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Up to 40,000 bonus points on offer for signing up to a David Jones American Express card

Amex are offering the choice between picking up 30,000 Qantas Points or 40,000 DJ’s Membership Rewards points with the David Jones Platinum card, and 15,000 Qantas Points or 20,000 DJ’s Membership Rewards points with the lower-tier David Jones card.

The David Jones American Express card range is a sleeper hit for savvy points collectors thanks to its ability to earn bonus Qantas Points for specific spend categories.

Also worth knowing – existing American Express cardholders are also eligible for this bonus, with the terms outlining that only existing cardholders of the David Jones Amex not being able to receive the bonus.

The biggest benefit is the highest Qantas and Marriott Rewards-Starwood Preferred Guest earn rate of a mainstream card on the market when shopping at David Jones and at supermarkets and for spend on fuel.

A good use of Marriott Rewards points is to transfer them to AAdvantage for cheap premium travel on oneworld airlines like Japan Airlines

Card Details

CardAmerican Express David Jones Platinum
Loyalty ProgramDavid Jones Membership Rewards
Points earned from spend4 David Jones MR points or 3 Qantas Points per $ spend at David Jones
3 David Jones MR points or 2.25 Qantas points per $ at Supermarkets/Fuel
1 David Jones MR points or 0.75 Qantas points per $ spend everywhere else
Travel benefitsTravel Insurance, Purchase Protection (PDS)
Minimum Income$65,000 p.a.
Overseas transaction fee3% of the converted amount
Annual Fee$295 p.a.

Effective Frequent Flyer Program Point Earn Rates

Frequent Flyer ProgramPoints earned from spend
Qantas Points *0.75 point / $
Velocity Points0.5 point / $
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles0.5 Mile / $
Cathay Pacific Asia Miles0.5 Mile / $
Malaysia Airlines Enrich0.5 Mile / $
*Opt-in to Qantas direct-earn to earn Qantas Points on spend

David Jones Membership Rewards points can be transferred over to a range of airline and hotel partners, but the best value by far is Marriott-Starwood Preferred Guest, who then partner with a range of international frequent flyer programs, including Asia Miles, AAdvantage, KrisFlyer and many others.

Value of the current sign-up bonuses

The current sign-up bonus can be taken either as Qantas Points or as David Jones Membership Rewards points, with the total number of points available in each program after transfers as follows:

 David Jones Platinum American ExpressDavid Jones American Express
Qantas Points30,00015,000
Marriott/SPG Points26,66610,000
Velocity Points*25,00010,000
AAdvantage Miles*25,00010,000
Asia Miles*25,00010,000
KrisFlyer Miles*25,00010,000

Programs marked with a * above factor in the 15,000 Marriott-Starwood Preferred Guest bonus for transfers of 60,000 Marriott Rewards points.

Note: as I explain later in this guide, David Jones Membership Rewards points are not the same as regular American Express Membership Rewards in terms of transfer rates to partners.

David Jones American Express - 15,000 Qantas Points or 20,000 DJ's MR points

There's 20,000 DJ's Membership Rewards points for new applicants - could be transferred to 10,000 Starpoints or 15,000 Qantas Points. This card is a high earning Qantas Point card for Supermarkets & Fuel spend, with $99 annual fee.

  • Choose 20,000 David Jones Membership Rewards points or 15,000 Qantas Point signup bonus
  • Exclusive benefits at David Jones, including free standard delivery for online purchases, free gift wrapping, 4 years interest free on big ticket items
  • 3 David Jones Membership Rewards points per $ at Supermarkets/Fuel, 2 points per $ at David Jones, 1 point per $ everywhere else OR
  • 2.25 Qantas Points earned per $ at Supermarkets/Fuel, 1.5 Qantas Points per $ at David Jones, 0.75 points per $ everywhere else
  • $99 annual fee
  • Minimum income requirement of $40,000 pa
  • Only available to new David Jones American Express customers within the last 18 months
  • Eligible for signup bonus after 3 transactions outside of David Jones in first 3 months of holding the card

Find out more or apply →

Point Hacks receive a maximum of $150 per applicant for this card. More about this →

Card Details

CardAmerican Express David Jones
Loyalty ProgramDavid Jones Membership Rewards
Points earned from spend3 David Jones MR points or 2.25 Qantas points per $ at Supermarkets/Fuel
2 David Jones MR points or 1.5 Qantas Points per $ spend at David Jones
1 David Jones MR points or 0.75 Qantas points per $ spend everywhere else
Minimum Income$40,000 p.a.
Overseas transaction fee3% of the converted amount
Annual Fee$99 p.a.

Effective Frequent Flyer Program Point Earn Rates

Frequent Flyer ProgramPoints earned from spend
Qantas Points0.75 point / $
Velocity Points0.5 point / $
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles0.5 Mile / $
Cathay Pacific Asia Miles0.5 Mile / $
Malaysia Airlines0.5 mile / $
*Opt-in to Qantas direct-earn to earn Qantas Points on spend

The key things to know about the David Jones American Express cards:

  • The David Jones cards are the highest Qantas Points earners on the market for supermarket and fuel spend
  • They are also the highest Starpoint earners in the market (excluding Diners Club cards which have limited acceptance)
  • The Platinum card offers a lucrative earn rate on David Jones spend along with other David Jones benefits – if you can direct spend to David Jones, this will pay off
  • These cards are ones to use who spend significantly at David Jones and supermarkets and on fuel
  • The points earn rate on all other spend is bettered by other cards out there

Earning points from spend

The earn rates for the cards depend on whether you have opted in to earn Qantas Points with the card, or David Jones Membership Rewards points.

Points earn on the David Jones Platinum American Express

 Qantas PointsMarriott/SPG Points
David Jones 3 points per $2.67 points per $
Supermarkets & Fuel2.25 points per $2 points per $
Other spend0.75 points per $0.67 points per $

In Qantas Points terms, the American Express David Jones Platinum card offers 3 Qantas points per $ spent at David Jones, 2.25 Qantas points per $ spent at Supermarkets, 2.25 points per $ spent on fuel and 0.75 points per $ elsewhere.

If you can direct some of your household spend over to David Jones, raking in 3 Qantas points per $ on any spend at David Jones in store or online can be very lucrative, especially when combined with shopping through the Qantas Online Mall, which can add at least another 5 Qantas Points per dollar.

Points earn on the David Jones American Express

 Qantas Points Marriott/SPG points
David Jones1.5 points per $ 1.33 points per $
Supermarkets & Fuel2.25 points per $2 points per $
Other spend0.75 points per $0.67 points per $

The standard David Jones card is less lucrative for points earn with spend at David Jones (1.5 Qantas points per $) but otherwise offers the same earn rates as the Platinum Card elsewhere.

Lounge access

A small number of high-end American Express cards offer lounge access to the American Express Lounge at Sydney International and Melbourne International Airport. This is a great perk, especially for families travelling overseas, as cardholders can take in children and family members as guests.

The Platinum card has two entries per year, to be used by the cardholder or an additional card member on the account.

What’s the deal with David Jones Membership Rewards points?

As a David Jones cardholder you have two options: either opt-in to Qantas direct-earn, where points sweep over to Qantas each month, or opt-in to David Jones Membership rewards. There’s no additional fee for either option.

The David Jones Membership Rewards scheme earns ‘David Jones Membership Rewards points’, however, the main gotcha for the David Jones cards is the difference between the David Jones Membership Rewards and the regular American Express Membership Rewards flavour.

In the David Jones program, the points have half the value of regular American Express Membership Rewards when comparing transfer rates over to program partners (with the exception of Starwood and Hilton). It is confusing.

This difference in value is hidden – American Express do not, at least as far as I could find, publicly publish its partner program transfer rates for the David Jones flavour of Membership Rewards.

The rates are available to card members once they have a card and are logged in to their account, but it is not possible to research the transfer rates on the American Express website before you get a card. Even when you do have a card, if you are opted into Qantas Points, you can’t see the rates either, as the Membership Rewards section of your account online is locked off.

David Jones Membership Rewards partner program transfer rates

Here are the transfer programs and rates confirmed by American Express as an existing cardholder:

PartnerTransfer Rate
Virgin Australia0.5
Air New Zealand0.005
Thai Royal Orchid0.5
Etihad Guest0.5
Asia Miles0.5
Virgin Atlantic0.5
Malaysia Airlines Enrich0.5
Emirates Skywards0.5
Marriott Rewards-SPG 0.67
Hilton Honors1.0
Jumeirah Sirius30

The 2:1 transfer rates are generally not that appealing, however, the most outstanding partner by far is the 3:2 transfer rate for Marriott-Starwood Preferred Guest. This is the same transfer rate as regular Membership Rewards (not halved like the other partners), meaning that you can earn Marriott Rewards points in meaningful quantities at David Jones, supermarkets and on fuel.

Marriott Rewards points are valuable because they can be transferred into many other global frequent flyer programs, such as those from American Airlines, United, Alaska and British Airways, to take advantage of offers and specific redemption opportunities, as well as redemptions at Marriott, Starwood and Ritz-Carlton properties.

Note that you can’t sign up for the card and flip-flop between the Qantas and DJ’s Membership Rewards options frequently. American Express allows you to change this once per year, which seems restrictive. It can take at least a week to change earn options.

Using this ‘feature’ of the program, you could choose to earn the sign-up bonus in one program, have it transferred to your frequent flyer partner airline of choice, and then swap to the other points currency for ongoing points earn – if that works for you.

Up to 40,000 bonus points on offer for signing up to a David Jones American Express card was last modified: September 21st, 2018 by Keith

Making the most of the David Jones online and in-store benefits

Free shipping

Although it’s not explicitly stated as a card benefit, shopping online at David Jones gives free shipping to holders of both the David Jones American Express cards. Shipping normally costs $9.95 for most orders, and this is an interesting perk of the card which has me using it a lot more.

David Jones online retail experience is pretty usable. It’s no Amazon.com, but it works well on mobiles and tablets too. It has its quirks, but it does have a wide range of product available for purchase, and pricing reflects that in store – so if there’s a large sale on, you can grab some pretty decent deals.

There are also some food and consumable type purchases available online too, which are useful to consider with the free shipping. I’m actually starting to use David Jones online a little like Amazon Prime – the ability to get free shipping on any item of any price, plus their relatively usable online store and checkout process, is all fairly frictionless.

For example, I’ve bought several smaller price items such as toys, gifts, kitchenware, coffee beans and a range of other things on sale, and all in separate orders which have arrived in a few days via Australia Post. It is pretty neat, and the excellent points earning capability with the Platinum Card – so 3 Qantas points per $ spent – is fairly compelling.

Complimentary gift wrapping

Complimentary gift wrapping is available for either online or in-store purchases. This is worth around $10 per item, and I did a quick test on a couple of items to see how they arrived. This was the result:

David Jones Gift Wrapping

Two really sturdy boxes which were a little inappropriate for the items sent, but hey, not complaining. It’s free! I imagine at Christmas this could be a real time-saver, as I assume they would offer seasonal wrapping.

Round-up of other David Jones card benefits

Travel Insurancex
Buyers Advantage (extended warranty)x
Purchase Protectionx
Free delivery (instore purchases)x
Free delivery (online purchases)xx
Free alterations on clothing purchased in storex
Free gift wrappingxx
Up to 4 years interest free on homewares, furniture, bedding or electrical items purchased in storexx
3 months interest free on fashion purchases over $250xx
Christmas deferred paymentxx
Shopping nights, events, etcx

The travel insurance, ‘Buyers Advantage’ warranty and the Purchase Protection insurance are all fairly standard Amex premium card offerings. Read the full PDS here.  

This guide references some of the benefits of insurance policies provided with this card.

You should read the PDS and obtain independent professional advice before obtaining this product.

You can also get up to 4 years interest-free on David Jones purchases when you spend $500 or more on homewares, furniture, bedding or electrical items in store at David Jones. 
However, each new interest-free installment incurs a $35 establishment fee and a $2.95 monthly account keeping fee, so ensure you do the sums and make sure this works for your needs.

The other options for free delivery on large items, interest-free periods, etc. are all nice to-haves too.

American Express Apple Pay & Android Pay support

American Express cards support both Apple Pay & Android Pay, meaning you can use this card on your smartphone for easier payments. Find out more in our guides for each of the compatible services.

Up to 40,000 bonus points on offer for signing up to a David Jones American Express card was last modified: September 21st, 2018 by Keith

Summing up: David Jones American Express cards

If you have an ‘average’ household spend, i.e. limited ability to pump masses of work or business expenses through cards, and a decent amount spent at supermarkets and on fuel, the bonuses in these areas are a very handy option.

The American Express is not the go-to card for all purchases – just David Jones, supermarkets and fuel purchases, specifically for earning Qantas Points or Marriott Rewards points.

If you are in ‘advanced points earn’ mode, having a card which earns 2 Marriott Rewards points per $ for supermarkets and fuel and 2.67 points per $ at David Jones may be very handy.

So whether the David Jones American Express or Platinum cards make sense to you will depend on your spending habits – if you use David Jones a lot, either online or in store, then the $295-a-year Platinum card may make sense, but for most the regular version gives a great earn rate at supermarkets and on fuel for a very reasonable $99 annual fee.

Up to 40,000 bonus points on offer for signing up to a David Jones American Express card was last modified: September 21st, 2018 by Keith

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  1. Jimmy

    Hi There!
    David Jones American Express Platinum Card VS Qantas American Express Ultimate
    I want to apply for a credit card that gives better Qantas Points, and I can’t decide on the above 2.
    I know DJ has an annual fee of $295 (which doesn’t come with any annual flight ticket credits) and Qantas American Express has an annual fee of $450 (but you get $450 of credit travel, which means the annual fee is almost free in most cases, if you use it all up).
    If I am not much of a DJ shopper, is there any other major benefits to go with DJ Amex card as oppose to Qantas Amex card?
    Thanks heaps!

    • Simon

      Hi Keith, can I just check something re your conversion rates in the article. You mentioned that with the DJ Amex card you earn 2 pts per $ spent at DJs, but further down you also say the equivalent is 2 Starpoints/$. Given the exchange ratio is 0.5 Starpoints/$, should this actually be only 1 Starpoint earned per $ spent at DJs?
      Many thanks for a great article!

      • Hi Simon,

        You’re right. The DJ Amex only earn the equivalent of 1 Starpoint per $ at DJs, it’s the DJ Platinum that earns 2 Starpoints per $. We’ve updated the guide.


  2. George

    I have a David Jones Store Card (which I understand is still issued by AMEX but can only be used at DJs). Does this preclude me from earning the bonus points if I apply for an David Jones Platinum American Express or a David Jones American Express Card?

  3. Adam

    Hi Kieth,
    Do you know if the points earn rates apply to Woolies ‘Everyday Money’ which is their gift-card website online? If so, that expands the list of retailers a DJ-Amex cardholder can earn at 🙂
    A member suggests in her comment that the Amex Platinum Edge earns them x3 QFF pts for those transactions.
    Cheers, Adam

    • We can’t speak from personal experience but it sounds like buying a Woolworths gift card through that site is being coded as supermarket spend, which earns you bonus points with this card. Sounds like a good hack!

      • Adam

        Cheers Matt, sounds promising – another question on this card, couldn’t find the answer on Amex website or in the TnCs: when (if at all) does the joining offer of 15,000 QFF points end?
        Thanks to the Point Hacks team for the informative website by the way 🙂

      • Our pleasure!

        There currently isn’t an offer end date for these two cards. Having said that, the bonuses could either increase or decrease, so it’s up to you when to pull the trigger.

  4. Hi Keith,

    Just a couple of questions…

    Just want to confirm that the 3 spends outside of David Jones in the first month can be anywhere and there’s no minimum spend?
    How long do you have to hold the card for the get the bonus 30k QFF points before you can cancel the card?
    If we have the Qantas Amex Ultimate card are we still eligible for the DJ’s Amex card with the bonus points?


      1. Looks like the three transactions outside of David Jones in the first three months can be anywhere but you may want to confirm in the terms and conditions when you click through to the application page
      2. There is no rule to this and we don’t encourage churning and burning credit cards. You may want to wait until the bonus points have posted before making a decision on whether to cancel the card or not
      3. This guide has more info on eligibility
  5. Alex

    Amex generally allows a maximum of two charge cards and two credit cards at the same time. Does the DJ Amex card count as one of these?

    • From this guide:

      “David Jones American Express Cards are excluded, which means DJ Card members can apply for other Consumer or Small Business Cards and will receive the Welcome Bonus and vice versa as long as they don’t also hold or have held the other Card type in past 18 months”

  6. Nick

    Is The DJ Amex card classified as a generic AMEX? IF you got the DJ Amex would you be able to cancel and go to one plain Amex card since they have different rewards schemes? Or would the minimum waiting time be required when changing?

    • Keith Author

      The terms haven’t been updated (yet) but historically & anecdotally DJ’s card are also treated as their own grouping, so you could move from one to the other and would usually pick up bonus points along the way. I understand that this should be clarified soon.

      • Nick

        So swapping between this and the AMEX explorer every year might be a good way to get decent SPG bonus’ and earn rate. Has AMEX historically been 12 months or 18 months post cancellation until you are lovable for signup bonuses again?

  7. Ellie

    Hi there,

    Just wondering if you should still be eligible for the sign up bonus if you hold an exisiting American Express card – I opened a DJ’s card a couple of months ago but when I enquired about my sign up bonus they said I wasn’t eligible because I already have a platinum edge card. Is this the case? It does seem that the terms and conditions state the bonus is eligible for new ‘David Jones American Express card holders’.

  8. Hi Keith,

    If I have the normal DJ AMEX black credit card, is it more worth it to change to accumulating Qantas points or to stick to DJ MR points and eventually transfer to SPG (at a rate of 2:1)?

  9. Hi Keith, I have just had conflicting info from 2 Amex consultants when I enquired about Transferring my DJ’s points to Membership Rewards as per your info below. I am going to give this a try anyway, but wondering if you have had any confirmation this can definitely be done? Thanks for your great site !

    “One other option is to transfer your points over to a regular Membership Rewards card, which can be done at a 1:1 transfer rate. There’s a fee for this of $5 per 1000 points, and it can most likely only be executed once per year – meaning it’s only really good for your initial sign up bonus. You’ll also need to hold a standard Membership Rewards card, such as a Platinum Edge, Reserve or Charge”

      • Thanks for the reply. Yes, I printed the link and made an enquiry to the first consultant who confirmed it could be done, although on reflection he may have thought I was transferring the points to another David Jones cardholder account. When I called again to check my what my actual membership numbers are (different to card number) I was told I could not transfer into my Platinum Edge membership account, he checked with someone too!
        See below for terms on the actual form, so I think it probably can’t be done. Anyway I really appreciate all your hints and tips.
        A Tier Transfer Fee of $5 (including GST) per 1,000 points applies for a Points Gift from Membership Rewards Choices to Membership Rewards Ascent or Ascent Premium; from Membership Rewards Ascent to Membership Rewards Ascent Premium or to transfer points either from or to a David Jones American Express points program account. This fee will be billed to your Primary Card Account.

  10. TK

    They also recently sent out a promotion (maybe targeted) that upped all the “other” category from 1x to 3x. Only from now until the EOFY, up to a max 20k bonus points. Still, that means that if you redeem these through SPG in 20k groups you’re essentially earning 1.8 AAdvantage or Avios points on every day spend. Pretty hard to beat that.

    Also interesting because essentially despite being called the David Jones Amex, the worst place it can be used is David Jones, as the earn rate there is still only 2x.

    • tk

      There is a link but in the footer it displays my personal email address so I’m not keen to display it on a public forum. I can’t see a contact email on your site to send it privately either. It basically a replication of the normal promo page with the earn table adjusted to the 3x other earn rate.

      • You can contact me using the ‘?’ bubble at the bottom right corner of all pages. It’s a relatively new addition so if you can’t see it, let me know.

  11. Scott B

    Worth mentioning that accessing the David Jones online store through Qantas Mall earns you a whopping 5 points per $1, which would be in addition to the 3 points per $1 on the DJ Platinum card.


    Hot tip: If you’re about to purchase any Apple gear, buy it through the David Jones store instead of Apple Store for the extra 2 points per $1!

  12. Jodie

    Hi. Thank you for providing so much useful information which is especially helpful for those of us whom have trouble following all the various card/reward programmes!
    I’m working out which AMEX card to get and noticed that David Jones updated their T&Cs in October. Would you please help me decipher this?! Am I right in thinking that they have moved over to the AMEX Membership Rewards programme, rather than continuing with their own (not so beneficial) programme? If so, does the $99pa include access to Ascent? If your answer is yes to both, does this change your opinion on the card for everyday family usage? BTW, I do shop at DJ’s at least once a month.
    Thank you in advance!

    • Keith Author

      Thanks Jodie – I had a look at that doc and couldn’t see any explicit changes that would allude to the card moving over to Ascent – where did you see/hear that? I’ll follow up if so – I have a Platinum DJ’s card (tied to Qantas!) so have a vested interest!

  13. I will end up getting the Plat Edge for 10k MR points at Acent and top it up with the DJ MR points (though only at 1:2 transfer rate) into AMEX MR Acent. 🙂 Applied through a professional body so it’s only $149 annual fee!

  14. By the way Keith, could you advise which cities do the Virgin’s annual free flight go to? I am from Canberra. Are there any restrictions to it (holiday blockout?) Thanks

  15. And I suppose “The American Express Platinum Rewards Credit Card” is the best with grocery shopping for collecting AMEX MR points? It’s 2 points to $1 spent at major supermarkets and petrol pumps. Is this the case, Keith?

  16. BTW, The David Jones AMEX Card is “Earn 3 Reward Points per dollar spent at major supermarkets and petrol station” and “1 Reward Point = 0.75 Qantas Frequent Flyer points”. Does that mean it’s effective $3*0.75 =2.25 for each $1 spent?? Isn’t this the highest around the market?

  17. Is there any updates on the transfer rate to partnered programs to DJ MR? Just like to know if it really sucks compared to a normal AMEX MR. Does it matter if I only want to use the points in DJ MR for Coles gift cards?

    • Keith Author

      No updates, same transfer rates as when I wrote this post a while back. It does indeed suck compared to regular Membership Rewards.
      If you get value out of Coles vouchers, then go for it. In my view, hooking the DJ’s card up to Qantas is way more effective.

  18. Zain

    Hi Keith, I just noticed when I logged into my DJ AMEX Platinum card that the transfer rate to Hilton is 1:1. Your chart says It is 1: 0.5, do you know if this has recently changed?

  19. achin jain

    Seems like planning going for big oneworld trip!! good luck! If you have optus connection, bill payments get included into Qantas points. Also eye on Woolsworth offers for first online shopping bonus (for 1K)!!

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