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The ultimate guide to the American Express Membership Rewards program

American Express Membership Rewards is one of the go-to programs of choice for the savvy points collector, with the most airline and hotel points transfer partners of the major credit card points programs.

It is where I focus most of my efforts in collecting my points and is the first rewards program I advise anyone who wants to spend a little time understanding the value of flexible points programs to look at.

I have revisited this intro guide to Membership Rewards to make sure everyone knows the ins and outs of the program, its transfer partners, quirks and benefits, especially given solid sign-up offers on a number of American Express cards.

Why choose Membership Rewards?

Here are a few quick reasons:

  • A range of cards with different category-based earn rates, such as bonus points on travel or at supermarkets
  • Frequent offers for statement credits or bonus points for spend at certain retailers
  • No points expiry as long as your Membership Rewards account with American Express is active
  • Frequent promotions and bonus partners to earn and use points more effectively
  • And, what I like most, the ability to accrue points in a way that allows you to look at the right program’s redemption opportunities for your future travel needs—you can defer the decision as to which program in which to keep your points until you want to use them

KrisFlyer miles can be used for travel in Singapore Airlines Suites Class

Membership Rewards transfer partners and using points

There is a wide variety of direct transfer partners from Membership Rewards, including Velocity Frequent Flyer, KrisFlyer, Asia Miles and Etihad Guest.

For most partners, you’ll get 1 frequent flyer point/mile per 2 Membership Rewards points. Check out the transfer rates for all partners here.

Don’t forget you can transfer Marriott Bonvoy points onwards to a range of other international frequent flyer programs. This increases the versatility of the Membership Rewards scheme.

The Membership Rewards card range

There is a broad range of cards that Amex offer which earn into Membership Rewards and I’ll cover the most common of them below.

American Express Explorer

The Amex Explorer card was launched in mid-2016 and offers a $400 annual travel credit with Amex Travel, two lounge visits to the Amex Lounge in Sydney or Melbourne, and is attached to the Membership Rewards Gateway program.

It has a high points earn rate from ongoing spend of 2 Membership Rewards Gateway points per dollar spent excluding spend at government bodies, which equates to 1 frequent flyer points when transferred to most frequent flyer programs.

The American Express Platinum Edge

The entry-level Platinum card—the Platinum Edge—is of great value, and is a pretty good offering to earn maximum points for most people. It was added to the Platinum line-up in 2010 and I have used it on and off for my main card ever since.

You will receive a $200 travel credit each year which you can use on any eligible bookings—easily outweighing the value of the annual fee, even in renewal years after any initial sign-up bonus.

Along with the $200 travel credit, you also receive free domestic and international travel insurance, and a few other Amex program perks which may/may not be worth your while depending on what you are interested in.

The Platinum Edge offers bumped-up earn rates at ‘major supermarkets’ and petrol stations.

The beauty of the bonus points earned at supermarkets is that they also sell gift vouchers for many other retailers, meaning the Edge can then open up triple points at places like Freedom, Bunnings and more mainstream merchants in Australia.

The full list of supermarkets, fuel stations and other points earn opportunities that come from them are detailed in this guide.

The Platinum Edge is a great points-earner for many people, and excellent for the everyday card user. Given American Express is universally accepted at supermarkets and petrol stations, it makes sense to utilise the bonus earn rates on offer by having it in your wallet.

The American Express Platinum Charge

The Platinum Charge card offers a high-cost, high-return strategy in the world of accruing points. The large sign-up bonus, travel credit and free flight from the free additional Platinum Reserve card will pretty much cover the value of the annual fee.

The Charge is for those who want a large Membership Rewards sign-up bonus, big spenders and/or who are after the extensive list of ancillary benefits.

There is a heap of other benefits too, and I am sure most people are likely to use at least some of them but many, understandably, would not take on such a high annual fee.

David Jones cards

Finally, we have the David Jones American Express cards. These provide perks at David Jones and bonus points in specific spend categories, like supermarkets, fuel and at David Jones.

Membership Rewards vs Qantas Frequent Flyer or Velocity direct earn cards

I have summed up my thoughts on why using a flexible points program like Membership Rewards program offers great value in this guide.

Keeping your options open and Membership Rewards cards in mind when factoring in your spending habits and desired use of your points in the long run is relevant to those with more flexible rewards in mind than just Qantas (and redemptions with their partners). If you are likely to go for a premium hotel, rather than airline experience, for example, then a Membership Rewards card is a great place to start.

You can also use Membership Rewards points for transfer to Velocity, which often runs transfer bonuses, increasing the value of your points accordingly.

Rather than using Qantas Points for travel on oneworld airlines, you will usually get better value from redeeming through Asia Miles.

Transfer your Membership Rewards points to Asia Miles and you are on your way to your next Cathay Pacific Business Class redemption

Ultimately, it is all about your own particular travel and spending habits. If you mix and match airlines and fares to suit your needs, or do not fly much at all, then a more flexible card reward scheme may do the trick for you as you can transfer points over to a program with a redemption opportunity as you see fit.

Other important considerations

Bonus points eligibility

If you currently hold or have held almost any American Express card in the past 18 months, then you are not eligible for the sign-up bonus on another American Express card. But there are some exceptions, and we explore them in the guide below.

Acceptance of American Express by retailers

American Express in Australia (much like the US and UK) is not accepted by all merchants, and others charge an additional fee for payment with an American Express card. As such, any savvy points earner would have both an American Express card plus a Mastercard or Visa on-hand for times when Amex is not accepted/preferred.

The value of keeping a dedicated American Express card linked to Membership Rewards comes from the ability to earn a decent amount of flexible points on spend, additional ancillary card benefits, sign-up bonuses, and points transfer flexibility.

Amex Offers

All Amex-issued cards, regardless of rewards program, come with ‘Amex Offers‘ which are immediate statement credits for hitting a spend target with a specific retailer.

I have, for example, been targeted with offers such as a $30 credit for $150 spent at Myer, or $50 for $350 spent with Qantas.

These offers are saved to your card account online or in the American Express app, and are worth keeping an eye on in case they hit the mark for any retailers you happen to be shopping with.

Transferring Membership Rewards points to another cardholder

American Express also allow transfers, once per year, to another Australian Membership Rewards cardholder. This process is set off by following the instructions in this PDF form. There is no fee to transfer Membership Rewards Ascent (the most common type) to another Ascent account but going to/from some other accounts will incur a $5 per 1000 points charge.

The American Express referral program

You may find that the best signup bonuses are not public—American Express regularly tweak their sign-up bonuses for Membership Rewards cards, and sometimes the best bonuses to be had are if you let another cardholder refer you. It is kind of like a reward for you for Amex not having to pay a partner for marketing.

Summing up: is American Express Membership Rewards for you?

Stowing your points away in Membership Rewards gives redemption flexibility, allowing you to transfer to programs at a later date once you have a firm plan for your points and not before.

It can be helpful to place a value on flexibility when playing the points game, and given that Membership Rewards partners with Velocity, KrisFlyer and Asia Miles, amongst others, this covers all the major alliances and domestic/Trans-Tasman options that you might want outside of Qantas.

Personally, the Platinum Edge has a permanent place in my wallet for fuel and supermarket purchases, retain that ongoing flexibility for future redemptions. The Platinum Charge and Reserve cards are good for higher spenders and those looking for a number of ongoing benefits with their cards, and the Explorer is a great offering for simple, solid points earn.

All up, Membership Rewards is a great credit card rewards program and deserves serious consideration.

The ultimate guide to the American Express Membership Rewards program was last modified: April 24th, 2019 by Daniel Sciberras

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  1. David

    Hi Keith, as a keen user of my Amex Business Card (the basis green charge card that costs $109 p/a) I read this article with interest. It’s great being able to transfer the points to a number of different airlines however I am often on the look out for better earn rates. My Amex rep advises that I have the best earn rate possible, however reading your articles and looking at the Amex Business Explorer Credit Card I think I am being short changed. Would I be right in saying the basic green charge cards earns KrisFlyer at the rate of 1 point per $ spent whereas the Explorer card is 1.5 points per $ spent? The whole Ascent, Gateway conversation only serves to confuse!

  2. Andrew

    Hi Keith,

    Great article, I was hoping you could offer some advice. I have quite a lot of American Express points due to purchases linked via my business. I recently redeemed 600,000 into Asia miles which allowed me to book some business class fairs from Sydney – Hong Kong – Toronto, which I found excellent value. I am now trying to get out of Toronto to Honolulu and back to Sydney but am struggling with where to transfer points for the best Value. I signed up with Hawaiian Airlines and can see they have direct flights out of New York for 80,000 business class, but the question is what is the best way to get points into Hawaiian. Australian Amex isn’t linked to Hawaiian as a transfer partner like the US so the only option I can see is : AMEX into SPG out to Hawaiian but I end up taking a hefty discount as only get 500 SPG points for every 1000 AMEX points. Do you have any other clever alternatives. I would try Virgin as I have plenty of points in there too but its seems almost impossible to get Business Class with them currently on all routes for awards flights. Please help ! Cheers

    • It’s very hard to find Business award availability on direct flights between Hawaii and Australia, and Velocity has had problems with accessing Hawaiian award space both over the phone and online.

      Other alternatives could be:

      • Delta from New York to Hawaii (direct)
      • American Airlines from New York to Hawaii (via a hub like LAX or Dallas)
      • Cathay Pacific New York to Vancouver (then separate Air Canada or WestJet to Hawaii)
      • Fiji Airways from Hawaii to Australia (via Fiji)
      • ANA or Japan Airlines from Hawaii to Australia (via Tokyo)

      Hope that gets the juices going!

  3. Kat

    I cannot decide if I want to sign up for American Express Explorer for the sign up bonus points, or the Platinum Edge as it is part of the Ascent rewards programme and has high points to be earned at supermarkets.
    Would be be unwise to first sign up to American Express Explorer for the bonus points and then later sign up to the Platinum Edge to use as my main spending card? Can you be part of both the Gateway and Ascent programmes? Can I use points from both cards to contribute towards the same flight?

    • As long as Amex approve it (based on your credit history) then there’s no reason why you couldn’t apply for both cards – you would likely not get a sign up bonus on the second card though.

      You can earn points in both programs and link both programs to multiple frequent flyer accounts. You may be able to combine points earned from either card into one program but that’s been hit and miss for many people so don’t rely on it.

      • J

        Keith, if I sign up to AMEX Platinum and my wife signs up to AMEX Velocity Platinum are we likely to get the points each? Would i get the 120000 points from AMEX Platinum and would she get the 100000 Velocity points? Neither of us have had an AMEX in the past.

  4. Stephen Molloy

    I checked my platinum edge insurance and could see no coverage for rental car excess. I think they used to have this. I view this as quite important and don’t recall any notification of change.

    • Hey Stephen – the Platinum Edge hasn’t previously offered car rental excess cover to my knowledge. The Platinum Charge card though has, but this is significantly more expensive.

  5. Justin

    Hi Keith, I’m looking to open a new Platinum Edge card as its earn rates at supermarkets is really enticing, however I’m unsure as to whether there is an additional fee ($80?) to sign up for the Ascent rewards program on top of the annual fee? Hope you will be able to clarify. Thanks.

  6. Daile

    Hi, I’m just wondering if anyone has thoughts on the redemption of Amex Rewards with Webjet. They offer $100 (on any flight) in exchange for 10000 points. Would this be good value for a reward redemption? I know there are some horror stories with Webjet (and other third party booking agencies) however using rewards points with an agent like this gives incredible flexibility both with the airlines you can use and in booking multiple seats under the one booking when you might not have enough credit to cover both seats with points (Webjet allow you to use points for credit and then just make up the difference with your Amex card). Would love to hear if anyone has used this deal.

  7. Emily

    Hi Keith
    I’ve just realised (too late) that you can only transfer points in 50,000 maximum increments per calendar year. Is there a way to transfer your amex points directly to singapore kris in another name? (Ie my partners account to my account?)

    • Baz

      Hi, I had the same question. Not sure if you have an answer? I want to transfer in excess in 50,000 points to my spouse. Preferably as Amex points, but worst case to the airline of my spouse?

      • Baz – unfortunately the 50k limit is a fairly hard limit with Amex, and you’ll pay for that transfer too. The most appealing option to me if I were in your place would be to transfer to a program like Velocity which has family pooling and family transfer options. Alternatively you could transfer them to Starwood, who then allow household transfers too and offer some good value hotel redemptions and have a range of frequent flyer program partners.

    • KD

      Hi Emily,

      If you are interested in Krisflyer, then you can transfer the points into your own account and on the Krisflyer online portal nominate your partner as a redemption nominee in the profile section. This enables sharing points across Krisflyer accounts. Perhaps this would be a solution that works, as you can redeem award tickets or upgrades for multiple persons from that one account. Worked a treat for me.

  8. Victor

    Hi Keith,

    Do you know whether buying the Woolworths eGift card online through The Entertainment Book would count as a supermarket purchase?


    • daft009

      yes, if you use the everydaygiftcards site and use your platinum edge, you will 5% off and 3pts/$1!

      I’ve been doing this for the last 3-4months since I got the P.E card.

  9. Sam

    Hi Keith, If there is a choice to transfer either velocity or AMEX gateway points to krisflyer (i have heard you – it is because of the trip in the mind), which one should I use first? to avoid expiry or to take the benefit of the bonus promotion for the transfer etc.

    • For me that would depend if I had another use of those Velocity points already, and also how they came to be in my account.

      If you know you are going to use those Velocity points on another trip, then keep them in Velocity and move over to KF when you are ready to redeem, no worrying about bonuses.

      If you have no other plans for those points and I had transferred them over during a bonus period knowing I might move them to KF later, that feels like a different decision than if you earned them in other ways. I’d be happier moving them out of Velocity and into KF in that case.

      Either way, I value Membership Rewards more highly than Velocity points for obvious reasons, so you are definitely right to question which you should redeem first. I’d probably err toward using Velocity points first if you don’t have other uses in mind, but it’s a bit 50:50 given the transfer tax between VFF and KF.

  10. pg

    Interested if anyone knows whether Amex ever offers annual or other time frame transfer bonus like Virgin does with Citibank/HSBC cards about twice a year. Before I shift 100,000 points to SPG it would be good to know a transfer bonus window is not right around the corner. Is there a history of these occuring even seasonally?

    • In general, no. There was an Etihad bonus that ran earlier this year, alongside the Qantas bonuses that run around the same time as Velocity, but for Charge cardholders only. As for SPG – no bonus I can remember in 6+ years of keeping an eye out. But don’t shoot me if one eventuates, SPG are being pretty proactive about drumming up business at the minute so you never know, but I would be very surprised!

  11. Olivia Jakovic

    Hi Keith,

    Great article, have bookmarked it for future reference. I have a question of s different nature and hope your knowledge extends to this area. If a purchase is made using Amex and points accrued and then for whatever reason returned to the store, what happens to the points? Do they still stand or are they removed when the purchase amount is credited back to the account?

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Rhys

    sorry, I have upgraded to ascent premium with a platinum business charge and missed the bit about the improved skywards transfer rate in your article

  13. Greg

    Hi Keith,

    Great article, thanks. I’ve got a couple of questions:
    1. Why do you keep saying how good Starwood points are when they only transfer out at 1:0.5? If I earn MR points, why transfer them to Starwood and then transfer them onto a frequent flyer program if I’m only getting half the points? Is it purely the range of frequent flyer programs that starwood has? Wouldn’t it be better off just keeping the MR points where they are and booking flights through the FF programs that MR supports to get the 1:1 ratio?
    2. I have an Amex Platinum Charge Card, if I sign up for a Platinum Edge (so I can leverage the 1:3 earn ratio at supermarkets) will all the points accumulate in the same account or because the MR levels are different do they accrue separately and I need different logins to access the points? Presumably the free Edge companion card is no longer available with the charge card and I have to pay the signup fee?

    Thanks again Keith!

    • Thanks for the questions.

      1. Amex MR > SPG > onward is good for international frequent flyer programs we don’t have access to with our credit cards in Australia – United, American Airlines, Alaska etc come to mind. American were a particularly competitive option in this case but with their upcoming devaluation, the focus on using MR > SPG > AA transfers will reduce.
        Yes, in the cases of say Velocity, Asia Miles and KrisFlyer, definitely don’t go via SPG.

      2. To my knowledge, they are earned separately in most cases. I know of one person who convinced Amex to merge their balances behind the scenes for technical reasons after Amex screwed up, but that’s it. And yes, Edge is not an official companion card to the Charge.

  14. thuan

    I have an edge platinum card and want to upgrade to platinum charge at 1200 fee pa.
    how do i get the 100000 points as the offer is for new applicants?

    i feel it is mean for amex to not offer this to ex aex holders.
    any way around this?

    • No, unfortunately there’s no way around it to my knowledge. I have given this feedback to Amex (that Edge cardholders who want to upgrade to the Charge are unfairly ruled out of these opportunities).

  15. Alan

    Thanks for the reply. I was aware of the international transfer scheme and the boost in MR balance through the exchange rate would be nice but I’m sorely tempted by the sign up bonus for a new card 😀 (plus I already have a multiplier on my MR balance via an Amex ICC Dollar card). Will check the T&Cs re fee refunds.

  16. Alan

    Great article, thanks. Two quick queries – do you know (a) if Amex allow partial annual fee refunds for early cancellations (as they do in the UK) and (b) how long would it take for a newcomer to Australia to have a credit history that Amex would consider good enough for a Plat charge card application? Would they take existing card holdings with them in other countries into account? Thanks 🙂

  17. Ben

    Hi Keith, Have you ever heard of an existing AMEX customer being able to talk themselves into a sign up bonus for another AMEX card?

  18. Barry Howasrth

    Hi Keith,

    I tried to buy 50000 membership award points from Amex at $25 per 1000 and they refused stating that this facilty had been withdrawn?


    • Rado


      I need to top up my account (buy points) as I am slightly short on the number I need. Do you know if this is still possible? BH says he/ she didn’t have any luck.



      • I haven’t heard anything further on this – would suggest giving them a call. Report back with what you find out, I’d be interested to know!

  19. TJ

    Hi keith

    In New zealand transfer rate between Membership Rewards and Amex Airline Partner is 1MR = 0.5points ( in australia its 1MR = 1 point) is there any clever way to make the most of Members rewards for us who live in New Zealand? Can i move my NZ members rewards point to Australian Members rewards account before i convert them to airline miles?


  20. Daniel

    My cousin as an Australian AmEx Platinum card (Centurian based on the picture he sent me) which costs him AU$900 per year. It also gives him Gold OneWorld membership. I cannot seem to see this anymore and was wondering it it was a special offer for select people or not. I can only seem to see the same card but for AU$1200 with no Oneworld access (seems to give Virgin/Priority Pass instead.

    • Keith

      Amex Centurion is much more than $900 pa, it’s more like $4k I think. $900 pa is the old fee for the Platinum Charge before they bumped it up. The Plat Charge also used to offer Cathay Pacific Marco Polo club membership at the Oneworld Sapphire level (equivalent to Qantas Gold), so pretty sure he is using a regular version of the Platinum Charge card, which is now $1200 for all and with different lounge access too.

      • wyvern

        Hi Keith, I started an Amex application online before the referrals disappeared, then didn’t complete it, but it is still saved in the Amex system for a few weeks more and can be resumed. Do you think Amex would honour the referrals if I completed the application, or is it better to wait for the new referrals scheme (if any). I appreciate no-one can be certain but your advice would be welcome!

  21. Tristan

    Hi Keith,
    I found the table of comparative points quite useful, and the main reason I have signed up for a platinum edge card (hope you get the referral points soon)..

    It would be useful to note that altitude points are earned at a rate of 2:1 (or 3:1 on the black – premium card) so they would actually be more rewarding than the amex rewards cards for everyday spend.

    If the table reflected points per dollar spent, the altitute and MR would be neck and neck for their share rewards (Excl NZ), and altitude black would come out in front. Of course it gets even more complicated when you factor in the Platinum Edge higher rates for supermarkets and petrol, however this may be offset somewhat by lower rates for bill payments (where Altitude remains constant).

    • Hey Tristan – that comparison only holds if the points from Membership Rewards transfer over to partners at the same rate as Altitude – which they don’t. Altitude transfers to Velocity for example at 2 Altitude to 1 Velocity, same for Asia Miles and Enrich. So points per $ spent may be higher when comparing Altitude to Membership Rewards, but the value of those points in terms of airline miles, is 1/2. I’ve made a transfer calculator at https://www.pointhacks.com.au/calculators/credit-card-reward-program-conversion-calculator/ which may be useful.

      • Tristan

        Perhaps my maths is not right, but from what I can tell:
        $1,000 spend on Amex MR card = 1,000 MR points = 1,000 FF points.
        $1,000 spend on Alt. Black Amex = 3,000 Alt points = 1,500 FF points.
        Where the Amex MR scheme nets more points is supermarket/fuel purchases (on platinum edge) or if you want to use NZ. I know it sounds like i’m trying to push an agenda here, but I’m just trying to get my head around this!
        And thank you for the link the calculator, that is a fantastic tool!

      • OK, I see where you are coming from, and it makes sense. It’s all about your own personal spending habits. I think, on average, I get more points per $ out of Amex with my Platinum Edge supermarket and fuel bonuses than I would the flat rate earn from Altitude – 4 points per $ at my current supermarket with the ‘local champion’ promo running. The card fee also pays for itself with the free Virgin flight. I also really value the SPG transfer option that Altitude doesn’t have.
        But… That’s just me, and you’re right, Altitude has a shot at coming out ahead for others.

      • Tristan

        Yes, it really does depend where you spend!
        What is your choice for a back-up card for when Amex is not accepted?

      • Personally I absolutely abuse my Bankwest Qantas Platinum MasterCard. It gives me Qantas points to top up which I don’t earn on the Amex, has no foreign transaction surcharge saving 3% on all non AUD transactions and my other banking is done with Bankwest making things feel very seamless, they have a great app and online banking system. Also an epic credit limit. I can’t bring myself to use anything else.

  22. Natasha

    Great article Keith! Do you know if I can take a complimentary domestic flight for my husband instead of me on Amex Plat edge even though the card is on my name? Thanks heaps.

  23. Mightymac1

    Hi, great article, very informative and helpful thank you.
    If I may get some advice it would be great. I have a scattering of flyer points across a few airlines primerally Eithad then Qantas and Malaysian Airlines curtesy of living in Oz and being from Europe.(none of the flyer balanves are big enough to get me home on their own but with a few bonus offers and pooled together they might)

    Now some of these points are set to expire, can I save all my points expiry free in the MR scheme??? If I can save them expiry free I would really consider AE Platinum Edge.

    I did see elsewhere on this site that Eithad now have a MR scheme but there is no mention of it on this page, I presume this is just an oversight. Also they had a 20000 bonus points transfer offer before march 31st and I have missed this. I know you cant answerr this question but what do you think are my chances of getting this bonus offer from Eithad if I decide to Join AE MR??

    Many thanks for your great article.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      MR points do not expire as long as you have an active account with them. You can also transfer points into your schemes which might count as activity to keep them active.
      I created this page a while back, and yep, Etihad are new to MR this month. In terms of another bonus? Hard to say as they are so new, but I’d imagine they’ll at hold off for at least 3 or 4 months.

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