Club Host of Hostess on every voyage.
  • 5% on board booking savings on future cruises.
  • Special Refer a Friend Shopboard Credit program.

Silver, Gold and Platinum

These four tiers have access to the same benefits as the entry-level Member tier, plus a choice of the following benefits:

  • 10% savings on shore excursions.
  • 10% savings on premium wine and spirits.
  • Complimentary telephone for 20 minutes.
  • Seabourn Club signature massage.
  • Day in the Spa Serene area.
  • One complimentary bag of laundry.

Silver Members can choose one of the above extras. Gold Members have a choice of two, with the wine and spirits discount at 15%, and additional complimentary telephone time. For Platinum Members, it’s a choice of three of the benefits above, with extra discounts on shore excursions, an increased saving on wine and spirits, and even more telephone time.


Unlike the three preceding levels, Diamond Members have access to all of the above benefits, with greater discounts on shore excursions (15%) and premium wine and spirits (25%), plus 40 minutes of complimentary telephone calls.

However, Diamond Members also receive a Wi-Fi stream package, complimentary laundry and pressing (instead of one bag of laundry) and priority embarkation, where available.

Diamond Elite

Members of Seabourn Club’s highest tier, Diamond Elite, enjoy all of the benefits of Diamond, plus additional benefits:

  • $100 spa credit.
  • Complimentary dry cleaning.
  • Disembarkation/embarkation transfer to/from ship (50 miles or less).
  • Single Supplement A-PH category of 150%, or Single Supplement PS-GR category or 175%.
  • Upgraded welcome aboard Champagne in your suite.

In addition to all of the above benefits at sea, Seabourn Club members enjoy a range of perks at home. The full list can be found on the Seabourn Club website.

Note that while there are no limitations on who can join the Seabourn Club program, some benefits may not be available outside of the United States, such as complimentary magazine subscriptions.

Milestone Awards

Seabourn Club members can unlock complimentary ‘Milestone Awards’ when they reach a certain amount of redeemable ‘Sailed Days’. Put simply, for each day you sail with Seabourn, you’ll earn one Sailed Day towards your Milestone Awards.

Though the Milestone Awards program, you can earn a complimentary cruise once you’ve reached the following Sailed Days:

  • 140 Sailed Days – complimentary 7-day cruise.
  • 250 Sailed Days – complimentary 14-day cruise.

Guests that reach over 1,000 redeemable Sailed Days will receive recognition and a special gift on-board.

There are also gifts given to Seabourn Club members who reach 100, 200, 500, 1,500, 2,000 and 2,500 Sailed Days.

How do I join Seabourn’s loyalty program?

Once you’ve completed one eligible cruise with Seabourn, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the Seabourn Club rewards program. You’ll begin enjoying the rewards from your second Seabourn cruise.

Other ways to earn rewards on Seabourn cruises

Earn frequent flyer points when booking a cruise

When booking a cruise via Qantas Cruises or Cruisepilot, you could earn Qantas Points or Velocity Points, respectively. Through Qantas Cruises you’ll earn a flat one Qantas Point per dollar spent on eligible cruises. While for Cruisepilot, the earn rate starts at three Velocity Points per dollar, with 50-100% bonus points depending on your Velocity Frequent Flyer tier.

You could even earn points towards other programs, which we cover in our full guide on how to earn frequent flyer points on cruises in Australia.

Use a points-earning credit card to book your cruise

Eyeing a big ticket purchase like a cruise holiday? Using a credit card that earns points is a great way to pick up extra rewards from purchases you were going to make anyway.

You could even give your points balance a boost by leveraging a credit card sign up offer, like the one below. And if you’re not sure how far those bonus points can take you, explore some of our luxurious Experiences around the world thanks to the power of frequent flyer points.

All images courtesy of Seabourn.

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What are the member levels of Seabourn Club?

The Seabourn Club program has six tiers, beginning with the entry-level Member, then Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Diamond Elite.

How do I join Seabourn Club?

After your first eligible cruise with Seabourn, you’ll automatically be enrolled into the Seabourn Club loyalty program.

How do I earn Seabourn Club Points?

‘Club Points’ is the points currency of Seabourn’s loyalty program, and can be earned in a number of ways. For each day you sail with Seabourn, you’ll earn one Club Point. But you can also earn additional points by sailing in a penthouse or premium suite, or booking an escorted Seabourn Journey excursion before or after your cruise. You can also earn one Club Point for every US$500 of eligible onboard spend and pre-cruise online purchases.

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