In this guide we’ll cover one of the more unique flybuys partners which could help you reach your Etihad points target faster – AGL Energy.

Since gas and electricity are a recurring expense everybody incurs, this deal has the potential to have you earning more points, more consistently without having to do too much. It also has a number of attractive bonuses and could be appealing to those who are not currently AGL customers.

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AGL offering 10,000 flybuys points and other bonuses on your AGL energy bills was last modified: April 5th, 2020 by PeterR

Flybuys earn for existing AGL customers

AGL is offering its customers 1 flybuys point for every $1 they spend on their gas and electricity bills. To get this deal you just have to have a flybuys account and an online AGL account, then link the two.

If you’re not currently a flybuys member, you can join for free here. If you don’t have an online AGL account you can get one by registering here. If you don’t get an online AGL account you will still get flybuys points, but only at the rate of 1 point per $2 spent.

AGL is also extending the same 1 point for $1 offer to any amounts spent on its services and appliances, such as air conditioners, solar systems and tradespeople.

This offer is available on all of AGL’s power and gas plans, as long as you continue meeting the minimum payments on your account.

Just note that despite being AGL companies, this offer is not being extended to customers who are with ActewAGL and PowerDirect.

Not an AGL customer?

If you’re not currently an AGL customer and you’re in the market to consider switching, AGL is offering a little something extra to sweeten the deal.

New accounts will get a bonus 10,000 points for switching to AGL before June 30 2016. But you can only get this once, so even if you switch both your gas and electricity to AGL, you will only get one payment of bonus points.

If you currently have only one account with AGL (either gas or electricity) and you want to sign up another account with AGL, you will also be eligible for the new account bonus.

The bonus points will be credited to you as soon as your new plan’s cooling off period has ended. At the current rate, that 10,000 is equal to 4000 Etihad points, not a bad start!

Other bonus points from AGL

Apart from the ordinary 1 point per $1 spent, AGL is also offering up to 1000 more bonus points which don’t require you to spend any money.

If you sign up to direct debit (which lets AGL automatically pay your bills when they are due) AGL will give you 500 flybuys points. If you are already signed up to direct debit, you will get these points automatically once you link your flybuys and AGL online accounts.

You can also get 500 points for signing up to the ‘My AGL Monthly Bill’, which delivers your bill monthly rather than every three months. Similarly, if you’re already signed up to this you will still get the bonus points once you link your accounts.

Summing up

For existing AGL customers this deal is a no-brainer, a completely free way to start earning points. For non-AGL customers, AGL is hoping this is the sweetener that tempts you over to their side.

As always, you’ll need to compare pricing directly versus other suppliers in your area – switching to AGL for the points alone if the price is significantly higher won’t make much economic sense.

AGL offering 10,000 flybuys points and other bonuses on your AGL energy bills was last modified: April 5th, 2020 by PeterR