One of the simplest ways to earn more points is to divert your shopping to retailers who will offer you points for the purchases you were going to make anyway. This guide will showcase some of the key ways you can earn points from these transactions.

Point Hacks has a tool to summarise all of these retailers and bonus point opportunities into a single list—which we’ve now updated with recent changes across a number of the online malls where you can earn points.

How and why to use online malls?

Given there is a range of frequent flyer and credit card programs, plus more complex ways of earning points such as by buying gift cards with bonus points for online or in-store payment, earning the maximum points from purchases quickly becomes tricky.

This is why we also have this tool to help you ensure you are earning as many points as possible from your purchases.

As to which online mall to use? Well, this is a combination of which points currency you prefer, plus many points you’ll earn. Some online malls have higher earn rates than others, or a different retailer mix.

How to earn more points when shopping online: including our updated bonus points earn tool was last modified: August 26th, 2019 by Matt Moffitt

The tool collates the points earn opportunities from:

How to use

  1. Search for a retailer or product category using the text search box
  2. Compare the possible points earn opportunities in the results table, sorting by program if needed
  3. That’s it—go purchase!

An example points ‘win’ from using this tool

Say you were planning on buying some clothes from Bonds. Searching for Bonds in the table will show that you can pick up over 4.2 KrisFlyer miles per $ for shopping through KrisFlyer Spree.

Bonus Points finder tool

Plus, you can earn an additional 3 Membership Rewards points per $ for purchasing a Bonds gift card at a supermarket if you have the American Express Platinum Edge and using the gift card for payment, a method called ‘points stacking’.

We can’t guarantee all the earn rates and partners will be up to date 100% of the time but we’ll do our best!


  • The earn rates shown are standard, not bonused with different promotions—if there is a promotion running, the earn rate will be different (and probably higher)
  • There might be more gift cards available than what’s listed in the table
  • Make sure to verify bonus points with the respective online portals before making a purchase, especially if it’s a large one

Summing up

Checking out our bonus points earn tool before making an online purchase can earn you some points on something you were going to buy anyway. You may get lucky with a special offer like double or triple points running at the time of your purchase.

You may also be interested in earning cashback on online purchases with Cashrewards.

If there’s a retailer, program or other data point missing or incorrect, please let us know in the comments!

How to earn more points when shopping online: including our updated bonus points earn tool was last modified: August 26th, 2019 by Matt Moffitt