Are you getting up to 10,000 bonus Amex points by shopping local?

A guide to the American Express Local Champion game

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POSTED: February 24, 2017
UPDATED: March 10, 2019
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American Express first launched their Local Champion game back in 2013, which allows users of their apps to earn an additional bonus point per $ spent at retailers where they shop the most.
The premise is pretty simple: Amex knows the physical merchants where you use your card the most and is willing to reward you with an additional bonus point per dollar spent at those merchants if you become the ‘Local Champion’ for that specific store.

You can access the game on the Amex app for iOS and Android and the range of eligible American Express cards has been expanded to Qantas- and Velocity-branded cards.

How Local Champion works 

After downloading the Amex app for iOS or Android, you’ll find Local Champion included as an option within.
Local champion status seems to be achieved by having the most transactions (over an unknown time period) of anyone also playing the local champion game.
You can select ten stores from a list Amex presents you in the app to play Local Champion at, and it seems that if no-one else is playing for status at a given location, then it takes either three or five transactions in 30 days to become the Local Champion. 
For popular locations, the number of transactions could be as high as 10 or 15 – it all depends how much competition there is.
The additional bonus point per dollar is accrued on top of category bonuses for the spend, e.g. on the Platinum Edge you’ll start earning 4 points per $ on your local supermarket spend at a spot where you have become the Local Champion. 
You don’t need to have your phone on you, or pay using your device (e.g. via Apple Pay or an Android digital wallet) while you make a transaction – it’s all done via the transaction appearing on your statement.

Getting Local Champion set up

On logging in using your usual American Express online credentials, the app now presents you with a ‘Play Local Champion’ message. You can also find Local Champion in the right hand menu of the app.

Local Champion RH menu

You then have to select which merchants you want to ‘play’ at. Note that unselecting a location will reset your Local Champion tally to zero, so only change if you’re sure you want to.

Add New Local Champion Place

As you make more transactions than anyone else playing the game, status is gained at each retailer. The app keeps tally of how many transactions you have left to go before gaining Local Champion
The app also contains a neat ‘Places Nearby’ map view of merchants, showing how many transactions it would take to become local champion with them.
Local Champion Map View

Playing the game and raking in the most points

As I mentioned before, the game is based on the number of transactions at a given location in the 30 day period, and then points are awarded based on your dollar spend. As a result, it’s easy to get involved – I probably have two or three transactions a week at my local Coles, and without trying I became the Local Champion at my local secondary supermarket, dry cleaner, petrol station and typical work lunch café.
You can of course play this more strategically in a couple of ways.

First, you could go hard and try and get Local Champion status more quickly by adding more transactions to your account for a location you’ve selected  to play at, over and above your everyday spend. 

Secondly, you could strategically target locations at which you know you’ll want to make a larger transaction at in the future to become Local Champion at, in order to then earn bonus points on that transaction – say, a TV at Harvey Norman or Bing Lee. Making a few transactions on the Amex for low dollar amounts and gaining Local Champion status first, before then spending up on the TV would then earn you the bonus points on that larger transaction.

Why this is a great way to earn more points!

The Local Champion is super-personalised so I can make it work easily, by both selecting the right retailers to play at, and then adjusting my behaviour a little to gain the extra points. I assume that it won’t be hard to gain Local Champion status for most people as the pool of competition is likely to be low: 
1. The local targeting of specific retailers limits those who I play against to those who shop at the same retailers I do
2. Of these customers, they need to be using an American Express-issued personal card to play
3. Of those cardholders, they need to have the Amex app installed
4. And of those cardholders, they need to know about the Local Champion game, and have opted in to play, and at that specific retailer

Cards that work with Local Champion

These are the key cards that now work with Amex Local Champion, and the Point Hacks guides to them:

Limitations of Local Champion

The first limit is the ten retailers at which you can play Local Champion at one time. This is fine – it’s just a rule of the game you need to know about.
Another is that Business cards aren’t eligible for Local Champion – personal cards only – and supplementary cardholders don’t get to play either – transactions need to be made on with the primary card on an account.
And, finally, there’s a limit of 10,000 bonus points, that can be earned from playing Local Champion. For those who really use it, that limit can be reached quite quickly.

Summing up

I’m a big fan of Local Champion as a way to boost my points earn.
For my local supermarket, it allows me to pick up 4 points per dollar when using a Platinum Edge for example, and now it’s opened up to Qantas- and Velocity-branded American Express cards.

Make sure that your card is registered for Local Champion on your mobile Amex app and remember that supplementary cardholder transactions do not count.
The 10,000-point limitation on the game is the most frustrating aspect, as it disincentives heavy card users and game players from engaging once the 10,000 point cap is hit. That said, Amex has been running the game with different iterations and improvements for several years, so I would hope that it if usage keeps growing, this might be looked at in future. 

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