Safety videos are key to an airline’s branding and reputation. In this guide, I go through my top safety videos of the past decade. Does your favourite make the list? Let us know in the poll at the end.

2011 Air New Zealand

The Kiwi flag carrier is undoubtedly the leading airline in the world for innovative, engaging safety videos. They spend big on them, with Lord of the Rings actors, Sports Illustrated models and Betty White making appearances. The one below is a safety-themed dance class with Richard Simmons.

2013 Virgin America

Before Virgin America merged with Alaska Airlines two years ago, it had a reputation for lighthearted, fun safety videos. This music video is the most popular one that came from the airline.

2014 Virgin Atlantic

This colourful animation from the Virgin America’s sister airline in the United Kingdom is centred around a superhero adventure theme.

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2015 Air France

This SkyTeam carrier’s safety video is irresistibly chic, highlighting France’s reputation as one of the global centres of fashion. I love lines like ‘[the seatbelt] will elegantly highlight your waistline while ensuring your safety’.

2016 Virgin Australia

Australia’s second-largest carrier uses well-known supercar figures in this fast-paced clip.

2017 Qantas

Our flag carrier tends to utilise its safety videos to showcase appealing tourism spots in Australia and the destinations it flies to overseas. The version below focuses exclusively on domestic locations.

2018 Saturday Night Live

Popular US comedy show from television network NBC does a spoof of an inflight briefing with guest host Will Farrell.

2019 Korean Air

Finally, South Korea’s largest airline harnesses the soft power of K-Pop by using boy band SuperM throughout this safety video.

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