Singapore is one of those perfect destinations – safe, and great for weekend getaways or business trips alike. Don’t get me started on the hawker-style food as well. The Lion City’s proximity to Australia means it’s an easy 5-hour ride from Perth or an 8-hour jaunt from the eastern states.

Right now, your Qantas Points unlock reward seats on four airlines that fly non-stop between Australia and Singapore. Fly in the comforts of Qantas Business or take the whole family with Jetstar – the choice is yours. And don’t forget to read up on what to expect when flying to Singapore.

1. Flying to Singapore with Qantas

Qantas flies direct between four Australian cities and Singapore. The routes offered are:

  • Sydney to Singapore (mix of Airbus A380 and Airbus A330, including Finnair-operated A330-300s)
  • Melbourne to Singapore (mix of Airbus A330 and Boeing 787)
  • Brisbane to Singapore (usually Airbus A330)
  • Perth to Singapore (usually Airbus A330)

All four cities have at least one daily flight between Australia and Singapore. Melbourne has twice-daily flights, and Sydney has an additional flight that forms part of the Sydney-Singapore-London ‘Kangaroo Route’ on an A380. Here’s what you can expect on flight QF1.

Using Qantas Points with Qantas flights

Here are the Qantas Points needed for Qantas reward seats between Australia and Singapore, each way. Taxes are extra and hover around AU$450 for a return Business reward booking.

Route/Travel Class (QF)EconomyPremium EconomyBusinessFirst
Perth-Singapore20,300 ptsn/a57,000 ptsn/a
Sydney-Singapore25,200 pts51,300 pts*68,400 pts102,600 pts*
Melbourne-Singapore25,200 pts51,300 pts*68,400 ptsn/a
Brisbane-Singapore25,200 ptsn/a68,400 ptsn/a
* where Premium Economy and First Class are offered.

What’s it like flying Qantas to Singapore?

In a nutshell: quite comfortable. All flights to Singapore are in widebody jets, so you have more room to stretch out. In Business, you’re ensconced within the Qantas Business Suite with lie-flat seating and full aisle access. Economy seats are arranged in a standard 2-4-2 layout.

On the flagship QF1 flight from Sydney to Singapore (which goes on to London), you also have Premium Economy and First Class available. At the same time, the Boeing 787 on QF37/38 between Melbourne and Singapore also adds Premium Economy.

On QF291/292 between Sydney and Singapore, you’ll enjoy Finnair’s Airbus A330-300 with all-new seating, coupled with Qantas inflight food and amenities.

2. Flying to Singapore with Jetstar

If you’re not looking for all the frills, Jetstar might fit the bill. Presently, Jetstar only operates one direct route between Australia and Singapore:

  • Melbourne to Singapore (operated by Jetstar Australia, Boeing 787)

Melbourne’s Jetstar flight operates five times a week. The Boeing 787 is surprisingly spacious in Economy and also offers a Business Class cabin as well. We generally regard Jetstar’s Business Class as similar to Qantas Premium Economy in terms of the seat and service.

Using Qantas Points with Jetstar flights

Here are the Qantas Points needed for Jetstar reward seats between Australia and Singapore, each way. Taxes are extra and hover around AU$420 for a return Business reward booking.

Route/Travel Class (JQ)EconomyBusiness
Darwin-Singapore14,400 ptsn/a
Perth-Singapore14,400 ptsn/a
Melbourne-Singapore21,500 pts51,300 pts

What’s it like flying Jetstar to Singapore?

It should be no surprise that as a low-cost carrier, Jetstar’s planes are a bit tighter on legroom. Do keep that in mind. If you’re able to, we definitely recommend paying for an extra-legroom seat for greater comfort. Although Jetstar Starter fares don’t include luggage, you get at least 20kg included with Qantas reward seat bookings. All other extras aren’t included, so you’ll need to pay for meals and so on.

In Jetstar Business Class from Melbourne, a boosted 30kg baggage allowance is included, plus two meal services with beverages and snacks. But you don’t get lounge access unless you’re already a Qantas Club member, an elite Qantas Frequent Flyer member, or attach a complimentary lounge pass to your booking.

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3. Flying to Singapore with Emirates

If you’ve ever wanted to experience Emirates’ immaculate First Class cabin without flying all the way to Dubai, you’ll be pleased to know that the airline operates a fifth-freedom route between Melbourne and Singapore. The full route is Melbourne-Singapore-Dubai, but you can book the individual Melbourne-Singapore leg using Qantas Points.

  • Melbourne to Singapore (Boeing 777)

Using Qantas Points with Emirates flights

Here are the Qantas Points needed for Emirates reward seats between Australia and Singapore, each way. Fees and taxes start from SG$84 one-way from Singapore to Melbourne.

Route/Travel Class (EK)EconomyBusinessFirst
Melbourne-Singapore30,200 pts75,000 pts107,700 pts

What’s it like flying Emirates to Singapore?

Emirates offers three travel classes on its Melbourne-Singapore-Dubai route. Its Boeing 777 is spacious, so even if you’re flying in Economy, you can expect a comfortable flight en route to Singapore.

Business Class and First Class passengers can indulge in the onboard bar and lounge area at the front of the plane. But if you were hoping for Emirates’ revolutionary shower in the sky, you may be slightly disappointed with this aircraft. But the rest of its First Class offerings – including the suite and impeccable dining – are parallel to its A380, so it’s still one of the best-value ways to fly to Singapore on Qantas Points.

4. Flying to Singapore with British Airways

Not everyone will know about this option – after all, you must depart from Sydney to take advantage of it. But British Airways flies a Sydney-Singapore-London ‘Kangaroo Route’ as well. You can book the Sydney-Singapore leg as a standalone flight with cash or Qantas Points.

  • Sydney to Singapore (Boeing 777/787, though seasonal flights are on an Airbus A380)

Using Qantas Points with British Airways flights

Here are the Qantas Points for British Airways reward seats between Australia and Singapore, each way. Taxes are extra and hover around AU$456 for a return reward booking in any class.

Route/Travel Class (BA)EconomyPremium EconomyBusinessFirst
Sydney-Singapore30,200 pts59,000 pts75,000 pts107,700 pts

What’s it like flying British Airways to Singapore?

British Airways offers all four travel classes on its Sydney-Singapore-London flights. World Traveller is… well, Economy. But given British Airways is a full-service carrier, you should be comfortable and well looked after. World Traveller Plus is Premium Economy, with more space and a refined touch in service.

The fun starts in Club World Business Class with the new Club Suites. At the front is First Class, with eight spacious seats. It’s not revolutionary by any means, but we’re sure you’ll still be happy there.

Summing up

With Qantas Points, you have four different carriers to choose from on your next jaunt to Singapore. From Sydney, that includes Qantas or British Airways – both of which can offer First Class and Premium Economy.

From Melbourne, you have the choice of Qantas, Emirates or Jetstar. Brisbane and Perth-based travellers can settle for the Red Roo.

Overall, Qantas is still probably the pick of the bunch in terms of overall value. The points needed are slightly higher than Jetstar, but you do get more inclusions in both Economy and Business while saving on fees and taxes. British Airways is worth considering from Sydney, but you’ll need to pay more points and taxes in comparison.

Emirates First Class between Melbourne and Singapore is the most luxe choice – and a relative bargain at only SG$84 in fees and charges on the return leg from Singapore (departing from Australia costs a lot more). Food for thought!

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