AGL is a gas and electricity provider that services much (but not all) of Australia. With fierce competition between the utility companies, loyalty points are another way to give customers more value with their plan. In this guide we’ll cover one of the more unique Flybuys partners – AGL Energy.

Since gas and electricity are a recurring expense everybody incurs, this deal has the potential to have you earning more points, more consistently without having to do too much. It also has a number of attractive bonuses and could be appealing to those who are not currently AGL customers.

How do I earn Flybuys points with AGL?

It’s easy to start earning points with your electricity and/or gas bills at AGL. You’ll need to meet the following three requirements:

  1. Be an existing or new AGL residential gas or electricity customer
  2. Have an online account registered with AGL
  3. Link your Flybuys card to your AGL account

That’s all to it! If you’re not yet an AGL residential customer, you can start the sign-up process here. Just note that you can’t collect Flybuys on ActewAGL, Powerdirect or AGL business accounts.

How many Flybuys points do I earn with AGL?

The standard Flybuys points earn rates for AGL customers is:

  • 1 Flybuys point per $1 spent if you receive electronic bills
  • 1 Flybuys points per $2 spent if you receive paper bills

2,000 Flybuys points converts to $10 off at participating stores or at least 870 Velocity Points (more during bonus transfer periods). If you’re not currently a Flybuys member, you can join for free here.

Other ways to get bonus points from AGL

If you sign up to direct debit (which lets AGL automatically take money from your bank account when bills are due), AGL will give you 500 Flybuys points.

You can also get 500 bonus Flybuys points by signing up for monthly billing, which delivers your bill monthly rather than every three months.

In all cases, Flybuys points on AGL plans typically hit your account within 60 days after being issued.

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Are there any AGL sign up bonuses?

If you’re not currently an AGL customer and you’re in the market to consider switching, AGL is usually offering a little something extra to sweeten the deal. The current offer is 10,000 bonus Flybuys for new AGL members who switch their gas service in WA.

The bonus points will be credited to you as soon as your new plan’s cooling off period has ended. Prospective customers should always check the AGL Flybuys page to see the latest offers first.

Summing up

If AGL services your area and has competitive price plans, then it’s a no brainer to earn Flybuys points along the way. Even better if you qualify for a 10,000 point sign-up bonus!

As always, you’ll need to compare pricing directly versus other suppliers in your area – switching to AGL for the points alone if the price is significantly higher won’t make much economic sense.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Flybuys program?

Flybuys is Australia’s largest shopping rewards program. You can collect points when you shop with retailers like Coles, Target, Kmart and Liquorland – just to name a few. Read more in our ultimate guide to the Flybuys program.

How do I know that I’m eligible to collect Flybuys points from AGL?

You are eligible as long as you are a residential gas or electricity customer who has an online AGL account and has linked a Flybuys number to your account.

How do I add my Flybuys to AGL?

Link your Flybuys card to your AGL account here.

What airline is Flybuys linked to?

Flybuys has a partnership with Velocity Frequent Flyer, the loyalty program of Virgin Australia.

Can you convert Flybuys to Qantas points?

No, Flybuys points can only be converted to Velocity Points.

When will I get Flybuys points for eligible payments I make to AGL?

Flybuys points on eligible AGL payments will be credited within 60 days.

Will credits that are applied to my bills earn me Flybuys points?

No, credits (such as grants, subsidies and customer service credits) are not eligible spend in terms of earning Flybuys points.

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