Something I’ve been working on for a few months is live – the brand new Point Hacks community went live a little earlier this week, and I’ll be running a series of posts and giveaways to get things running. So, just what is this? For a while I’ve wanted to run a more effective space for readers to ask questions, share information and connect for some specific purposes – a standard forum for me, just wouldn’t do the job.

So I’ve created a set of specific areas for you to do just that – Your Questions & Answers, reader submitted deals, and while there are some standard forums, these aren’t open slather. Instead I’ve created a place for readers to share and use their American Express referral links and to trade or give away any Frequent Flyer vouchers, coupons or other benefits.

To get started, register here →

There are then three ways you can get stuck in:

  1. Submit, or answer, a question →
  2. Submit, or vote on, a deal →
  3. Share your Amex referral link, or browse / trade / offer up a voucher or coupon

Your Points Questions & Answers

The Point Hacks question and answer area is for anyone looking for an answer to a specific frequent flyer program, hotel loyalty program, or credit card points program question. More general travel questions are also welcome.

Anybody can ask a question, and anybody can answer. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

Point Hacks Guided Forums

These forums on Point Hacks aren’t for open conversation in the traditional forum way, but instead are there for some specific purposes. There are currently two specific areas, and more may come over time. For general questions or deals, use the dedicated areas outlined above instead of the forums.

Travel Voucher Giveaway, Trade or Exchange – An area for reader to give away, trade or exchange vouchers, credits, lounge passes and other benefits. You can post what you have to offer, or what you want, and see if anyone is interested. A transaction can be coordinated through private messages.

Update! Amex just pulled the plug on the referral link portal, again, the morning after I wrote this. So frustrating! I’ll leave the forums up in the hope it comes back soon.

American Express Referral Link Sharing – American Express referral links can often offer better sign up bonuses than those publicly available. Readers who are looking to apply for an American Express credit card through a referral can use another readers link.

To get you interested, I’m running a competition for the most active members to win some great prizes including Starwood points and Bellroy travel wallets. Interested? Check it out here →

I’m also already giving away some Qantas Club Lounge passes and a few other bits and pieces in the Voucher trade forum.

If you have ideas on how to make these more useful, please use the contact ‘?’ icon at the bottom of every page on the site and send me a message.

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What next?

In short order, I’ll also be launching the Deals and Tips section too.

Your Flight, Hotel, Credit Card & Frequent Flyer Deals & Promotions – coming soon

The Deals & Promotions area is where readers, and myself, will be posting some of the more appealing airfare, hotel, and points promotions out there that others might want to take advantage of.

Again, anybody can submit a deal, and everybody can comment. The best deals get voted on.

Here’s to 2015, and thanks for your ongoing readership and support!

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