Independent grocery store chain IGA boasts over 1,400 stores across Australia. The supermarket has its own loyalty program, IGA Rewards, where members can enter competition draws, unlock travel deals and access exclusive specials at their local store. While the program isn’t as comprehensive as Woolworths’ Everyday Rewards or Coles’ Flybuys programs, it’s a great way to rack up some extra perks when shopping at IGA.

Here’s all you need to know about the IGA Rewards program.

How to join IGA Rewards

Firstly, as each IGA store is independently owned, not every store participates in IGA Rewards. But more than 650 IGA stores offer the loyalty program, so you’re sure to find a participating store near you.

Secondly, you’ll receive benefits and offers from the store you join the program with. IGA Rewards is one of the few loyalty programs in Australia that solely uses physical cards. So, you’ll need to head into a participating IGA store to collect a card that is specific to your local store.

Once you have a card, you can create an account and register it on the IGA Rewards website. The program is free to join.

You can initiate the registration process online, but you won’t be able to complete the sign-up without a rewards card number. Once registered, your account can be used to access IGA Rewards, Supa Valu’s SupaClub and also the IGA Shop online. As such, you must be 18 years or older to create an account.

Do note that there is a mobile app called ‘IGA Rewards Lifestyle’ which is available in Queensland. This app is linked to the Frequent Values dining and leisure program and is invitation-only. It is not a mobile version of the nationwide IGA Rewards program.

What benefits can I get with IGA Rewards?

IGA’s loyalty program operates more like a ‘club’ as it doesn’t employ a points-based rewards system. This is in contrast to other popular supermarket rewards programs like Everyday Rewards and Flybuys, where the aim is to earn and redeem points.

Rather, IGA Rewards members have access to exclusive deals and offers. Remember that as your rewards card (and therefore your linked account) is store-specific, you can only access the benefits of IGA Rewards at your nominated store.

Here’s what’s on offer for members:

  • Member specials: Exclusive discounts and prices on select items at your local store. Given each store has its own version of the program, the specials and offers can vary.
  • Competitions: Automatic entries into member-only competitions each time you swipe your card in-store. Prizes include IGA gift cards, home appliances and more.
  • Travel deals: Discounts and member-only deals on hotels, cruises, tours, holiday packages and more.
  • Tailored offers: Notifications about product deals and offers tailored to you.
IGA Rewards member competitions
An example of IGA Rewards members-only competitions.

How to earn more rewards when shopping at IGA

Did you know that you can double dip on perks when you shop at IGA? Certain credit cards, like the American Express Platinum Edge, offer bonus points on eligible spend at major supermarkets, including IGA. You can earn three Amex Membership Rewards points per $1, which can certainly stack up quickly from a weekly or fortnightly shop. Membership Rewards points can then be transferred to a number of airline partners, including Velocity Frequent FlyerKrisFlyerAsia Miles and Etihad Guest.

Summing up

It’s a simple program, but IGA Rewards can unlock extra benefits and discounts simply by swiping your card at the checkout. The downside of the program is that you’re locked into earning rewards at one store, given that each IGA is independent. But if you shop regularly at an IGA and want to access travel deals, be in the draw for monthly competitions or receive discounts and specials in-store, then IGA Rewards is worth considering.

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Does IGA have a loyalty program?

Yes, IGA Rewards is the loyalty program of independent supermarket chain IGA.

How do I claim IGA rewards?

To participate in the IGA Rewards program, you’ll need a physical card. Then, simply swipe the card at checkout each time you shop at IGA to be in the draw for monthly competitions and member-only offers.

Is IGA membership free?

Yes, it is free to join the IGA Rewards loyalty program.

How do I become an IGA Rewards member?

To join the IGA Rewards program, head into your local IGA store to collect a physical card. You can then register your card and create an account on the IGA Rewards website.

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