Etihad Guest is a transfer partner of several bank rewards programs in Australia and, as a result, earning Etihad Guest miles from credit card spend is one of the key ways you can get your hands on points. If you happen to put a lot of your day-to-day spend on American Express, Visa or MasterCard, there are some high points earning options out there.

We’ve included an overview table so you can assess the cards that are out there, versus those you may have in your wallet. We also include some of the current sign-up bonuses for new applicants.

The highest Etihad Guest miles-earning credit cards

Card / OfferEtihad Guest Mile
earned / $ spent
Points CapAnnual fee ($)Our Guide
American Express Platinum Card
American Express Platinum Card ↓
1.125 miles on all eligible spend, and
0.5 mile on spend at government bodies
uncapped$1,450Read Here
American Express Platinum Business Card
American Express Platinum Business Card ↓
1.125 miles on all eligible spend, and
0.5 mile on spend at government bodies
uncapped$1,750Read Here
American Express Explorer
American Express Explorer ↓
1 mileuncapped$395Read Here
American Express Business Explorer
American Express Business Explorer ↓
1 mileuncapped$149Read Here
Diners Club Card and Mastercard
Diners Club Card + World MasterCard
1 on Diners
0.375 on Mastercard
uncapped$299Read Here
American Express Platinum Edge
American Express Platinum Edge ↓
0.5 mile on general spend including utilities and ATO
1 mile on overseas spend
1.5 miles at supermarkets and petrol stations
uncapped$195Read Here
Citi Prestige Mastercard
Citi Prestige Mastercard
0.33 mile on general spend
0.66 mile at major petrol
stations, supermarkets
and retailers
1 mile at major
restaurants, airlines
and international
uncapped$700Read Here

How to analyse this list

For all the cards and offers listed on this page we are only touching on the ‘effective earn rate’ – this is when points in the parent bank/credit card rewards program are transferred to Etihad Guest Miles, and is a way to compare the specific points earn rates for each card across various credit card rewards programs that offer different headline earn rates and transfer rates to frequent flyer programs.

Each card has other benefits too, along with other transfer partners, annual fees and terms and conditions – so be sure to check out the full guide to each card.

There’s also the sign-up bonus of a card to consider. A large sign-up bonus may help to offset a lower earn rate on a card, so bear that in mind. It depends how much spend you put on your credit card each month, and how long you keep the card for.

Each card offer, with bonus, fee and other offer information on this page will be up-to-date at the time of publication, however, please note that offers change over time.

Some current offers for Etihad Guest miles-earning credit cards

Cards in the table but not mentioned above

Offers for some of the cards are not mentioned above as they don’t offer a sign-up bonus, or we don’t have a guide for them yet.

The focus of this guide is to outline the highest Etihad Guest miles-earning credit cards out there – there are also other cards with differing points earn rates and annual fees that are also linked to Etihad Guest miles. Check out the cards table for the list.

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