KrisFlyer is one of the best overseas-based frequent flyer programs for Australian travellers. Especially so when looking to book Business or First Class with Singapore Airlines and its Star Alliance partners. Earning KrisFlyer miles from credit card spend is also a key way for many KrisFlyer members to earn their points.

KrisFlyer has a broad number of credit card partnerships in Australia. These span American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard and Visa. If you use an eligible credit card, there are some excellent points-earning opportunities out there.

We’ve updated our list of the highest KrisFlyer-earning cards on the market. We’ve included an overview table so you can assess the cards that are out there, versus those you may have in your wallet. Some of the current sign-up bonuses for eligible new card applicants are noted as well.

Singapore Airlines Business Class can be booked using KrisFlyer miles from credit card spend
Flight bookings on Singapore Airlines are one of the best ways to spend KrisFlyer miles.

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer-earning credit cards

Card | OfferKrisFlyer Miles earn rate / $ spentPoints CapAnnual FeeOur Guide
Diners Club Card and Mastercard
Diners Club Card + World Mastercard
1 mile on Diners
0.375 miles on Mastercard
uncapped$299Read Here
HSBC Star Alliance Card
HSBC Star Alliance Credit Card ↓
0.8 miles up to $3,000 per statement period, and
0.4 miles thereafter, uncapped
uncapped$450Read Here
American Express Velocity Platinum
American Express Velocity Platinum ↓
0.80 miles on general spend
0.32 miles at government bodies
1.45 miles with Virgin Australia
uncapped$375Read Here
American Express Platinum Card
American Express Platinum Card ↓
0.75 miles on all eligible spend, and
0.33 miles on spend at government bodies
uncapped$1,450Read Here
American Express Platinum Business Card
American Express Platinum Business Card ↓
0.75 miles on all eligible spend, and
0.33 miles on spend at government bodies
uncapped$1,750Read Here
American Express Explorer
American Express Explorer ↓
0.66 mile, and
0.33 miles on spend at government bodies
uncapped$395Read Here
American Express Business Explorer
American Express Business Explorer ↓
0.66 mile, and
0.33 miles on spend at government bodies
uncapped$149Read Here
ANZ Rewards Black
ANZ Rewards Black ↓
0.66 miles up to $5,000 per statement period, and
0.33 miles thereafter uncapped
uncapped$375Read Here
St.George Amplify Signature Visa
St.George Amplify Signature Visa ↓
0.5 milesuncapped$279Read Here
Westpac Altitude Black
Westpac Altitude Black ↓
0.41 miles
Read Here
Citi Prestige Mastercard
Citi Prestige Mastercard
0.4 miles on general spend
0.8 miles at major petrol
stations, supermarkets
and retailers
1.2 miles at major
restaurants, airlines
and international
uncapped$700Read Here
American Express Platinum Edge
American Express Platinum Edge ↓
0.33 miles on general spend including utilities and ATO
0.66 mile on overseas spend
1 miles at supermarkets and petrol stations
uncapped$195Read Here
CommBank Ultimate
Commbank Ultimate Awards Card
0.33 miles on general spend
0.66 miles at major supermarkets,
department stores and petrol stations
1 mile on international spend
$10,000 per
statement period
$35/monthRead Here

How to analyse this list

For all the cards and offers listed on this page, we are only touching on the ‘effective earn rate’. Unfamiliar with that term? It’s when points in the parent bank / credit card rewards program are transferred to KrisFlyer. It’s also a way to compare the specific points earn rates for each card, even though they may differ across various credit card rewards programs.

This helps get through the weeds, as we’re crunching the numbers behind each card’s headline earn rates and transfer rates to frequent flyer programs.

Each card has other benefits, too. For instance, being able to earn points with other, competing airlines. Annual fees and terms and conditions can also very between cards, so be sure to check out the full guide for each one.

There’s also the signup bonus of a card to consider. A large signup bonus may help to offset a lower earn rate on a card, so bear that in mind. The amount spent via your credit card each month can also play a role. So too can how long you plan to keep the card for.

Each card offer, with bonus, fee and other offer information on this page will be correct at the date of publication. However, please note that we update offers over time – and not necessarily instantaneously when a bank changes their deal.

Transferring to KrisFlyer through Velocity

One of the unique things about Singapore Airlines’ partnership with Virgin Australia is that you can immediately transfer points/miles between the two programs. This happens at a rate of 1.55 points/miles in one program = one point/mile in the other.

For example, 1.55 Velocity Points can become one KrisFlyer mile. Converting in the opposite direction, 1.55 KrisFlyer miles can become one Velocity Point. (Yes, there is a bit of a value ‘haircut’ every time you convert – so don’t send them back and forth repeatedly).

What does this mean for credit card choice? Well, this opens up any Velocity-linked card to KrisFlyer transfers. You’ll need at least 5,000 points in Velocity to be able to transfer. It’s a very useful way to earn KrisFlyer miles from a broader range of credit cards.

This partnership is also why we’d be surprised to see a KrisFlyer-branded credit card in the market again here in Australia. Westpac used to issue one, but it’s no longer open to new applicants.

As a result, we’ve included Velocity-branded cards in this KrisFlyer round-up. For the points earned, we’ve specified their effective earn rate per dollar after transferring points to KrisFlyer.

Some current offers for key Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer-earning credit cards

Many other credit cards with lower annual fees are also linked to KrisFlyer, but with lower points earn rates too. Check out the cards table for the list.

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