If you’re flying Singapore Airlines in Suites, First, Business, or Premium Economy, you can now choose your main course from a special Book the Cook menu for a customised dining experience in the air.

This guide will show you how to order your gourmet meal.

Key Points

  • For those starting their trip from Australia, Book the Cook is available on flights from the five major capitals
  • You can select and/or change your meal preference up to 24 hours before your flight
  • Available to all passengers booked into those classes listed above, including on award tickets booked through partners such as Air New Zealand and United MileagePlus
  • A full list of routes and meal types can be found here

Step 1: Manage booking

Click here to get started. Input your booking details in the fields shown below, and click ‘Manage Booking’:

Singapore Airlines Book the Cook

Step 2: Select flight

Once you’re on the manage booking page, scroll down to ‘Passenger details’ and select the flight leg that you want to order your meal on. You then need to click ‘Select / Change’.

Singapore Airlines Book the Cook

Step 3: Order meal

You’ll now be presented with the ability to select your meals for each leg of your trip:

Singapore Airlines Book the Cook

If your route is eligible, you’ll be able to select ‘Book the Cook’ under the Category drop-down list on the left, as shown below. You can choose your specific meal using the drop-down list on the right.

Singapore Airlines Book the Cook

Singapore Airlines Book the Cook

The Book the Cook page on the Singapore Airlines website provides more detailed descriptions and photos of the meal options, so be sure to take a look at these first.

Singapore Airlines Book the Cook

Once you’ve selected your meal options, you can click ‘Save and Exit’. Your advance booking will be confirmed in an email:

Email Book the Cook

Summing up

Book the Cook offers an exciting range of additional dishes on Singapore Airlines flights, with dish variety unmatched by any inflight menu.

My experience from advance meal ordering with other airlines such as Qantas is that the cabin crew genuinely appreciate the predictability of knowing exactly what passengers want to eat.

You’re guaranteed to get your meal selection, you’ll often be served before others, and staff seem to be friendlier—potentially as it reduces their need to deal with passenger indecision as they work their way down an aisle!

**Has you already tried Book the Cook with Singapore Airlines? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.*

How to Book the Cook with Singapore Airlines was last modified: December 21st, 2018 by Daniel Kinnoch