If you regularly fly with Singapore Airlines, you’re likely familiar with the airline’s frequent flyer program, KrisFlyer. While the primary aim of this program is earning and redemptions through flying, Singapore Airlines offers rewards on everyday activities through a separate program – Kris+.

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Members pocket rewards from activities like dining out and shopping at partner retailers throughout Singapore, which is great for visitors and residents alike. Since November 2023, the Kris+ program is also available in Australia, offering generous earning and redemption opportunities for dining and shopping in select cities.

Notably, KrisPay miles – the program’s points currency – convert to KrisFlyer miles at a 1:1 rate, making this program a lucrative way to top up your KrisFlyer miles balance from everyday transactions.

The Kris+ program is also the first frequent flyer program in the world to offer the ability to earn and redeem miles in-store across multiple countries.

Here’s all you need to know to help you make the most of Singapore Airlines’ Kris+ program.

What is Kris+?

Kris+ is Singapore Airlines’ lifestyle rewards program. Unlike KrisFlyer – the airline’s frequent flyer program centred around flights and travel experiences – the benefits of Kris+ extend to shopping discounts, massage vouchers, dining offers and more.

The Kris+ program became available in Australia in November 2023, with new partners and cities added as the program evolves. Australians travelling to Singapore can also avail of over 1,000 program partners in the Lion City and enjoy benefits at additional partners in select destinations outside the region.

Is Kris+ the same as KrisFlyer?

No – while both are initiatives of Singapore Airlines, they are separate programs. KrisFlyer focuses on earning and redeeming rewards by flying, while Kris+ covers lifestyle, entertainment and everyday activities.

If you’ve already got a KrisFlyer account, you can use your existing member number to join Kris+.

Do note that each program has its own points currency. Kris+ members earn and redeem KrisPay miles, while KrisFlyer miles are accumulated through the KrisFlyer program.

Remember, miles earned through Kris+ can be converted to KrisFlyer, and vice-versa. We cover more on this below.

How do I join the Kris+ program?

To join Kris+, you’ll need to be a KrisFlyer member first. Existing KrisFlyer members can simply download the Kris+ app and log in using their KrisFlyer number. And if you’re yet to jump on board Singapore Airlines’ frequent flyer program, read our KrisFlyer guide for everything you need to know.

Once you log into Kris+, you can redeem discounts immediately and begin earning KrisPay miles.

How to use the Kris+ app

The Kris+ program is entirely app-centric. There are no membership cards, so the only way to earn or redeem KrisPay miles is by using the app. The Kris+ app is available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play. Once you’ve set up your account using your KrisFlyer member number, here’s how to use the app to collect rewards.

  1. Link your Apple Pay or Google Pay with the app. (Hint: if you’ve got a points-earning card, adding it to your digital wallet and using it to pay for Kris+ purchases can maximise your rewards!)
  2. Pay for your purchase by scanning the Kris+ QR code at the checkout. Enter the amount in Australian Dollars and tap ‘pay’. Toggle to choose to pay with either KrisPay miles or your linked Apple Pay or Google Pay account. You can also pay with a combination of miles and cash.
  3. Earn miles instantly. You’ll receive up to 3 KrisPay miles per AUD$1, which you can transfer to your KrisFlyer account immediately.

What are some partners of the Kris+ program?

Kris+ has over 1,000 partners throughout Singapore, ranging from dining and retail to wellness, attractions and more. At the time of writing Kris+ has around 40 partners in Australia, though this will increase as the program rolls out across the country. The Kris+ app shows the latest list of partners, so make sure you check back regularly as new partners are added.

Alternatively, turning on your location settings and enabling push notifications allows the app to notify you when new merchants are added. Push notifications will also highlight new merchants and special deals on a regular basis. Or, you can use the map function – as pictured below – to locate Kris+ partners within a particular area.

Retailers that are part of the program will also have Kris+ branding prominently displayed at the checkout. So it pays to keep an eye out to avoid missing out on earning points!

Beyond Australia and Singapore, partner retailers are located in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and the USA.

You can browse the full list of Kris+ partners on the Kris+ website. We’ve listed a few partners below:

Kris+ partners in Australia where you can earn and redeem KrisPay miles

  • Brunetti Oro, Melbourne
  • Hella Good, Melbourne
  • The Ugg Shop, Melbourne & Sydney
  • Bisto Nido, Sydney
  • CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, Sydney
  • The Grand Palace Indian Restaurant, Sydney

Kris+ partners in Australia that offer discounts

  • Captain Cook Cruises – 20% off tickets.
  • FS8 and F45 – 20% off membership.
  • Penfolds Wine Bar & Kitchen – 10% off food and beverages.
  • SeaLink – Up to 20% off tickets.
  • Treetops Adventure – 10% off booking.

Program partners in Singapore

  • Activities: National Gallery Singapore, Sentosa Island Bus Tour, Singapore Cable Car and more.
  • Fashion and accessories: Asics, Birkenstock, Breitling, Guess, Herschel and more.
  • Food and beverage: Anti:dote, Gong Cha, Krispy Kreme, Nobu, LeVeL33 and more.
  • Gifts and souvenirs: Bynd Artisan, LEGO, TWG Tea and more.
  • Health and wellness: Capitol Optical, LifeSpa, Jal Yoga, The Posture Lab and more.
  • Retailers: adidas, Cath Kidston, Harvey Norman, Smeg, Victorinox and more.
  • Travel: Pelago (earn KrisFlyer miles on experiences around the world)
Earn KrisFlyer miles with the Kris+ app
Earn up to three KrisPay miles per AUD$1 spent at partners in Melbourne and Sydney.
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How do I earn KrisPay miles?

KrisPay miles is the points currency of the Kris+ program. These are not the same as KrisFlyer miles, which you can earn by flying with Singapore Airlines and its partners.

Notably, the Kris+ program offers the best in-store earning rate of any frequent flyer program in Australia. Members can earn up to 3 KrisPay miles per AUD$1 spent at program partners. And when converting KrisPay miles to KrisFlyer miles, you won’t lose any in the process. Both points currencies offer a 1:1 conversion rate, no matter which program you’re converting from.

The program also opens up the ability for Australians to tap into the KrisFlyer rewards space without the need for a credit card. To mitigate other challenges faced by customers of other frequent flyer programs in Australia, Kris+ miles drop into your account instantly as you earn them. So there’s no need to wait days or even weeks for your points!

You can earn KrisPay miles in a number of ways:

  • Spending at participating Kris+ partner outlets across Australia and Singapore.
  • Linking Apple Pay or Google Pay to your Kris+ app, then using Kris+ to pay for everyday purchases.
  • Completing challenges and activities.
  • Making dining reservations via the Kris+ app (available in Singapore only.)
  • Referring friends to the Kris+ program.

As a general guide, you can earn KrisPay miles across the same businesses where you can redeem them, with some exceptions. Presently, you can only earn KrisPay miles from spending in Australia and Singapore.

To earn KrisPay miles, scan the QR code at the point of sale using your Kris+ app each time you make a purchase. The app also allows you to monitor your transactions and KrisPay miles balance.

And here’s a tip – when linking a card to your Kris+ app for payments, use a points-earning credit card. You’ll double-dip by earning KrisPay miles from your transaction, plus any frequent flyer or bank rewards points associated with your card. For instance, the American Express Platinum Card nets you 2.25 Membership Rewards points per $1 on eligible purchases. You can transfer American Express Membership Rewards points to a range of frequent flyer programs, including KrisFlyer. The effective earn rate is 1.125 KrisFlyer miles per AUD$1 spent on eligible transactions.

Convert reward points from other programs

Another way to boost your KrisPay miles balance is by converting reward points from other programs. The bulk of these partner reward programs are Singaporean banks and institutions that may not be relevant to Aussies.

But Singapore Airlines’ own KrisFlyer program is relevant, especially since there are ample ways to earn KrisFlyer miles in Australia. You can top up your Kris+ account by transferring KrisFlyer miles at a rate of 1:1.

Of course, converting KrisFlyer miles to KrisPay miles is beneficial if you don’t intend to use your KrisFlyer miles for flight redemptions or if you’ve got far more miles than you know what to do with. Converting KrisFlyer miles to KrisPay miles for dining or shopping discounts is still a better option than letting them sit there until they expire. The KrisFlyer program implements a hard three year expiry on miles from their date of accrual.

But here’s a little hack – if your KrisFlyer miles are nearing expiry, you can ‘extend’ their usability by transferring them to KrisPay miles. Once you convert KrisFlyer miles to KrisPay miles, you have six months to redeem them.

Inviting a friend

The Kris+ program has a referral incentive. When you invite a friend to join, you’ll both earn AUD$5 worth of KrisPay miles after the referee makes their first eligible transaction of AUD$5 or more.

How do I redeem KrisPay miles?

Once you’ve earned KrisPay miles, you can opt to keep them in your KrisPay wallet to redeem on future spend or transfer them to your KrisFlyer account for redemption on flights with Singapore Airlines and Star Alliance partners.

You can redeem KrisPay miles in a number of ways:

  • Offsetting purchases from program partner retailers in-store in Australia or in-store or online in Singapore.
  • Purchases on KrisShop, Singapore Airlines’ online store.

Converting KrisPay miles to KrisFlyer miles

There’s plenty of value in having a healthy stash of KrisFlyer miles, particularly if you’re looking to redeem them for experiences like flying in Singapore Airlines First Class Suites or upgrades for premium cabin classes.

If you’ve been accumulating KrisPay miles in Australia or Singapore, you can transfer them to KrisFlyer at a rate of 1:1.

There are a few key points to remember:

  • Miles earned from Kris+ must be transferred to KrisFlyer within seven days of accrual.
  • KrisPay miles must be transferred in their entirety. For instance, if you earn 100 KrisPay miles from a transaction, the entire amount must be transferred to KrisFlyer.
  • KrisPay miles that are transferred to KrisFlyer must be ‘earned’ – this means you can’t transfer miles received as challenge prizes or through promotions.
  • Points from partner reward programs that are converted to KrisPay miles can be transferred to KrisFlyer. For instance, you can transfer DBS points to KrisPay miles and then transfer those miles to KrisFlyer miles. Note that any miles converted from partner programs must be entirely transferred. If a portion of those KrisPay miles have already been redeemed, you won’t be able to transfer the remainder to KrisFlyer.
  • If your aim is a partner reward program transfer from KrisPay miles to KrisFlyer miles, you’ve got seven days from the initial conversion (partner to KrisPay miles) to then transfer these miles to KrisFlyer. So don’t let those KrisPay miles sit in your account for too long!

Once you’ve transferred KrisPay miles to KrisFlyer miles, then the usual conditions of the KrisFlyer program apply, and your KrisFlyer miles will expire three years from the date of accrual.

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Other benefits of the Kris+ program

Aside from the ability to collect points, there are various other perks for Kris+ members in Australia to enjoy. And, as highlighted below, some of these additional benefits extend beyond cities where the full Kris+ program is available (at the time of writing, that’s Melbourne and Sydney only.)

Redeeming discounts as a Kris+ member

Simply being a member of the Kris+ program is your ticket to discounts at partners in Singapore, Australia and beyond. These discounts don’t require you to part with any of your hard-earned KrisPay miles and can sometimes be available in cities where the Kris+ program may not yet have a full presence. For instance, members receive 10% off SkyBus adult tickets in Hobart and Melbourne and 15% off Plaza Premium Lounge access in Brisbane and Sydney.

Kris plus discounts in Australia
Access discounts Australia-wide as a Kris+ member.

You can view all your privileges under the ‘Discover’ section of the Kris+ app. In most instances, you just need to ‘click to redeem’ to generate a promo code for use at your select program partner. When redeeming a discount, you often won’t be able to earn or redeem KrisPay miles.

Pre-paid discount vouchers

This feature is popular with members in Singapore and will be available for users in Sydney and Melbourne very soon. Some partners offer pre-paid vouchers at a discounted price. For example, you can purchase a $100 voucher for only $85 – a 15% saving. This is great for members who still want to save on shopping or dining but would prefer not to use miles. As an added benefit, vouchers can be purchased and redeemed instantly. So if you just so happen to walk into an outlet displaying the Kris+ logo and spot a discount voucher in the app, you can purchase it and receive a discount on your purchase there and then!

Crunching the numbers

So, is it worth taking a few extra seconds to whip out your phone and scan the QR code when you see the Kris+ logo at a checkout? Here’s the math for the points enthusiasts that collect KrisFlyer miles.

Spending just $28 a day with the Kris+ app and earning the maximum 3 KrisPay miles per $1 will net you enough KrisFlyer miles for a one-way Economy flight from Sydney or Melbourne to Singapore (or the opposite direction) in one year. That’s just from your daily coffee and lunch!

Or, if you spend $53 per day and earn 3 KrisPay miles per $1, you’ll have enough to upgrade from Economy to Business Class between Sydney or Melbourne and Singapore in one year.

In short, those miles certainly add up. And with minimal extra effort, keeping the app in your pocket could be your ticket to your next holiday.

Summing up

Kris+ has a number of benefits for Australians. There’s the ability to earn up to three KrisPay miles per $1 spent on shopping and dining at program partners. For those looking to redeem on the ground, these miles can be put towards purchases at partner outlets – offsetting the cost of your next coffee, meal or retail splurge.

But frequent flyers may prefer to take advantage of the 1:1 conversion rate from KrisPay miles to KrisFlyer miles – a simple means of earning KrisFlyer miles from everyday purchases. You could be one step closer to redemption with Singapore Airlines or members of the Star Alliance network!

And if you have your eye on a reward seat, there’s no need to wait days or weeks for KrisPay miles to drop into your account after a transaction. Miles earned through Kris+ are available in your account instantly – and can be converted to KrisFlyer miles with no lengthy waiting period, either.

For those travelling to Singapore – where the program has over 1,000 partners – there are additional opportunities to earn and redeem KrisPay miles in Singapore Airlines’ home base.

Beyond Singapore and Australia, the Kris+ program offers discounts at numerous partners in nearby regions. The program is free to join and it’s easy to get started with your existing KrisFlyer member number.


What’s the difference between Kris+ and KrisFlyer?

Both programs are initiatives by Singapore Airlines. However, KrisFlyer is the airline’s frequent flyer program, where members can earn and redeem rewards primarily through air travel. Kris+ rewards members on the ground for everyday activities like shopping, dining, and even getting massages. While you’ll need to be a KrisFlyer member to join Kris+, each program has its own points currency. You’ll earn KrisPay miles with Kris+, and KrisFlyer miles through the KrisFlyer program.

Can you transfer KrisPay miles to KrisFlyer?

Yes – KrisPay miles can be transferred to KrisFlyer miles at a rate of 1:1. Note that some conditions apply – the KrisPay miles must be ‘earned’, any miles accrued from a transaction must be transferred in full, and KrisPay miles must be transferred with seven days from when they’re accrued.

Can you transfer KrisFlyer miles to KrisPay miles?

Yes – you can transfer KrisFlyer miles to KrisPay miles at a rate of 1:1. However, given the opportunities for flight redemptions with Singapore Airlines and Star Alliance partners, you may find more value in holding onto your KrisFlyer miles.

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