Love them or hate them, inflight safety videos are a key part of an airline’s brand for major international carriers. Personally, it sets the scene for a long-awaited holiday – “we’re here, it begins, now!” Perhaps it’s a little less alluring if you travel more frequently for business.

We take a break from points today and explore what type of inflight safety videos some of our favourite airlines are doing, from Qantas’ poignant anniversary piece to something more upbeat from the young and hip crowd.

Showcasing a proud heritage

Inflight safety videos that show off an airline’s heritage and destinations are amongst some of my favourite picks. It pulls at your heartstrings; shows you how much more of the world there is to explore and understand.

1. Qantas Centenary Safety Video [2020]

The Red Roo turned 100 in 2020, in a year that was, unfortunately, marred by the COVID-19 pandemic. The centenary safety video takes us back in time and highlights Qantas’ journey through the various eras of the 1900s.

2. Singapore Airlines Safety Video [2017]

Before the pandemic, Singapore Airlines’ wings spread around the globe. The carrier’s 2017 safety video invokes a sense of calm, wherever you may be flying to or from. It features the ‘Singapore Girl’ taking us through a variety of destinations across the city-state.

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Keeping it light and themed

Safety videos can be dreary, so many airlines have taken to injecting a spark of creativity in the mix. Air New Zealand is the king of inventive safety videos, but plenty of other airlines have thrown their hat into the ring too.

3. Air New Zealand Safety Video [2020]

Air NZ has a global reputation for producing some of the best inflight safety videos with a Kiwi twist. The latest from 2020 is a search for the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ in New Zealand. But other classics include ‘Air All Blacks’ (2019), the Hobbit-inspired ‘An Unexpected Briefing’ (2012), ‘Safety in Hollywood’ (2016), ‘Safety Old School Style’ (2013). and of course, ‘The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made’ (2014).

4. Virgin America Safety Video [2013]

Although Virgin American isn’t around anymore, its safety dance video in 2013 created waves on the internet. With its catchy tunes and suave moves, this video is one you’ll either firmly love or detest.

5. Virgin Australia Safety Video [2016]

It’s a pity that Virgin Australia no longer flies its Airbus A330 and Boeing 777 jets, which came with inflight entertainment screens and a Supercars-themed video filmed at the Mount Panorama racetrack.

Short and snappy: the basics

Safety videos can be interesting without being ostentatious. Here are some recent examples which aren’t too extravagant, but cover the basics with some room for creativity.

6. Air France Safety Video [2021]

Air France shows off its chic youthful look while sticking to a basic script (though the video is bilingual, which adds some extra unavoidable running time).

7. Delta 1980s-themed Safety Video [2019]

Delta highlights how safety can be both simple and informative, by filling the briefing with all sorts of fun and wacky references to the 1980’s. Mullets, anyone? It also features a cameo of a younger version of the iconic finger-wagging ‘Deltalina’, who rose to fame in February 2018 with her blunt and humorous ‘to the point’ safety video.

8. American Airlines Safety Video [2016]

Sleek and smooth, American Airlines’ safety video from 2016 employs clever use of lighting and mirrors to produce this understated, calming video briefing.

Bonus: a blast from the past

9. Ansett Australia Safety Demonstration [1990s]

Some of our younger points hackers and frequent flyers might not have had the chance to fly with Ansett Australia, Qantas’ major competitor in the domestic and international space in the 1990s (myself included). Here’s a glimpse into an Ansett safety video, reflecting the no-nonsense attitudes of the past.

Do you have a favourite safety video we haven’t covered? Let us know in the comments below!

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