With six out of every ten frequent flyer points coming from sources other than actually flying—and with credit cards earning the bulk of those— we round up some Qantas Point earning cards with noteworthy bonus offers to know about this month.

Latest Offers

We round up the cards with noteworthy bonus Qantas points offers to know about this month.

CardBonus PointsAnnual FeeOffer end dateCard Guide
Qantas Points
ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum
ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum ↓
70,000 Qantas Points
$0 for the first year,
$295 p.a. ongoing
ongoingRead Here
American Express Qantas Business Rewards
Qantas Amex Business Rewards ↓
150,000 Qantas Points
+ $450 Qantas Flight Voucher
$45010 August 2022Read Here
American Express Platinum Business Card
American Express Platinum Business ↓
150,000 Qantas Points
$1,75027 July 2022Read Here
ANZ Frequent Flyer Black
ANZ Frequent Flyer Black ↓
130,000 Qantas Points
+ $255 back
$425ongoingRead Here
Westpac Altitude Qantas Black
Westpac Altitude Qantas Black ↓
Up to 120,000 Qantas Points$250 p.a. + $50
for Qantas opt-in fee
on the Mastercard
30 June 2022Read Here
NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Card
NAB Qantas Rewards Signature ↓
Up to 120,000 Qantas Points$295 for the first year,
$395 p.a. ongoing
ongoingRead Here
American Express Qantas Ultimate
Qantas Amex Ultimate ↓
100,000 Qantas Points
+ $450 annual Travel Credit
$450ongoingRead Here
American Express Platinum Card
American Express Platinum ↓
Up to 100,000 Qantas Points
$1450ongoingRead Here
St.George Amplify Signature Qantas
St.George Amplify Signature (Qantas) ↓
90,000 Qantas Points$279 p.a. ongoing30 June 2022Read Here
Qantas Premier Platinum Card
Qantas Premier Platinum ↓
80,000 Qantas Points$225 for the first year,
$299 p.a. ongoing
29 June 2022Read Here
Westpac Altitude Platinum
Westpac Altitude Qantas Platinum ↓
75,000 Qantas Points$49 for the first year,
$150 p.a. ongoing +
$50 Qantas Rewards fee
30 June 2022Read Here
Qantas American Express Premium
Qantas Amex Premium ↓
70,000 Qantas Points
$249ongoingRead Here
NAB Qantas Premium
NAB Qantas Rewards Premium ↓
65,000 Qantas Points
$250 p.a.ongoingRead Here
St.George Amplify Platinum
St.George Amplify Platinum (Qantas) ↓
60,000 Qantas Points$9930 June 2022Read Here

Digging into the details

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