Cheap Virgin Australia Business Class redemptions with a 60% bonus on Virgin America Elevate miles

Virgin America’s Elevate frequent flyer program is pretty niche, but has one really specific use for Australians – low tax/surcharge redemptions for Virgin Australia, which are especially good value in Business Class.

There’s a 60% bonus offer which runs until June 24th – not as good as previous deal which have been run as high as 80%, but still very usable for some Virgin Australia Business Class redemptions.

In this guide I go into some of the examples, including the ability to buy a Sydney -> Perth return flight for around $934 USD – not bad compared to paid fares of potentially 80% more.
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How to buy miles and points to redeem for cheap domestic Business Class travel on Qantas and Virgin Australia

When it comes to flying in Australia, does it make sense to buy miles and redeem tickets on Virgin or Qantas Business Class?

In this guide, we compare three programs, Virgin America’s Elevate, Alaska Mileage Plan and American Airlines’ AAdvantage.

Elevate allows you to redeem fights on Virgin Australia, whilst Alaska Mileage Plan and the AAdvantage programs allow you to redeem flights on Qantas. Continue reading…

Getting started – which frequent flyer programs should you join?

I often get asked ‘where to start’ with loyalty programs and frequent flyer points, and over the coming weeks I’ll be running a series of posts which aim to cover off some absolute basics.

This one is a quick reference of all the various programs that are worth signing up for – the quick answer to ‘which programs should I sign up for’ is ‘as many as you can be bothered to’. All are free to join.

For the more expert of you that know this already – good for you! Everyone has to start somewhere, so when you get asked the inevitable questions, point them this way. Continue reading…