IHG points are the points currency of IHG Rewards Club and can provide either free or heavily discounted rates when redeeming points for hotel bookings, especially at their luxury brands such as Intercontinental hotels, or other hotels on the quarterly PointsBreak promotions.

This guide will walk you through all the steps needed to purchase points from IHG.

Things to know

Members can purchase up to 100,000 points a year (excluding bonus points which are added separately). The cost for each block of points varies—1,000 points costs US$13.50 (AU$19.50), while the full 100,000 points cost $1,000, which is US$10 (AU$14.25) per block.

These rates mean each point costs between 1 to 1.35 US cents each, which is quite high and generally not great value for redemptions.

During IHG promotions, the rate can drop to as low as 0.5 US cents per point, which makes it much more useful for booking higher-end hotels.

Read our guide to the latest IHG buy points promotions here.

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How to purchase points

If you do not have a direct link to a promotion, start by logging into your account and looking for ‘More Ways to Earn Points’ on the dashboard (or try click this link).

On the next page, look for ‘Earn more or redeem some points’.

Buying IHG-3

Finally, scroll through the various options until you come across ‘Purchase points’.


On the landing page, you will be able to choose how many points to buy, including any promotional offers (there were none at the time of writing).

Buying IHG-5

In the above example, that transaction is for the maximum of 100,000 points for US$1,000, without any promotions applied.

Gifting points

You can also purchase points for other accounts as a gift. The overall process is the same as above, except you also need to know the recipient’s account number and name.

Each account is still subject to the 100,000 points cap per year. Click here to gift points.

Transferring points

IHG members can transfer points to other members, but for a fee. It costs US$5 per 1,000 points transferred, paid via credit card.

While this might be good in a pinch (such as being just a few thousand points short for a redemption), it is a costly way to accumulate points.

There are no defined limits on the number of points that can be sent or received, largely due to the fee which also has no cap. Click here to transfer (you need at least 1,000 points).

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