The ultimate guide to the American Express Membership Rewards program

American Express Membership Rewards | Point Hacks

American Express Membership Rewards is one of the go-to programs of choice for the savvy points collector, with the most airline and hotel points transfer partners of the major credit card points programs.

It is where I focus most of my efforts in collecting my points and is the first rewards program I advise anyone who wants to spend a little time understanding the value of flexible points programs to look at. Continue reading…

How to use your points to fly to New Zealand from Perth

Emirates flight from Christchurch over New Zealand | Point Hacks

While point redemption opportunities between east coast cities and Perth are frequently reviewed, there is much less information available for those looking to make the trek to New Zealand from the West Coast.

This guide takes a look at your available award redemption opportunities for redemptions between Auckland and Perth, and the service and product offering that is available. Continue reading…