American Express is offering new Card Members the choice between picking up 15,000 Membership Rewards points or 7,500 Qantas Points with the David Jones American Express card.

The David Jones American Express Card range is a sleeper hit for savvy points collectors thanks to their ability to earn bonus Qantas Points for specific spend categories. And with a minimum annual income of $40,000, it is a great option for those on lower incomes.

A minimum spend of $750 outside of David Jones within the first 3 months of becoming a Card Member is required to receive the bonus points.

There is also a 30,000 Membership Rewards or 15,000 Qantas Point-bonus offer for new Card Members of the David Jones American Express Platinum card.

Value of the current sign-up bonus

 David Jones American Express
Qantas Points7,500
Marriott Bonvoy10,000
AAdvantage Miles7,500
Asia Miles7,500
KrisFlyer Miles7,500

The key things to know about the David Jones American Express Cards:

  • The David Jones cards are some of the highest Qantas Points earners on the market for supermarket and fuel spend
  • The Platinum card offers a lucrative earn rate on David Jones spend along with other David Jones benefits – if you can direct spend to David Jones, this will pay off
  • These Cards are suited to those who spend significantly at David Jones, supermarkets and on fuel
  • The points earn rate on all other spend is beaten by other cards in the market

Card Details

CardAmerican Express David Jones
Loyalty ProgramMembership Rewards
Points earned from spend3 David Jones MR points or 1.5 Qantas points per $ at Supermarkets/Fuel
2 David Jones MR points or 1 Qantas Point per $ spend at David Jones
1 David Jones MR points or 0.5 Qantas point per $ spend everywhere else
Overseas transaction fee3% of the converted amount
Minimum income
$40,000 p.a.
Annual Fee$99 p.a.

Earning points from spend with the David Jones Card

The earn rates for the David Jones American Express Card depend on whether you have opted in to earn Qantas Points with the card, or Membership Rewards points.

Effective Frequent Flyer Program Point Earn Rates

Frequent Flyer ProgramPoints earned from spend
Qantas Points0.5 point / $
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles0.5 Mile / $
Cathay Pacific Asia Miles0.5 Mile / $
Malaysia Airlines0.5 mile / $
*Opt-in to Qantas direct-earn to earn Qantas Points on spend

The David Jones American Express Card is less lucrative for points earn with spend at David Jones (1 Qantas point per dollar) but otherwise offers the same earn rates as the David Jones American Express Platinum Card elsewhere.

 Qantas Points Marriott Bonvoy points
Supermarkets & Fuel1.5 points per $2 points per $
David Jones1 points per $ 1.33 points per $
Other spend0.5 points per $0.67 points per $

What’s the deal with David Jones American Express cards?

As a David Jones Card Members you have two options: either opt-in to Qantas direct-earn, where points sweep over to Qantas each month, or opt-in to Membership rewards. There’s no additional fee for either option.

In the Membership Rewards, there are no difference in transfer rates between the Ascent/Ascent Premium American Express Membership Rewards points and those earned from David Jones cards. This means they transfers at a ratio of 2:1 Membership Rewards points to frequent flyer points/miles into most frequent flyer programs as well as Hilton Honors, and 3:2 to Marriott Bonvoy.

The rates are available to Card Members once they have a card and are logged in to their account, but it is not possible to research the transfer rates on the David Jones Rewards on the American Express website before you get a card. Even when you do have a card, if you are opted into Qantas Points, you can’t see the rates either, as the Membership Rewards section of your account online is locked off.

Partner program transfer rates

Here are the transfer programs and rates confirmed by American Express as an existing Card Member:

PartnerTransfer Rate
Air New Zealand Airpoints0.005
THAI Royal Orchid0.5
Etihad Guest0.5
Cathay Pacific Asia Miles0.5
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer0.5
Virgin Atlantic Flying Club0.5
Malaysia Airlines Enrich0.5
Emirates Skywards0.5
Marriott Bonvoy0.67
Hilton Honors0.5

Note that you can’t sign up for the card and flip-flop between the Qantas and Membership Rewards options frequently. American Express allows you to change this once per year. It can take at least a week to change earn options.

Using this ‘feature’ of the program, you could choose to earn the sign-up bonus in one program, have it transferred to your frequent flyer partner airline of choice, and then swap to the other points currency for ongoing points earn – if that works for you.

Making the most of the David Jones online and in-store benefits

Free shipping

Although it’s not explicitly stated as a card benefit, shopping online at David Jones gives free shipping to holders of both the David Jones American Express cards. Shipping normally costs $9.95 for most orders, and this is an interesting perk of the card which has me using it a lot more.

David Jones online retail experience is pretty usable. It’s no, but it works well on mobiles and tablets too. It has its quirks, but it does have a wide range of product available for purchase, and pricing reflects that in store – so if there’s a large sale on, you can grab some pretty decent deals.

There are also some food and consumable type purchases available online too, which are useful to consider with the free shipping. The ability to get free shipping on any item of any price, plus their relatively usable online store and checkout process, is all fairly frictionless.

For example, I’ve bought several smaller price items such as toys, gifts, kitchenware, coffee beans and a range of other things on sale, and all in separate orders which have arrived in a few days via Australia Post.

Complimentary gift wrapping

Complimentary gift wrapping is available for either online or in-store purchases. This is worth around $10 per item, and I did a quick test on a couple of items to see how they arrived. This was the result:

David Jones Gift Wrapping

Two really sturdy boxes which were a little inappropriate for the items sent, but hey, not complaining. It’s free! I imagine at Christmas this could be a real time-saver, as I assume they would offer seasonal wrapping.

Round-up of other David Jones card benefits

Travel Insurancex
Buyers Advantage (extended warranty)x
Purchase Protectionx
Free delivery (instore purchases)x
Free delivery (online purchases)xx
Free alterations on clothing purchased in storex
Free gift wrappingxx
Up to 4 years interest free on homewares, furniture, bedding or electrical items purchased in storexx
3 months interest free on fashion purchases over $250xx
Christmas deferred paymentxx
Shopping nights, events, etcx

The travel insurance, ‘Buyers Advantage’ warranty and the Purchase Protection insurance are all fairly standard Amex premium card offerings. Read the full PDS here.  

This guide references some of the benefits of insurance policies provided with this card. You should read the PDS and obtain independent professional advice before obtaining this product.

You have a choice of 12 months Interest-Free with no deposit when you spend $500 or more on your Card, in one transaction; or 60 months Interest-Free with no deposit when you spend $1,000 or more on your Card, in one transaction, across all departments instore or online at David Jones. 
However, each new interest-free instalment incurs a $35 establishment fee and a $2.95 monthly account keeping fee, so ensure you do the sums and make sure this works for your needs.

You can also opt for the 3 Months Pay Later Option – allowing deferred payment for 3 months when you spend $50 or more on your Card, in one transaction, across all departments instore or online at David Jones.

The other options are for free delivery on large items, interest-free periods, etc. are all nice to-haves too.

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Calm App Offer for American Express Card Members

All American Express Card Members will receive a complimentary year of Calm Premium membership, which is an award winning Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation app, valued at $79.99. In the following year, if Card Members elect to renew, they will receive 50% off the standard rate. Click-through to, to sign up for the offer.

Live Date: 26 August 2020
End Date: 31 October 2020

Eligible Products: All American Express consumer cards.

15,000 Membership Rewards or 7,500 Qantas Points with the David Jones American Express Card was last modified: September 23rd, 2020 by Daniel Sciberras

Unparalleled mobile wallet integration

American Express cards support Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, meaning you can use this card on your smartphone for easier payments.

Read the Point Hacks guide to using Apple Pay or for using Google Pay and Samsung Pay, including instructions on how to add your American Express card to those services.

With this feature set up, it means you could still use your NFC-enabled phone to make purchases with your American Express account, even if your physical card is lost or stolen and pending replacement.

15,000 Membership Rewards or 7,500 Qantas Points with the David Jones American Express Card was last modified: September 23rd, 2020 by Daniel Sciberras

Summing up: David Jones American Express Card

If you have an ‘average’ household spend, i.e. limited ability to pump masses of work or business expenses through cards and a decent amount spend at supermarkets and on fuel, the bonuses in these areas are a very handy option.

The David Jones American Express is not the go-to card for all purchases – just mainly for supermarkets and fuel purchases, specifically for earning Qantas Points or Marriott Bonvoy points.

So whether the David Jones American Express Card makes sense to you will depend on your spending habits – if you use David Jones a lot, either online or in-store, then the $295-a-year David Jones American Express Platinum Card may make sense, but for most this regular version gives a great earn rate at supermarkets and on fuel for a very reasonable $99 annual fee.

15,000 Membership Rewards or 7,500 Qantas Points with the David Jones American Express Card was last modified: September 23rd, 2020 by Daniel Sciberras