The two sister Amex Offers and Amex Connect programs entitle Card Members to discounts and savings by crediting users’ accounts when eligible purchases are made.

Or, in short, if you shop at a specific business, Amex will pay you to do so.

Current offers

If you are an American Express Card Member, it is worth checking Amex Offers and Amex Connect regularly to take advantage of rotating promotions, like these ones currently available:

Vivid Sydney offers

  • Spend $30, get $10 back at the American Express Lounge at Circular Quay—you can only register in-person at the kiosk in the lounge
  • Get 30% off Sydney Trains, Light Rail and Ferries, up to a total $15 credit—register
  • Spend $20, get $5 back with Taronga Zoo
  • Spend $50 or more, get $20 back when you book a table at a participating restaurant through TheFork—register
  • Spend $75 or more, get $10 back with David Jones
  • Spend $200, get $30 back two times with Europcar
  • Spend $240 or more, get $40 back with RedBalloon
  • Spend $300 or more, get $50 back with BridgeClimb
  • Spend $300 or more, get $60 back with Capitan Cook Cruises
  • 10% off every ride with Rydo taxi app
  • Up to 40% off selected Sydney hotels with American Express Travel—search here
Vivid Sydney
The Vivid Sydney Light, Music & Ideas Festival runs from 24 May until 15 June

Most of the offers above expire on 16 June, which is the day after the festival ends.

You can register for the offers and read the full terms and conditions here.

Other offers

  • Spend $40 or more, get $10 back with Deliveroo
  • Spend $100 or more, get $20 back with Clinique Online
  • Spend $100 or more, get $25 back with Under Armour
  • Spend $200 or more, get $50 back at Langton’s
  • Spend $300 or more, get $30 back with Agoda
  • Spend $500 or more, get $100 back with Europe Best Deals
  • Spend $1000 or more, get $200 back with Apple—highly targeted to business cards
Earning points with Deliveroo | Point Hacks
Stack this Amex Offer and earn Qantas Points when ordering food through Deliveroo

Here is a full list of current offers.

You will need to log in to your Amex account to see if you can register for each deal.

Three important notes:

  • Not every offer is put in front of all Card Members—these are somewhat personalised, so you may see something in your account that another person doesn’t
  • You must use the card enrolled in the offer to access the benefit
  • Make sure you read the terms and conditions for each offer

What are Amex Offers and Amex Connect?

American Express has a number of programs which provide practical, everyday benefits to Card Member. Two such programs are:

  • Amex Offers: for holders of Amex-issued cards
  • Amex Connect: for holders of both Amex-issued and Westpac-issued cards, excluding David Jones American Express cards

Amex Offers is a program which provides a statement credit to your account for making an eligible purchase. Think of it as an instant cashback offer without having to deal with any paperwork.

Amex Connect encompasses Amex Offers. Not only are you able to receive great cashback benefits, it also provides deals and discounts on travel, dining, shopping and entertainment. Whether your card has been issued by a bank or through American Express themselves, Amex Connect is accessible to all Card Members. Simply register your card to access savings.

Not sure what card you have? This article will help.

Just keep in mind that some business, travel, government and prepaid cards are not eligible.

How Amex Offers works

Once you have registered your card and have logged in to either Amex Connect or Amex Offers, you can select any deals that you like, add them to your card, make the eligible purchase following the terms and conditions and then receive your statement credit.

Once you add the offer to your card and meet the offer criteria, Amex will then credit your account.

According to the terms and conditions, statement credits are processed within three working days but can take up to 90 days after the end of the offer to appear in your account. In my experience, however, statement credits have appeared within 48 hours or less of the purchase being made.

Adding an offer online is simple: click on the ‘Save to Card’ link, enter in your details and you’re done. Once the offer is saved, you can still view all the terms and conditions on the ‘My Offers’ tab.

AMEX Offers

Alternatively, using the Amex app is just as simple. Open the app, check out the offers tab and select the offers that suit you. You can then access the ‘My Offers’ tab at any time to see the status of each offer has been saved.

Offers are redeemable instantly, so it pays to check what new offers are available before heading out to the shops or when purchasing anything online.

How Amex Connect works

Again, once your card is registered and you have logged on to Amex Connect, you can access any Amex Offers promotion as well as some travel, dining, shopping and entertainment discounts.

Amex Shop Small: Amex Offers on steroids

American Express also runs Shop Small, usually once or twice per year, where any American Express card can register for statement credits at small businesses that accept American Express.

A common Shop Small promotion offers a $10 credit on your account each time you spend $20 or more at up to ten different participating small businesses.

Summing up

American Express continues to try and innovate for the consumer, and with Amex Offers and Amex Connect they are providing an increasing number of deals to their customers.

Keeping an eye on the Offers section of the mobile app is an easy way to see where you can score some discounts in the form of statement credits.

But the usual rules of discount hunting apply—don’t go overboard and spend more than you would have done anyway just because there’s a deal!

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